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  1. The goecaching reference had NOTHING to do with the crime. The hunters found the suitcase with the body that was close to the actual geocache. The hider actually helped the cops with video of the suitcase being dumped. They portrayed geocachers as albeit geeky, but very helpful.
  2. I don't think I am that geeky, do you?
  3. Scouting.org Article Scouting Magazine article Thanks for the links. It was actually an article in the Canadian Scounting magazine that got me interested in geocaching.
  4. I am putting together a lesson to introduce my Scouts and Cubs to GPS and geocaching. They might be more excited if they know they can get a badge.
  5. I think I stumbled into a personal chat, sorry, i'll be leaving now.
  6. Has anyone made a unit for teaching kids about geocaching/GPS usage? I want to teach some cubs/scouts about geocaching. It would be easier if there was a ready made unit.
  7. I sort of brought up this topic before. Just wondering how many caching leaders out there. I am with the 40th. I haven't discussed anything with other 40th leaders yet. I was wondering about a joint outing. Maybe we can get together a program to teach the kids about GPS and its uses. Just floating the balloon, we can see what may come of it.
  8. I have been trying to figure a good place to spread my ashes. (when the time is right) I think I should add this to my final requests. Put a logbook in the box with me and say hi to all the cachers who come by! It might ward off muggles.
  9. The Canadian Satellites are way off and do not work well at all. I think it has to do with being assembled in the cold. Plus you know those Canooks? They are always trying to trick the neighbo(u)rs to the south. <adding that my response was tongue in cheek. I couldn't think of better neighbors. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have jambalya! Ok that's a looong way around the Maple tree but I think you know what I mean> That's "canucks", neighbour As for GPS being different, it sure is. It costs about 40% more, and comes with different maps. And don't forget, our yardstick is 3 inches longer as well, eh.
  10. I think geocaching will be great therapy. Good luck on Friday. Keep up the great attitude.
  11. What is the big deal about FTF anyway. Just finding some of these caches is enough of a challenge. When I've placed caches I love to see the race for someone to find it. This cache in question, just the location deserves applause. I was by there on the weekend and I didn't even attempt it. The trip to the cache looks to be quite the challenge. As far as FTF. If I am on the road and I see one come up near me I may try for it. I just like getting my daughter out hiking and I like exploring things close to home I've never seen.
  12. That multi I was able to do the first stage at home since I had a piture of the plaque that was used. There are 2 other multis on my list that have been recomended. I have to put aside a couple of hours for each of them but I will get to them.
  13. The main reason I archived it is to have it published as a traditional. I put some thought and effort into the final and wanted to see how everybody likes the hide.
  14. I put together a very short multi. The first stage is on the way to the 2nd stage. All that is in the 1st stage is co-ords and a safety message to make sure people realize that the cache is safely accessible and there is no reason to be Superman or Spiderman to find the cache. I put a difficulty of 3 only because it is not a usual hide. It has been up for a week and only one person has attempted it. I am debating whether or not to trust that people will read the safety warnings. Maybe I can change the name to include some of the safety issues. GC1WVTW is the cache. Any thoughts?
  15. PVC requires silicone tape and to be tourqued to be watertight. You would never be able to make it watertight and openable. PB jars, unless they are submerged will stay dry inside. Lock n locks are ok, except they are hard to close if there are baggies inside.
  16. I forgot the tunnel. Yes, it is very cool. So is the Canal. Lock 7 N43 7.3 W79 11.7, the Flight Locks, Lock 3. Just seeing the 'silent giants gliding by you' is one of my favourite things to do.
  17. They set off fire them off every Friday (in the summer) and on holidays. Starts at 10:00pm sharp and lasts for 6 minutes.
  18. If you want to travel 15 minutes west of the falls, follow Thorold Stone Rd. You will go under a tunnel. This tunnel is under the Welland Canal. It is an amazing thing to see. (and it's free).
  19. I am in Canada and I was hoping someone had a USB data cable for an Explorist 210. "CHEAP"
  20. Hi how many Scout and Guide leaders are out there? If there enough maybe we should put together a caching activity out at Wetaskiwin for next year. I finally tried this after reading an article in the Scouting magazine.
  21. I try to edit my public profile and when I press the link all I get is a blank square with nothing to change. Under that is has two buttons...'submit' and 'cancel'. Am I doing somthing wrong or is there a bug.
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