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  1. A note about HTML comments in cache descriptions: Allowing this is a security risk.


    I might have missed it but it looks like there wasn't any more feedback to that (admittedly very funny) statement..?


    Regarding the questions for a test/staging server - I'm all for it. As far as I know reviewers have access to such a system; why not give users access as well? Or make a beta.geocaching.com site and I'm sure a lot of users would be more than happy to check it out and report issues instantly instead of first more or less breaking it for everyone and then hot-fixing issues later on. And maybe you could even go for rolling upgrades where the site doesn't have to be taken down completely; we aren't in 1998 anymore..


    By the way, the recent upgrade introduced some interesting HTML syntax; for example the DNF images:

    img src='http://www.geocaching.com/images/icons/icon_sad.gif' title='Didn't find it'

    - the apostrophe of the "didn't" breaking the title tag.

  2. I want to draw attention to this post by Raine again. Because emails were not parsing correctly, in many cases the PQs were sent to the primary address associated with your account, and not the alternative address you may have entered when creating the PQ.


    Can you please allow the plus sign (+) again in the local part of an email address?

  3. [*]Added "GPS Devices" link to footer


    I don't know who had the clever idea, but please fix the issue that http://www.geocaching.com/(anything)gps leads to this "GPS devices" page.

    It really breaks stuff for people using "gps" at the end of their nicknames, e.g.

    founds for username grizz-gps or founds for username aj-gps.

    Everything ending in "gps" seems to get mapped to the gps-reviews page at the moment, adding another parameter or just an ampersand helps.

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