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  1. I have a netbook. I want to be able to load TOPO on it. I don't have a DVD drive on it. Has anyone copied the DVD to a USB drive? If it is possible how big is the files. If I do this will it install from the USB drive? Would I be able to fit it on a 8 Gb or do I need a 16Gb?
  2. I placed a cache this way. My approach to the property I didn't see the signs. After getting verbally lashed I quickly archived the cache. A recent cache came up. I met a couple cachers outside a fence that had no trespassing signs posted at the gate. We discussed whether to go in, this was a trail outside of a landfill. We decided to go beyond the no trespassing signs to find (and get a shared FTF). The next day I called the property owner and found they posted the signs because of the movement of heavy equipment. They told me they didn't mind people on the trail. A quick phone call and a note on the cache page before reporting it saved this cache.
  3. Since I don't live too far from you, thanks for the spoiler pic. Speaking of which, I found a cache in Southern Ontario that was a phony discarded Tim Horton's coffee cup, with the cache attached to it. I actually thought it was very well done, and therefore I would never diss all caches disguised as garbage (as the cache in the original post is). But I'm generally not very keen on them. You just have to figure out which cache. I have another idea coming in the spring. Have you tried my Locked Up Multi yet?
  4. Don't you hate it when there's dirt/debris filling a completely acceptable hole? It sure does make it inconvenient.
  5. I have one cache attached to the bottom of a split log. I put it in an existing indent in the ground. I cleaned out the indent so the container would allow the log to sit flush on the ground. Some may say I dug but I say I removed debris from an existing hole. Look for a rock which when moved might have an existing hole. Maybe a half buried log. There are many hidden holes, you just have to look.
  6. Walmart.com has them on for $199.00
  7. I guess they don't have raccoons over in the UK.
  8. Wow, I like the interpretation this way. I always read the may not as 'might' but as that it was not allowed so more as 'cannot'. This interpretation gives the reviewer the discrepancy to determine if the cache is OK. I have seen several puzzle caches that resolve to a password which allow you to open a password protected PDF file which contains the coordinates to the cache. I always thought that this violated this rule. But I suppose if it is up to the reviewer then he could determine that pdf is a common and safe file and allow it. PDF files are commonly used to transport viruses.
  9. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I received a dud pn-30 on my first go around. One more week till my new one arrives. I am hoping for Packanack's experience.
  10. Don't ALL caches require this? Like, didn't everyone have to download and install a browser? I did not have to download a browser, it came with my operating system. This looks like a cool idea for a puzzle cache.
  11. This geocache GC16MKW is located at the tourism building WMRZ1 (Waymarking code) in some knee high bushes right next to a lampskirt. This is loacated right next to the Ontario Provincial Police building WM15HC (as noted in some of the logs). In fact they share a driveway.
  12. Getting permission for lampskirts could prove to be a chore. One mall in our area is owned by the Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan. Good luck in finding a person to talk to about this. Another group of malls is owned by a huge company in Toronto. Others are owned by numbered companies. I wouldn't doubt that some have owners located overseas. I haven't hid a lampskirt yet, but I don't think I would seek written permission first if I did.
  13. Our lives depends on them as well. I am glad they take their job seriously.
  14. From the Wiki: http://delormepn40.wikispaces.com/ So, it autodetects the Li-Ion rechargeable and Alkaline and should switch automatically for those two type only. Consequently, the user should not have to select after changing to one of those from another. I would call DeLorme Customer Service Monday, email is not recommemded. I will do that, because it is automatically going to the Li-Ion.
  15. I go into the battery setting, change the battery type to alkaline push enter, but when I check it it has switched back to rechargeable. I noticed the batteries started leaking a little, so I check and it switched back to rechargeable and it was trying to charge my alkaline batteries. NOT GOOD
  16. One day I was caching an area and came across 4 or 5 caches that were obviously not rehidden correctly. I rehid them much better than I had found them. When I went to log the finds, I seen that the finder on all the caches was the same family. I was pretty sure that their kid rehid the caches. Most hides covered with bark or branches always require the hiding place to be rebuilt. I never move caches at all even if my GPS says the coords are off or I see a better spot 2 feet away..
  17. One of the most interesting caches I've been to was Screaming Skulls. If you do this plan some extra time to explore. Visit the Screaming Heads website.
  18. I've always used the Explorist 210 and it has worked fine for geocaching. I don't know how much it is worth but I know the 500le goes on sale in Canada for $149.00 new.
  19. Probably the same knuckleheads that reported that there was a dead body in Lebanon Hill Regional Park when they ran across a ca 1850's toe pincher coffin in the woods. I'm going home tonite and plugging my microwave into every tree in the neighbourhood. If I find one that works, I will be RICH!!!!
  20. http://www.geocaching.com/profile/Default....76-24249b7c495e He now has 2255 hides.
  21. Southern Ontario, Niagara area
  22. Some corrections: * The PN-30/40 series are limited to 15000 characters per cache description, and hold 1000 caches. * Firmware exists NOW that allows you to load and save wayponts to the SD card. The newer firmware coming soon is another update to make this work better for geocachers. I am replacing my 210 with a PN-30. Waiting on delivery. From comments on the forums I think it is a good choice.
  23. Let me guess, he was in his mid 50s' maybe early 60's. Men that age are like 2 and 3 year olds, they love the sound of their own voices. They love to offer unsolicited advice and opinions. I have 3 brothers in that age range who are just like that. Its a guy thing. We have a couple of cachers in my area in that age range that do the same thing, believe it or not. I guess they think it's funny. Side effect of Cialis maybe? This guy is in his 30's. Just a rude person. My 8 year old daughter even asked me after, "Why was that man so rude?" My only response was "Some people think it is funny to tease others." Bullies are everywhere.
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