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  1. I am afraid to give my truthful opinion in fear I might get flamed by the OP. I would say take a deep breath and count to ten. Not everyone is going to like your caches. Why not just delete the logs you don't like? His response was very whiny and yours was just plain rude.
  2. I almost always cache alone. I have met some people geocaching and we have geocached together since then but it is hard to coorinate. My son and wife HATE geocaching. My daughter loves it, but doesn't like to get out of bed on Saturday mornings. So it is usually just me.
  3. I found out why I couldn't download all caches properly. There was an override on the symbol for the micro's. It caused a micro to be treated like a child waypoint. Now I cannot get my logged caches to show up.. I will try to figure that out now.
  4. I tried the hard reset. It showed 0 geocaches and 0 waypoints. I tried another PQ. This one has 493 caches. It shows 360 caches and 133 waypoints. The waypoints don't show up as caches, even though they are caches.
  5. I delete all caches first. My first of 3 PQ's is the one with 341 caches. It only downloads 248 of them?
  6. OK another problem. I downloaded one PQ that had 341 not found caches. I sent them to the GSP and checked, there was only 248 caches on the GPS. I checked some of the caches and I could see some of the ones are missing? This is really frustrating.
  7. Is there a limit to how many caches I can have on my PN. I have 3 PQ's to cover my area. This is aprox. 1500 caches, logged and unlogged. When I download them to my PN and compare them to the list on GSAK, I find there are caches that didn't download. I have heard there is a limit of 1000, but with firmware 2.7 it is unlimited. How do I get all my caches to transfer? It is a real pain to get home and find out there was a cache right where I parked for another cache. Would Cache Register help?
  8. A cow hit my Mother-in-law's car. She stopped because the cow wouldn't move. After she stopped the cow moved sideways toward her. I hit her bumper and fell on her hood. It jumped up and walked off the road.
  9. I live close to the border so I ordered mine to the closest US Walmart. I bought a PN-30. So far I like a lot of things about it. Some things I don't, like the lack of a file system. I am still waiting for Canadian aerial maps to become available. All in all I like it.
  10. I hope Scouts Canada hops on board. I've already did a little introduction with our troup. A badge might help them focus more.
  11. It is up to the geocacher to use common sense. I know it is the least used of all senses. The last thing we need is a filtering program that decides which names are OK to use. If this happens, I would have one that isn't even meant as a double entendre banned. Many caches would be affected by a filtering program. So the best thing to do is use our heads while naming caches. Too many complaints and TPTB might take the censoring of cache name out of human hands. We don't want that to happen.
  12. The cache hider should have the option if they want their cache rated. That will stop the chance at someone who is sensitive from having hurt feelings. It may challenge people to make more creative hides and shoot for higher ratings.
  13. 42at42


    Went to Costco lat night in St. Catharines. $18.99 for the pair.
  14. You need to become a Premium Member. You then can receive notification when a cache is published. You can also set up Pocket Queries to list the newest caches in your area.
  15. Maybe he will use the defense that he thought it was the key to his car. He always put his key there in case he ever lost his key. He might then file a lawsuit against the cache hider, saying that the hider must have replaced his magnetic key holder with their's. It is going to end up on Judge Judy.
  16. I store my leftovers in film canisters. Where do they rate?
  17. Yes but look at a map, Canada is on top. I totally agree. Maybe we can have a referendum and get rid of our dictator.
  18. Actually, if you want "particular bad," go to Canada. The mold there is so virulent that they need to add an extra letter "U" just to spell it! I am not making this up. I read it on the internets. Actually, we spell it with a U because we hate Americans. Weren't you following the PVC cache thread last night? Huh!! I could have sworn that Canada was in America! You are just another province and Obama isn't President, he the Premier.
  19. If your are visiting say Kallamazoo, MI, go to the Michigan section of the forums and request the can't miss caches. You will probably get a dozen to choose from.
  20. Conference: Forth Worth, Texas Days in Fort Worth: 3 Time to cache: 3pm to sundown each of the 3 days (approx. 15 hours total) Caches within 25 miles: 3792 Using the KISS method and without limiting for terrain/difficulty/size/attributes, give us a list of the caches with the most raves in the online logs. How long do you expect that you'll need to accomplish the task? I am sorry, I was keeping my answer too simple. If someone likes 3/3, traditional, regular caches, you can run a PQ for 3/3, traditional, regular caches in a certain area. With those results, look at the map. If you like urban caches or rural hiking caches, you can then look at the logs that fit the criteria. I hope that clarifies.
  21. Just don't lick your fingers. It doesn't take likecheese .
  22. Read the logs, if they all rave about a cache, it is probably a good cache. If they are all negative, it probably is not so good. If it is mixed positive and negative, then you are the deciding vote. The KISS method of a rating system.
  23. Re-edit your comment and remove all text.
  24. That is all you can do. If I read the cache description, I would attempt the cache by approaching it with caution. If I then decide I don't want to venture through those shiny leaves with their thorny neighbours, at least I didn't go running into them blindly.
  25. I'm jealous. I want a snake for my cache. I've had a squirrel move one of my caches.
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