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  1. Army 1996-2001 active duty. 5 year enlistment. 1 yr in Korea then stationed at Fort Drum NY with a 6 month deployment to Egypt.
  2. As the rules state. Almost anything can be used to hide a cache. I don't know that it matters about the container, as much as where and how it is hidden. As long as your willing to maintain the cache use whatever your heart desires.
  3. I carry a small fannypack. In it I keep spare batteries, a compass, pencil, paper, pen, plastic baggies, pencil sharpener, whistle, small flashlight, small retractable mirror and small trade items. If I am going on long hikes in the woods I should have something to start a fire and first aid kit just in case. The paper and baggie is for those logs that are wet. I sign the paper and leave it inside baggie, then put it in the cache. This buys the cache owner time to replace log and allows other cachers to sign log. One time I found a cache that got soaked and froze solid. If not for my supplies I would not have been able to sign log.
  4. I hid my first cache after 70 finds. So I could see what worked and what didn't. If you just cannot wait ask somebody for help. Some hides are found by muggles and labeled as possible bombs. Then the bomb squad blows them up. This gives geocaching a bad rap. So make sure you do some research.
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