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  1. My only hostile encounter was a vetran geocacher who thinks its funny to wait at a new cache and hassle any newbie who shows up looking. He hassled myself and my 8 year old daughter and preceeded to hassle another newbie who showed up just after me with his two young children. After hassling and lightly verbally abusing us, he laugh and says, I'm "so and so". He almost made me feel like giving up the sport until I found out there were a lot of others who are very nice people.
  2. Nice thought but it didn't work for me. She looked at the container that I made and gave me that 'smile' that said 'very nice go play with your toys'.
  3. Miracles do happen. I am still hoping she will get into caching. Last year on vacation I put on many miles alone to go to caches. Maybe by next summer, the spark will happen.
  4. I hope you would be happy with it, because I am awaiting delivery of my new PN-30.
  5. Hop in your car, start driving to Yarmouth, ME. Go to the front desk with your unit. I am sure they will fix it for you "on the spot". I was quite impressed with Chip's response in this forum. Most companies you deal with all their technical support is from India. I don't think they follow the forums and directly respond to customers problems. I am waiting on my order of a PN-30. I felt really good about their customer service when I read Chip's comment in this thread. I am sure if you call them, be civil, this problem will be rectified.
  6. ALUMINUM I have one made of maple. It is quite flexible. Not flexible enough though but it did save me from a nasty fall. I was able to mend it with white glue and camo duct tape.
  7. I am definately not in FTF's and some of the fights and politics that go with it. That being said if the title bothers some, take the cover off or hide it under the matress. I am sure there will be some interesting articles NOT about leaving the dinner table, speeding down the road, sliding sideways into a parking lot, only to find that someone signed the log yesterday.
  8. You have no finds, no hide and joined one month ago???
  9. I like the caches along trails. I dislike some of the urban caches. I like going for a hike with a few caches to find along the way.
  10. I personally don't use my TomTom but a truck driver where I work does. He puts it in pedestrian and 4X4 mode and it will give him a bearing straight to the cache similar to a handheld. He says it usually gets him close enough to GZ to get him a find. I use mine to get me close to the path to the cache.
  11. Thanks for the info. It does say Delorme is supported. I think I may go with with the pn-30,
  12. Has anyone had any experience with Canadian maps on the Delorme PN-30? Do you know if it has good trail maps?
  13. Everybody has the right to an opinion. I enjoy geocaching, but a one sided bias, without examining what others in this world may think would get pretty boring. I am of the opinion that hiding and finding caches is a fun hobby/sport. I think it makes for a good excuse to plan a hike. Others I know wonder why the heck I would get mud up to my knees just to find a box that has an old keychain in it. Two opinions in one paragraph, mine and others I am friends with. I try to convert non-geocachers all the time, so I think I am doing a good service to this hobby.
  14. No you are incorrect in that statement. I have found 149 geocaches and hid 16 of them. Others not into geocaching may see them as junk and litter. If a cache is hid well enough those others will not even know it's there. Have fun geocaching, I know I will.
  15. "refuse or debris" is the keyword here, I think. Please send me a link to one cache that has been shut down because it was found to be litter. Leaving something in a public place for others to find, and leaving something in a public place simply because you have no further use for it are two totally different things. Besides, to be honest, most litter laws were enacted, I believe, to prevent people from dumping their trash, not to prevent people from hiding a game piece. Just a guess, they probably weren't shut down because they were thought to be litter mainly because they were thought to be litter. They are hidden and most people don't move things to find litter. But it would be a safe bet to say that some muggled caches were muggled by citizens thinking they were just cleaning up. The old expression ... "one man's geocache is another man's junk"
  16. Hold on... I'm going for popcorn... ... ... ... ... There. OK, that is quite a bold, brash blanket* statement you're making there, and it flies flat in the face of many opinions here. Can you back it up with facts, laws, etc, or is that just your opinion? To start with, isn't litter abandoned trash? (*Speaking of litter, that was some pretty nice "alliteration", if I say so myself!) This is an excerpt from the Mississauga by-law on littering. 3. (1) No person shall throw, place or deposit refuse or debris upon private property without the consent of the owner of the property. (2) No person shall throw, place or deposit refuse or debris on City property without the written consent of the corporation. (3) No person shall throw, place or deposit refuse or debris on the property of a local board or the Regional Municipally of Peel without the written consent of the local board or the Regional Municipality of Peel. A geocache could be either debris or refuse in the eyes of the law. I have people give me strange looks when I tell them I geocache. They would probably think it was refuse. So in answer to your question, unless you have consent any cache would be considered litter.
  17. Indeed. In my state, it is "the discarding, dropping, or scattering of small quantities of waste matter ordinarily carried on or about the person, including, but not limited to, beverage containers and closures, packaging, wrappers, wastepaper, newspapers, and magazines, in a place other than a place or container for the proper disposal thereof, and including waste matter that escapes or is allowed to escape from a container, receptacle, or package." As I read it, a film cannister might be litter. An ammo can may not be. But perhaps I am reading too much into it, being an ammo can in the woods kind of guy. Of course there may be other rules. This one has not stopped any number of caches from being placed in open space land in my area: "No person shall abandon or leave unattended or without permission any personal property or device on District lands for a period longer than 12 hours. " Does anyone have any idea how many geocaches have caused officials to bring littering charges? I really can't say that I've heard of any littering charges since Alice's Restaurant. Just because they don't lay charges doesn't mean it isn't against the law.
  18. I have a question. Can you tell me, logically, why is it OK for a squirrel to put a coveted item in a special place in the wild but not OK for a human to do the same thing? Logically only please. Have you ever tried to catch a squirrel and give him a ticket? I did, he bit me because he thought I was nuts. But logically, the squirrel is placing it on his own property. We as humans are not unless it is in our own backyard.
  19. I'd say it was inaccurate because there are many instances where reviewers will ask if permission was obtained, and there are some cases where they will require proof of permission. I thought I covered that when I added the word "normally". Oh well, can't win em all ~LOL~ What do you mean by normal? Reviewers do ask for permission regularly (see Keystone's post above). Sure most of the time they don't ask, but it is quite common for them to do so. So to say "Groundspeak does not do any checking..." is misleading. Not "normal", normally. To word it better. "Though it's not unheard of for reviewers to verify that you have permission for cache placement, normally they won't". You have admitted in your post that "most of the time they don't ask" regarding permission. In our area we have the Niagara Parks Commission and the Niagara Conservation Authority, our reviewers always make sure that written permission was received.
  20. I am going to start by saying, I geocache, I have hidden some caches. I am all for the sport. I believe that if you hide a cache while respecting the area you are hiding it in, than there should be no problem. That being said, if you place any cache, anywhere without permission of the landowner, it is littering. Is there a difference if I place a lock 'n' lock box under a rock or I put an empty chip bag under the rock? By the letter of the law you could be charged. I can't see it happening but unless the landowner says it is OK to do so, it could. A well placed cache is a great way to get people to visit a place they normally wouldn't. The landowner, whether it be a conservation area or a public park, should be happy that the area is being used and aprreciated.
  21. With the shorter days and the longer 'honey-do' list this time of year it is driving me crazy not being able to get out and cache. Anyone else is the same situation right now? What do you do to squeeze in some geo time? I went out for a walk while my van was being serviced. Pick out one cache close to work and go caching at lunch. What I want is to get out for a long geo hike. Maybe soon???
  22. LOL My BlueDuece "What big hands you have"
  23. Hey are you the guys who were on Law & Order?
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