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  1. A couple ideas I have played with. color codes, like resister color code, telephone cable color codes, capacitor color codes...... Example: GC15B5P Next time at the store, look at the magazine rack for a magazine or periodical of an assortment of puzzles. This could be a treasure trove of all kinds of puzzles. Research word encryption, find one that is not well known but can be found on the internet for the solution/key. Example: GCXDAC Trivia questions of any subject that answers can be found with internet research and can be converted to or given numerical values. Example: GC1M84Z Game moves, such as figuring out the move in chess to cause a checkmate. Numerical values are given from a table for various moves from certain pieces. Example: GC1W17B
  2. I gave some thought on how I would make a fair sized rock hide for a 1 quart L&L. I would start with a aluminum box with a hinged door and magnetic catch. The door would be on the bottom of the "rock" and the aluminum box would hold the L&L container. The rock would be built up around the aluminum box with mortar/cement, chicken wire, and fiberglass fibers. The finish would be a careful layering of flat enamel paints that have been thinned down to achieve a washed look so the rock looks as natural as possible. The finder would have to roll the rock over to actually find it. It would make a good urban cache in a lower traffic area.
  3. I have begun to make it a habit to grab a geocoin when I see one in a cache. That way when I get home and look it up, I will know if it has been activated yet or not. If it has been, I will log it and plan on placing it in another cache as soon as I am able. I have yet to find the rare unactivated one yet........
  4. Howdy all, kinda new cacher, and a very wet behind the ears beginning hiker here. I like the idea of joining you guys for a HOTM, but I may not be up to the level needed to join. Can I make a suggested hike? I noticed a bunch of caches along the south side of Taylor mountain, requiring a pretty good (for me) hike to get. I would love the experience of hiking with some more experienced members, and would learn a bunch. Would something like this be possible? Edit to add, Taylor mountain is SE of Tiger mountain on hwy 18.......just in case
  5. You are correct. It wasn't lost, misplaced, or abandoned so it is still private property, no different than a bicycle or car parked on public property. I am not arguing against the point made, but I would like to know if there is any legal precedent concerning geocaches and whether they can be considered legal property of the cache owner, OR, the TB's in a cache having legal ownership by the person who released them. There could be a strong argument that they are abandoned property in a court of law. If precedent has been made, then a criminal case could be made. I am not advocating that the person who did this (criminal to our standards) action be prosecuted by due process, I am merely asking questions raised by the discussion so far. If anyone can cite cases that would support the legal claim of cache/TB ownership, I would love to see them.
  6. Here is the photo for those who don't want to clink the linky's: I think you might have a few ammo cans there! I am impressed! Too bad I am broke, or I would get a couple.
  7. I know of one geocacher that has a orange safety vest he uses for urban caches. That way he looks "official". If a muggle comes out of nowhere on you, just stick your "geophone" (GPSr) to your ear and talk to someone, really works with the smaller GPSrs. The last thing you want to do is look guilty. If you are confident with your presence, others are less likely to question why you are there.
  8. It also depends on the container, and the log history of the cache. If the container is a semi decent one and the logs were wet because of someone not taking care of closing it I would do what I could to make it better, add a new log sheet etc and send a note to the CO. If I am able to, I will dry out the inside of the cache, and put the old log back in. On the other hand if the container itself is the reason that the log is wet, and the cache has a history of wet logs it may be time to send a friendly note to the CO, or the area reviewer. Mention to the CO that a better container, like replacing a film can with a bison, would keep the logs from getting wet. The ultimate is to log a SBA because of a bad container, but I would only do this if there was extensive log history of wet logs, numerous needs maintenance logs and the CO has not done anything for over a year to fix it.
  9. One nice thing about the Pacific Northwest is we do have trees. On days like this week with 90+ temperatures, a hike in the woods is much more comfortable because you are in the shade, most of the time. Caching in the dessert or in the parts of Texas where there are not many trees on a hot day would make me too hot in short order. BTW, the Puget Sound area actually has much nicer weather then everyone has been told, as long as it is not winter. We are famous for weeks on end of drizzly, dreary, grey, and dim winter days that will suck the happiness out of anyone. Come visit us anytime, but stay away for the winter.......
  10. At this time, without becoming a premium member, you can only load one at a time. Plunk down 30 clams and become a premium member and you can make pocket queries, enabling you to get 500 geocaches at a time. One of the perks for becoming a PM!
