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  1. How long can a spot be held?


    I submitted a cache location about six months ago. I was told it was too close to a cache that has not been published yet.


    Six months later there is still no cache there. Four months ago I inquired about this location again. I was told the same thing. I then asked, how long a location can be reserved for a future cache and was told , I am paraphrasing 'as long as they want'.


    Is this normal practise?

  2. the thing i hate about PM hides is that,as a non Premium Member hider i will go out find a nice place to hide a cache,i'll build my cache for that area ,hide it then go home and enter the coords only to find out that there's a Premium Member hide withen the 525 feet area that i didnt know was there,so i have to go out and try to find another location and hope it's not near another Premium Member cache,.....i also hate this with mulitable caches




    1. Find the spot

    2. enter the coords to be reviewed with a note stating cache is not in place

    3. the reviewer will yea or nay it

    4. if it is yea, start building


    You have enough hides, you probably already know this.

  3. I would send a note to the CO stating my concerns.


    If there is no response or a 'who cares' response. I would take a photo of the trampled flowers and post the picture on my log or note with the caption "This used to be a nice flowerbed before the geocache was placed here".


    It will probably be deleteted right away but it might get your point across.

  4. My map isn't working. On my map there is a message "Unable to display Google Map. (you are not currently connected to the internet)


    If I go to tools and click check for newer version, "unable to establish connection with GSAK server"


    My GetMail will download my PQ from GMail.


    I went into my Windows Firewall and added GSAK.exe to the allowable list.


    I even tried turning off my my firewall. That still didn't work.


    Any other suggestions?

  5. When PQs were upped to 1000 GC stopped emailing the file. Anything over 500 can be found and downloaded from your GC account on your PQ page. There are two tabs. One is PQs ready for download.


    Is there a way to get GSAK to grab the PQ's from GC.com.

  6. I have a couple of PQ's I use every week. I recently upped the number of PQ's to show to 700 on one of my PQ's which give me a total of waypoints of about 980 with child waypoints. The other I left at 500.


    The one I left at 500 gets emailed properly. The message is


    Here are the Pocket Query search results in the formats you requested.


    XXXXXXXX.gpx: GPX is an extended GPS exchange format that can be read by both EasyGPS and ExpertGPS, as well as various other software applications. The latest version of EasyGPS can be downloaded in the Resource section of Geocaching.com under Geocaching Software. You will need the latest version to read this format.


    XXXXXXX-wpts.gpx: This additional GPX file contains supporting waypoints for your Pocket Query.Visit the online results:



    All attachments have been compressed into one zip file. You will need a program like WinZip to extract the files (http://www.winzip.com).


    With the larger PQ, I get an email without the file, just a message - Your Pocket Query titled "01-LocalCachesEast" has been generated and is now available for download on Geocaching.com.


    Is this because of the larger file?

  7. How about "Selfish, hapless idiots that have expunged all decent swag"?


    Hmmm... What's the acronym for that? Never mind. :P


    I like that acronym.


    Personally I don't care about the swag. All I usually take is lapel pins or "dry" sew on patches. When I'm with my kids, they don't usually take anything unless it is something unique.

  8. He replied by saying that "no judge would approve of geocaching, they would rather you went for a walk or read them a book, enhance their minds".


    It is like the opposition party in govt. If you were doing what the lawyer suggested, he would come back with "you should be getting the kids out in nature, it is better for their health."

    You will never make the lawyer happy. The only thing that makes him happy is making you mad. Oh ya, and cashing the cheque.


    Anyone care to put some input in here that I can forward on? If you message regarding this topic, please include your name, province/state, ages of people you have geocached with, and an experience. Any ther comments would be welcomed as well.


    My name, location and ages of kids. Not a good idea to post that info.

  9. I've been seriously comparing the new Garmin 62's with the PN series, obviously with a view to purchase.


    The Delorme website says...


    For the amazing price of ONLY $29.95, you can download all the USGS Quads, NOAA Nautical charts, and high-resolution aerial imagery you need – right from the NetLink tab of your DeLorme software.


    One would think that high-resolution aerial imagery would be taken by satellite and cover the whole planet not just some parts of the USA. Sounds like a sleazy little ad to me. The aerial imagery I need isn't in the USA!


    Your news really sucks :P


    For American coverage this is an awesome price.


    The ad states exactly what is available.

    Link to subscription page.


    My only problem is I was told, before making my purchase, that the Canadian coverage was coming soon and would be part of the subscription. I was told yesterday it probably would be an extra charge when it finally comes available.


    Will it stop me from getting another Delorme in the future, probably not. Next time I will email the company so I get the promise in writing.

  10. Before I bought my PN-30 I looked at the available maps and like what Delorme had to offer. The Canadian Aerial maps were not available yet so I called Delorme. I was told they would be out in Spring.


    Still not out yet and it is mid-summer. I called Delorme and they said they are working on it. I asked if they were still going to be part of the "Map Subscription". The answer was no it is going to be released as part of something larger. This will have to be purchased separately. My guess is it is going to be a lot more than the $29.95 I was told I would have to spend when it became available.


    This was the main reason I bought the Delorme. I am glad I like the other features of this GPS.


    I guess the lesson here is don't believe what a company promises will happen in the future. They are salespeople selling a product and there is nothing stopping them from telling you what you want to hear.

  11. Put the gun in one cache, bullets in another and make sure they are both securely padlocked.


    I guess that isn't such a good idea.



    The laminated photos can be glued to the lid or the bottom of the cache container.


    Cool idea for a cache.

  12. I couldn't get it to work on my FB. After installing it the stats that showed up were correct but I didn't see it on my page.


    I tried going to my page through my wife's account and it was nowhere to be seen.


    I tried all the different suggestions here and on the ap's forum but none seemed to work.

  13. I dont like to go about this wrong but face bo0k sucks!!! i dont post nomore than i have to on face book so many hackers and they use your info to use against you or miss use it how ever they wish,just like your birthdate on facebook they can find your social security number from your birthday so you been WARNED!!!


    If it $ucks why are you using it. I think disco $ucks so I don't listen to it.


    Common sense is the least used of all senses.

  14. Works just fine on my Facebook... as for getting 'hacked' on Facebook. One needs to just be careful what they click on, who they friend, and what games and other apps they use. If you are careful and cautious, you have an extremely small chance of anything happening. Just like getting viruses. I've never gotten a virus once since starting to use computers in 1995, and I don't even have antivirus software. I'm just careful.


    I help out with a website. It was hacked and I found out with Google Safe Browsing. Another friend didn't find out until after the fact and we spent hours removing it.


    It is a museum website and you didn't have to click on anything, just go onto the page. It was a spyware program that was written into the orginal HTML as an invisible frame.


    If you don't have anti-virus/anti spyware, your computer might be infected and you may be sending out information without knowing it.


    As for the ap, I will have to check it out.

  15. I never seem to run into spiders when it's raining. And to get it to rain I simply have to gather all of my gear and make plans to go caching, ta-da, it's raining!

    and i always thought murphy's law wasn't reversible (you can't make it rain by washing your car :laughing:)


    If you KILL a spider it will rain.

  16. I did a suburban cache last winter. It was about 200m from a Cul de Sac on some ATV trails. It was all scrub brush. After going in circles to find GZ it was time to head out. I didn't have my original coords punched in, I didn't have my tracking on. Why would I, I was 200m from a neighbourhood. I started walking to where I thought I was supposed to go and came across a half frozen pond. I never seen that on the way in. I was in a valley so I couldn't see through the scrub to find houses.


    Eventually I found the right path heading south to get out, but it was a weird feeling to be lost for about 15 minutes.

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