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  1. Selectable attributes is a great idea! I didn't see this explicitely mentioned in this thread, but I hope that the PQ filtering logic has some boolean capabilities. I'd like to be able to AND some attributes and OR some others. I don't mind having to go to a complex UI, perhaps called "Advanced Filtering" to use this higher-order select logic. [edited for spelling]
  2. It's good to see the bug tag carry more of a warning. My 7-year old daughter's first bug's first hop took it from Georgia to Germany. A conscientious cacher there contacted me and volunteered to add a laminated tag because many 1st timers in Germany don't know what to do with a bug. (Thanks Havrix! ) This new design should help with bugs that go international as well.
  3. My 7 year-old daughter started her first bug ("Not A Clue") by taking it to a geocaching association meet. There she met a cacher (emzett) who was visting from Germany and he agreed to take her bug with him. So, from Georgia to Germany in one quick hop!
  4. I have a 4 year old and a 7 year old that will jump at the chance to go geocaching, and will even endure the longer-and-longer car rides to get there. Not only that but I now have 4 neighbors' and friends' kids that get their parents to call and see if I'll take them as well. If I take many more kids, I'm sure I'll have to get some sort of a license! Truly, though, their excitement makes it all worthwhile. I wish that "kid-friendly" were a formal property of any given cache we could set and query when searching for caches.
  5. Good point. Having only a fledgling watchlist, it wouldn't be too much info, but with an extensive one: info overload.
  6. I'd like to see the Watchlist page display the latest log entry for all items being watched. That way, I get an easy snapshot of the status all my watched items. The query doesn't seem like it would be very difficult, but the page formatting might.
  7. I've sent an e-mail to your aol account regarding this unit.
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