  11. OK, I will add my 2 cents. Worst hide was a film can that had a plastic tie rap punched through it so it could be hung from a tree branch. Of course it leaked like a sieve. Cache is now disabled by a reviewer, and is awaiting action by the CO. This is one where a bison would solve the issue. Best one was a cammoed wire with a nano container so it looked like a very small stick about 6 inches long and placed in a 10 inch high bush in a two foot wide strip of land between a access road and the back of a building. It blended in to its surroundings completely, and even though it is in a high traffic area I doubt it will get muggled anytime soon.
  12. Sorry, but with that tag you open your self up for that, and seem to get defensive when others take the opening provided. Now back to our regularly scheduled topic: I also vote to invite the reporter(s) to come out and meet more than one cacher, then take them on a "hunt", but make sure you check out the target caches first so there are no big surprises! Try not to play the CITO card too heavy, but make mention of all the positive aspects geocachers bring to the community.
  13. The one I used not too long ago on a FTF hunt around midnight out in the woods..... BINGO! We had been looking for it for around 45 minutes, while getting to know the occasional spider up close and personal......... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt=
  14. It does, doesn't it? I don't think so. Golf balls and pencils going missing is a very serious topic and very geocaching related. Can you name another activity, other than golf, where golf balls and pencils play a central roll? Jim Putt-putt golf........
  15. OHHH I could so make comments about certain locked threads.......... That must of left you with the "What the heck happened!" thought for a moment, I am glad you came through OK. Now back to our regularly scheduled topic: I am really new, so far the worst I have gotten is eaten alive by mosquitoes, and brushed on the arm by stinging nettles once, the first time in at least 25 years. It still feels just like I remembered it......
  16. Can you post a photo of them? I am sure it would get passed around between cachers as the biggest gathering of ammo boxes outside of the military anyone has seen.
  17. For clarity, you need to use the numeric key pad with Num Lock on, on the right side of your keyboard, to get alt+0176 to work, not the numbers above the letters.
  18. I think we have a winner, [fanfare] A Meddle of Muggles! [/fanfare] Sorry, Pink Floyd fan from way way back.......
  19. Well, it has bee QFTed, so I cannot edit it. I get a bit..... you know, when someone feels they can do something that no one can possibly do because they do not feel the law should not apply to them and endanger others lives in the process. This is my formal apology for flying off the handle, but I still believe in what I say.
  20. Then with that, I really do hope you are the next to get pulled over and fined the top amount for cell phone use, you deserve it if you drive distracted. Better you than me financing the governments spending. After you spend a few $$ for driving stupid like that, maybe you will get the idea not to do it anymore. Then we will finally have one more non distracted driver on the road. BTW, I want it to be a primary offense, so idiots who think like you do will get pulled over and stop endangering me on the highways.
  21. There already are laws in place that address distracted/reckless driving. This new law is just a revenue generator. BINGO! Find something that a large percentage of people will do, then TAX it. Think alcohol, cigarettes, driving (gas tax), etc. If you can't tax it, penalize it financially. You can call it a revenue generator if you want, you are entitled to your opinion. Because most states have not made cell phone use a primary offense, meaning people will not be pulled over for just committing that offense, your argument holds no water. However it is a law put on the books to give law enforcement and the courts the ability to prosecute offenders who have caused a collision because of cell phone/GPSr/distracted driving, and levy fines because of the damage and injuries their actions have caused. You can cry out about how your liberties are in danger, but does that mean you can endanger mine, as well as my health and well being, by driving distracted because you feel that laws like this infringe on yours? You can say all you want about how good of a driver you are while using a cell phone, and I will say bull. No one can can multitask and still keep the same level of attention on the task of piloting any vehicle that is required so everyone is as safe as possible.
  22. With your great "Occult Hand From Above" avatar I'd think you have dozens of options. I do believe that avatar was taken from the PC game URU, ages beyond MYST. Great game, had way too much fun playing it.
  23. I too am in the trying to find signature item category. I can make all kinds of things, but to pull off a nice, quick to make, low cost item is not a easy task. This come from someone who made his own kitchen appliance! (search my user name, RS67Man, on youtube, you will see what two years and a machine shop in the garage resulted in) If one wanted to put the work into it, they could make their own signature coins with 1/8" or 1/16" thick round brass blanks and a hydraulic shop press. The hard part is the engraving of the steel dies to do the pressing with. I can see myself spending many hours with a dremel tool trying to make them. Once the tooling is made, then it is a simple matter of pressing off a handful whenever you need them. (I know, people with home shops should not post grandiose ideas like this.........)
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