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  1. That is fair comment, but anyone searching on the BBC for geocaching is going to find it and there was a direct link from the Where I Live Cumbria Home Page so the as far as the BBC is concerned the information is still relivent
  2. I have just been reading THIS on the BCC Cumbria website......all was fine until I read the comments from people at the bottom of the page I have posted a reply saying that Long Meg is virtual cache and there is nothing physical actually there! Perhaps the member of the Geocaching Association of Great Britain at www.gagb.org.uk. Tel. 07092 040416 could ring BBC Cumbria up and explain......? The words "There's a cache hidden at Long Meg!" are not very informed and perhaps the BBC Cumbria researchers should of read a bit more before adding those words to the bottom of a picture on theie website?
  3. Yankee Clipper is smallest TB I've had hold of also the one with the most miles for me too
  4. McToy Soft Toy Exchange You'll like this then
  5. Now thats an interesting one..... As someone who worked for the National Trust in the Lake District, it was part of my job to dismantle Cairns. They would be left allown if they had been there for years or were of some actual use, other than that the NT's policy where I worked was to dismantle any new Cairns that sprung up out of nowhere. It was amazing how fast new cairns would pop up all over the place in the space of a few months.... So you see all Cairns are not created equal!
  6. Its getting to the stage now where anyone genuine and new, who dare make a spelling or grammar mistake would get jumped on straight away........ Well done people for making everyone so welcome!!!
  7. Yeah I keep getting the server busy page too.............
  8. I must be visiting the wrong forum for geocaching......... Sock puppet or not..... it seems this forum is turning into the %##*£%$ perfect English Forum If you wnat to correct other peoples grammar and spelling all day why don't you go somewhere else and do it.
  9. Yeah I can do the same for anyone wishing their Bug to start its travels in the UK
  10. Found it it was this program, so i must of know about it a while before I actually bought a GPS BBC Inside Out
  11. I watched something on the BBC back in early 2004, it was in was one of those regional BBC things.......it might of been "Close Up North" it was only shown in the North East and Cumbria........perhaps someone with a better memory could help me out here
  12. Or perhaps they think your sniping at them, just as you thought I was sniping at you in a post I made earlier this month? ......some people just take things the wrong way sometimes don't they
  13. I now know where all my christmas cracker stuff is headed Braithwaite is so nice this time of year
  14. Cockermouth eh you will need to secure it there Golem is the sad guy parked in his car waiting for daylight parked just past cokermouth school on the left btw......oh no my mistake that was last week, this week it was the sad guy on the left in the dark on whinlatter looking for coins
  15. I submitted one the other day it was activated by accident by one the reviewers then he disabled it because it wasn't allowed where I put it..... Which is my for not looking at the map properly..... Everyone here is just so perfect though aren't they for anyone to make a mistake. I will now wait to be flamed by all the experts
  16. Is not possible to name and shame the U.S. seller of these coins? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2005-UK-Geocoin-SOLD...1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2005-United-Kingdom-...1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/UK-Geocoin-Unactivat...1QQcmdZViewItem
  17. Yeah thats a better idea....... provide a link like the one on the TB (that lets you look at the map on google earth) to track your travels. There would be IMO no need for PTB's then.
  18. All you need to do is write something on the cache container yourself and then you can say in the cache description "to claim this cache email me and tell what is written is on underside of the cache's lid" I am about to place 4 micros which are too small to put a log inside, but contain parts of the co-ordinates to a mistery cache, they are all different colours and to claim the cache the finder will have to email me the colour of the cache they have visited...... makes it simpler that way
  19. Oh don't get me wrong I hate Personal TB's........ People, Cars, Animals........and anything else for that matter than isn't left in the a cache but just dropped and picked up.....what is the point? I just thought a mile logger would be a better description of what it was a personal TB was. I would just allow a bug to be moved one cache at a time by one person and that would be the end of it once and for all.
  20. What about a new type of travel bug just for logging miles, which is what most personal TB's are for.....? When activating a TB what about being able to choose if its a traditional/ordinary bug or a personal/mile logging bug?
  21. You are entitled to your opinion So are you saying its fine to leave a live dog logged into a cache? Atleast they could log the stupid thing out of the cache.. Yes I am entitled to my opinion.......and well done you for spotting that!
  22. This is logged into a local cache near me Boysie so anyone turning up to collect the bug using PQ's is going to mightly peeved... this sort of thing should be banned what a waste of time
  23. One of my bugs just went from London to Edinburgh then to Austria, the guy logged in a cache in edinburgh that he never found and said so in the log?? Now it is in Austria I have deleted the log for Edinburgh.
  24. Thanks for the advice everyon that replied
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