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  1. My fault entirely, apologies. I said I wouldn't post here again but as you have returned I think I ought to say sorry for hijacking your thread. Got the answer I was looking for, so it is OK the thread went south.
  2. WOW, this thread to I turn I didn't expect. I went away for a couple of days and came back to ....
  3. Glass Bottle are probably the least intelligent choice for a geocache container. I wish I knew everything there is to know about an activity after only 1 month. ashnikes Member Since: Tuesday, 25 May 2010 I hope you used recyled paper bags for your hides. Happy caching!!!
  4. I know they are waterproof but what practical use do they have? Besides being a sometimes aggrevating, frustrating object to find. I guess you can use them to keep a match dry, if you break it in half. It is a good place to hide microfilm. It can keep an aspirin dry if you break it into small pieces. Does anyone use these outside the geocaching world? (Keep it legal)
  5. I am in the Niagara region in Canada. We have a very diverse area in a small radius. Some of the examples are the Bruce Trail. The old Welland Canal area. Old mines. Historic Places As well as many trails, numerous urban caches, all within a 20 minute drive. Some of the dangers are cliffs, ticks, poison ivy and oak. Some of the area around the old canal have some steep walls. I haven't done the cave yet. I was advised not to attempt it alone. The cache page has warning about that.
  6. Maybe it's just me, but that write-up made it sound like the cartoon/website is one giant advertisement/sales gimmick. All shows/cartoons are a sales machine. Ben10 for example, they have at 100 action figures and a new set coming out in this fall. IronMan is a huge advertisement. Dr. Pepper, AC/DC. I wouldn't be surprised it there was Iron Man toilet paper. Maybe they will come out with a Teletoon GPS and a series of caches across Canada. One of my daughter's favourite trinkets was a Teletoon keychain she found last summer. Maybe it was placed there by one of their execs.
  7. It geared toward 8 to 12 year olds. It sounds better than the majority of shows that are out there now. It might help them gain an interest in geocaching and get their butts off the couch. Or were you referring to the Teletoon Canada part? Of course that might mean they want to place caches, which gets back to the barrel. We have had an influx of sixth grade caches in my neighborhood. I should say that the kids are all very nice and I appreciate their interest in the game. Some of their hides have been kind of creative. Much more creative than lamp posts. But the permanence of a cache container and its location means different things to a sixth grader than it does to most of the grizzled adults around here. And eventually they will discover girls. Well 8 to 12 year olds, will not have their own GPS, so hopefully Mom or Dad will have some input into their hides. My 11 YO son doesn't like caching at all. Maybe this show will spark some interest. As for the girl issue, I guess they will head back to the couch.
  8. It geared toward 8 to 12 year olds. It sounds better than the majority of shows that are out there now. It might help them gain an interest in geocaching and get their butts off the couch. Or were you referring to the Teletoon Canada part?
  9. Here is a LINK to one of the newpapers that pick it up.
  10. A few of the nano's I found were smaller than a nano. They were locationless caches strapped to the back of ticks. I suggest another size category called the Quark.
  11. Crows don't always fly in a straight line, so the odometer wouldn't work. Tie a 160m string to his tail feathers and when he finally lands at the end of the string, hide past the landing area. What could be simpler?
  12. Canada doesn't have hundreds of millions of dollars, Quebec does. They stole it from Ontario. Sorry to all Americans, it is a Canadian gripe.
  13. I think what we have to worry about more than solar flares is the aging of the fleet.
  14. Looks like there is five caches inside the zone including a multi. We'll have to see if they are still active after the "security force" leaves. It looks like they are all micro, so no tackables.
  15. Sorta off topic. They should be holding this in Nunavut. It would cost a bunch less money and they would affect any caches.
  16. Get some experience in finding different kinds of caches. After a short while you will start questioning "why would you hide it there" or "why would you use that for a container, it leaks". You will also say " wow that was a fun cache" or " that is a a cool container". When youv'e got to that point you will be able to make a good decision on making a hide. Like others have said, take people to places with a great view, historical significance or just down a nice trail. Have fun!
  17. It is a good idea to get some finds under your belt. While doing this, remember what you like and what you didn't. Learn from others' mistakes. Incorporate all this into your hides. Use your imagination on the hides. You mentioned hikes. For me sometimes the hike there is just as good or better than the hike. My newest cache Roch Lomond has had the hike itself mentioned in most logs. I don't know if people liked the hike or not. I think they did. The hike is more of a challenge than the find. The description, if the hide is in a historical place, do some research and give a short ACCURATE write up. Hints, I give a few but I keep them slightly cryptic. If I don't give a hint, I leave it blank. I agree "none" should not be considered a hint. One of my clues is "I am hiding where the acorn would have been over a century ago." The cache is inside the base of a HUGE oak tree. Just a few ideas from a newbie with a one years caching under my belt.
  18. At least the cache maggots in our area (they call themselves Pirates) log when they steal a cache.
  19. I've put a couple of these into my caches, don't know if they are still there.
  20. Two people I KNOW do this, you and I. Could it be that that's a Canadian cacher only trend? Maybe I live too close to the border, but I still ask questions that get answers and a reference to the guidelines. The main difference is I listen to the advice given. If I don't like it I don't complain that it shouldn't be that way.
  21. Read the logs. See if it had been found recently or if there are DNF's Did not Find. For the most part if it is on the map, it is usually still there. Also read the logs for clues on how it is hidden. Check the difficulty rating. Start with ones and twos. Start with small to large size caches. This should make it easier until you get the hang of it.
  22. No, it won't be published. No again. Write up a nice Earthcache, and place some traditional caches too. Don't try to reference the physical caches in the EC write up or the Earthcache in the physical cache pages, and don't try to find a way to add ALR. Not allowed for physical caches, and the earthcache logging requirements are limited by their guidelines. Thanks for this answer. I was about to say something similar. I will try to find some ALR that will work with the EC. Totally separate from the EC I will look for some good hides in the area.
  23. NO. This is not acceptable. Providing a 'short-cut' to logging the EarthCache seems to eliminate the point of the Earthcache in the first place. Why even bother looking at the details for the EC if you could just log it with a codeword? Another Traditional cache in the vicinity of the EC? GREAT!! Providing codeword logging for the EC? BAD, VERY BAD! It is my goal to get the person out to the EC. The EC description would provide the total educational content of the EC and the two GC numbers for the traditionals. The traditional lisitng will not mention the EC listing. The traditionals will be located close to two prominent spots within the EC. I am going to scout the area and see if there is another way to get the ALR's.
  24. It will be educational. I was just wondering if finding a traditional in the area of the EC with a code inside to be emailed to me as the ALR for logging the EC is acceptable. They can log the traditional as well as the EC. I don't know if there a specific plaque for this EC. There are other oulying areas that tie to it that I would like people to see as well.
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