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  1. HOLY BALOGNA IT WORKED!!! Thankyou, Deadelm, for pointing out what I can now see is an obvious solution. In my focus on that useless program Vantage Point I neglected my TOPO software. Now I have my maps and nothing needs to be crushed. Thankyou Deadelm, thankyou SkellyCA, and thankyou my kind uncle who gave me this GPS unit. Now I can carry on with my life and maybe find a cache or 2 in this incessant rain we've been having!
  2. The link provided on that website gives me the same User Manual that I already know and hate! Thanks for checking it out for me but this doesn't solve my problem. The funny thing is, I shouldn't need a user manual to get maps into a device! Something like that should be so easy I could do it drop dead drunk. Yet here I am, stone cold sober, believing that Magellan doesn't WANT me to use maps. So the latest version of Vantage Point has no tabs? I'm ready to crush this F@&K$#G thing...
  3. ... I would beat them all over my front yard with a golf club. If they were a building I would launch molotov cocktails into them, screaming with glee. If they were paper I would bring them to the toilet and... well, you get the idea. I am not the most suave guy with the technology but I have never experienced this level of frustration with any other electronic device. I would estimate that I have spent over 30 hours trying to coax, charm, and coerce this POS machine to do what should be easy and "intuitive" (I've developed a true hatred for that word). I'm starting to question why I even care about having a handheld GPS device! A couple more days of this and I'm likely to do something to it that will void the warranty (if it even has one!). I should be more specific- My uncle gave me this Magellan Triton 300 (curse his soul!) and it does work like it's supposed to until I try to get the National Geographic TOPO maps into it. I'm gonna simplify this and only ask one question right now. Why are there no tabs on my Vantage Point? When I look at the Vantage Point User Guide I see 5 tabs- Maps, Library, Planner, Connect, My GPS. These tabs are conspicuously absent from my Vantage Point and it turns out you actually need them to do stuff. Can anyone help me get some tabs? If I get the tabs than I will probably not break anything and maybe I'll be well on my way to GPS joy. Also, I didn't mean to curse my uncle. I'm just in the grips of the evil spirit of Magellan right now and I'll be OK once I get my tabs.
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