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  1. No response, as of yet. He's been VERY active after picking up the TB. It's traveled thousands of miles which has been really fun to see. I hope I don't deter him from continuing to dip it along the way. It was just the logs from December 2020-February 2021 that were weird to me (and put the starting point in Texas instead of Illinois).
  2. Every TB I release, I dip it in my home cache (the one that is in my front yard). I then dropped a bug at large rest area cache and it was picked up pretty quickly. I love to keep an eye on my bugs as they travel, and the person who picked it up has been VERY active and dipping it frequently. I think noticed that they dipped the bug in 3-4 caches before my activation date (and even before I purchased the bug). Am I the a**hole for deleting the logs prior to my initial activation and dip? (I did message the person and let them know what I had done. I have not received a response yet).
  3. While I have not geocached nude, being nude in nature is pretty common for quite a few religious/spiritual practices.
  4. I guess I'm an oddball because I enjoy both for different reasons. I'll still hunt traditional geocaches first, but it's fun to change it up and try something different.
  5. And here I am, worried about getting torn up with bugs and branches while bushwhacking in shorts this summer... I think it's awesome that you're comfortable caching in the buff!
  6. Thank you for the resources! I'm a newbie to puzzles (I've solved 3 so far) but would love to do a few more and then work on writing my own!
  7. We keep a pair of hemostats in our bag, but tweezers should also work! I'll be adding a can of bug spray when the weather warms up
  8. I have a 4 month old Samsung S10+ and I get bounced all over the place. My fiance and I could be standing shoulder to shoulder, using the compass, and both be pointed in completely different directions.
  9. Do you guys cache alone or as a family? If you always go out as a family, maybe you could create a "Team Smith" account, make it premium, and use that as a joint account of sorts. My fiance and I generally cache together, but we do sometimes go out alone, so we will likely both end up going premium soon. (We want to switch before our honeymoon because I've seen a lot of premium caches along our route!)
  10. I've bought several for other projects off Amazon!
  11. Oh good! I just need to suck it up and order the sticker (hate paying shipping on something so small). My fiance already has a name picked out for it LOL.
  12. Has anyone ever turned their car or camper into a travelbug? I was thinking about buying a travelbug sticker for our camper to both log where we've been but also possibly be discoverable for other cachers in the area.
  13. I did go back and leave a congrats note for him in the description! He wrote a really fantastic log entry, which has inspired me to be a little more detailed when I find caches! They can tell great stories
  14. It was published the next day, and received it's FTF the day after that! It's been really fun to watch the log fill up.
  15. I dropped off a bug 2 weeks ago that original start date was 2007. Hoping an honest person picks it up and logs it's next move!
  16. I tend to "watch" quite a few caches. I'll click the watch list if it's a cache that I want to try to find in the future, and I also watch some caches that I've already found just because I'm curious to see who finds it after me (especially if I have a TB in the cache...I want to see who picks it up, just out of sheer curiosity!)
  17. We had this happen last week. Just a random muggle asking if we needed help. We thanked him for his concern and he carried on his way!
  18. I just placed my first cache yesterday, and the reviewer got back to me within 12 hours (I had a few corrections to make). I'm impatient due to excitement, but my reviewer seems to be going much quicker than what is listed on the website!
  19. This is super helpful! I have almost all of my hide planned out, just need to grab coordinates. Glad that I can work on it before doing a final submit.
  20. Hi, I'm Mandy from Illinois, USA. I'm super new to geocaching (I've found 10 so far), but my fiance is not new! He got me hooked on the game and now I can't get enough. I currently work as a supply chain analyst in the aerospace industry, and I'm getting married in May 2020! My fiance and I have a small collection of pets--2 dogs, 2 ball pythons, a tortoise, and a kitten. We also enjoy camping and fishing (which is great for geocaching as there are so many hidden in local parks!)
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