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  1. Can you hide clues within a Tradional cache or in a set of multis to use for ALR's for an Earthcache?I noticed the area surrounding a local Earthcahe potential is fairly empty of caches. Most of the time people want info on plaques and such. But I think I can get people to walk in and around this area to get the logging requirements. Thought anyone?
  2. Make a strong suggestion to the leaders when they are teaching the Cubs to use REALLY SMALL groups. I tried using small groups of 5 or 6 Scouts and that seemed like too many. Unless they have many GPS units, the screen is too small to keep a group of kids interested.
  3. That is the same is the one I mentioned above. 93 finds and 1 DNF -- MINE. There would be more DNF's I logged all my visits. I should bring my daughter, she'll probably find it in a minute.
  4. When you click it, Facebook sends an electionic probe through you mouse into you index finger. It then probes your deepest thoughts and desires. The information is instantaniously sent back to Facebook. The information is shared with advertisers and the government of the Martian federation. Each doing what they want with the information. Besides that I haven't figured out what else is does.
  5. It is where the COOL people hang out its a walk in freezer? No COLD people or carcusses hang in a freezer.
  6. Bullies love it when they get to you. When you are accused, send a friendly email to the 3rd party and explain your side of it. Pretty soon the bully will be disliked by the people he/she is lying to. They love confrontation. That isn't good for you if you don't like the confrontation. Friends of mine have lost interest in caching because of the same type of situation. Just stand your ground but ignore the bully.
  7. GC1C8PV Key to One-Eyed Willie. I still don't have the key. There are people with very few finds that found this one. It is driving me crazy.
  8. Yeah, what's up with that. Someone needs to invent a banana safe. They do have them. I just don't have one yet.
  9. I just tested 7 of my caches that I knew exactly where they are by looking at aerial imagery. Only one would have been close enough you may have been able to find it by using Google Earth. All the others were pointing west by various amounts. Some were far enough off that you didn't stand a chance of finding the cache this way. So in my area I would say this wounldn't be a good alternative or helper. There is a cool cache ? Google Earth X Marks the Spot in the area that uses Google Earth. It worked when I tried it. I was 12m off the mark though.
  10. I usually take a sugar-free electolyte drink in the hot weather. I like granola bars or a hig carb energy bar. When I was doing long distance trail runs I loved fig newtons. When hiking I will bring a banana (doesn't store to well on a run).
  11. Do like I do. Take the totally wrong approach to the cache. Bushwhack 150m to only find a trail within 5m of the cache. If you do this you will never be responsible for making a geotrail.
  12. I hope the battery company doesn't see my avatar.
  13. I can't comment on the way the games used to be, I've been caching for a year. I can agreee that the cache is more interesting if there is a short story or bit of history attached to the cache location. It would get quite boring if all cache listings simply stated N43 00.000 W 79 00.000 "You are looking for a container" All the logs could be simple "TFTC SL"
  14. I think that bringing people to places they didn't know existed is a great thing. Keep the history lesson short and sweet. I good example of this is my Battle of Beaverdams cache. GC1TY3K. At this site there is an empty field to the east highway to the south, canal to the west and another empty field to the north. No signage whatsoever. But I have received thanks for the history lesson. If you only want a smiley, that is fine too. As for your second cache, what does that have to do with the historical conversation?
  15. I think it would be extremely impolite and neglectful not to send an email to the CO. There could be many reason that the history was omitted from the cache description. 1. he/she is a newcomer to the area. 2. our education system is lacking on local history. 3. there is no signage to explain the historical significance of the area. 4. he/she doesn't care about the history If the reason is one or more of the first 3 listed, then the CO may be very interested in the history and be very willing to add it to the cache description. If the reason is number 4, then there is nothing you can do. I have added many historical photos to caches and the CO's are very happy to see them. If I have any information I think would make the description more interesting and educational I email them. I have never recieved a negative reponse. That said why deny someone who is interested the opportunity to learn. As I said above if the CO is the one who doesn't care, nothing can be done about that.
  16. Definately worth two smileys. You get one from gc.com and once there is a site dedicated to FTF's log it there. Maybe FTF.com $30/year. Maybe this might be a good venture for one of the hounds.
  17. On the Canadian TV show "SURVIVE THIS" with Survivorman Les Stroud, he had the kids geocaching for survival gear. It was funny to see these "techy" teenagers fighting over how to follow the GPS to the cache. It was fun to watch.
  18. I hate all those caches protected by poisin ivy or ticks.
  19. He said May 6 - in Brit-speak. Precisely why I always write the date out longhand if I'm logging a cache in Canada. What's the matter with all you people anyways? I write the date in American, even here in Canada. I live close enough to the border I am bilingual, eh (huh). I wear my baseball hat (cap) when I go buy a pop (soda).
  20. 4wheelin, you are a total n00b. I have 200 finds and a bunch of good hides. I have only been geocaching for about a year. I don't consider myself a n00b. I know there are some of the "many thousand find" cachers that will always consider me a n00b, but as long as I'm happy...who cares.
  21. What this person is doing has nothing to do with "toxic through inattention". This person is stealing caches just because they don't like WHERE they are. They are in a public forest that this person has claimed as their own and want people to play by his/her rules. I don't think it matters how good the cache is or how enviromentally friendly it was hidden, this person doesn't want it in their forest.
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