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  1. Thanks you gave me a great idea. Now I have to build it get ready for spring.
  2. For the record I don't share PQ's. I will when spring comes and my daughter is caching with me. My question is, how did this guy get caught?
  3. It didn't work. I unchecked all but the draw layer. I made sure the map I saved was checked on my GPS. The trails are still not showing.
  4. I imported a GPX file from Toronto Geocaching. I imported the file into Topo 8 and the trails show up nicely in red. I selected a group of 40 tile in a rectangular pattern. I saved them as a map. I transfered the map to my handheld. I made sure the map on the GPS was selected. The trails do not show on my handheld. Can someone help me? I know this has probably benn answered a hundred time, but it is hard to drill down through all the topics discussed.
  5. How can someone stay in their house, aren't they afraid of carbon monoxide????
  6. I posted a message. It is waiting for the moderater. I guess this "reporter" for lack of a better term is stuck behind a desk and read something about the activity. The above comment about the mailbox is so true, just read about the FLQ in Quebec in the 1970's. Hey wait they didn't even have GPS's back then. Her personal page at the TV Station is Loren Korn. She encourages people to email her at lkorn@kxxv.com. I think that might be a good idea.
  7. Check the cache there is a new reviewers not on it.
  8. In all seriousness, I am watching a few other cacaches. A couple I am watching is because they were really interesting hides and I like to see other people thought on their experience. A couple of othere were DNF and I want to see if it is still there and maybe get a few clues for next time I try to find it. Take it as a compliment. I see by your user name, you like to do the detective work
  9. You do know that by logging geocaches, you're essentially helping them track your whereabouts, right? That's why I logged my 1,527 armchair virtuals and 3,328 geocaches I did not actually find - just to muddy the trail. When you register your GPS, they know who you are and where you live. Then they follow your signal wherever you go. They've equipped the satelites with high powered laser beams so be careful. I heard they have equipped all Walmarts with GPS proximity readers and keep track of your movements indoors as well. Just a minute my tinfoil hat needs adjusting. I hear someone upstairs in the basement, gotta go, I hope this message gets throu.......................................
  10. OK now I am even more paranoid. Everytime I look at my GPS, the satelites know exactly where I am. Now people know who is finding what I hid.
  11. With the way I've seen some of the FTF hounds attack a cache, the predator might get a rude awakening. There are so many, all coming from different directions, the predator may turn and run.
  12. 10-4: Multiple Waypoint/Geocache Layers/Folders: This is what I do to get geocaches onto an SD card with one folder for each PQ and using the PQ name as the folder name, or cache/waypoint collection name on the PN-XX. FIRST: Install FirmWare 2.7 on your PN-40: http://forum.delorme.com/viewtopic.php?f=178&t=21288 1. With my PN-40 connected, I turn it on and select “Map Transfer”, then “Transfer to SD Card.” 2. I open the email from geocaching.com which contains the *.zip file with the PQ results, caches, unzip the file, and then “Copy To” to the ....\DeLorme Docs\Draw folder. Saving over prior versions, if prompted. 3. With Topo 8 open, the Draw tab active, and the File.... button clicked, I click on the Import... button, navigate to the ....\DeLorme Docs\Draw folder, select the gpx file that I just unzipped and click the Open button. 4. Over on the left at the layer listings, I click on the layer name, of the just imported file. 5. With my PN-40 connected, I turn it on and select “Map Transfer”, then “Transfer to SD Card.”. 6. I then look to the right and click the Export... button, navigate in the uppermost dropdown list box, Save in:, to the SD card's folder named gpx (create one if none present), then I check, or enter the file name, the save as file type, gpx, and click the Save button. Saving over prior versions, if prompted. Notes: 1. Repeat above for PQs if some of its caches have child waypoints. 2. To save non-geocache waypoints, or waypoints in general, perform steps 3 – 6. 3. You may have any number of waypoint/geocache layers, or gpx files on your SD card. 4. The layers may contain all geocaches, all non-geocache waypoints or a mix. 5. After loading to the PN-40, navigate by: Menu – Waypoints – Menu – File…- Open, then select file. or waypoint layer. Thanks, I think I have a lot of learning on TOPO 8
  13. 2.6 and 2.7 are not a this OR that. 2.6 is this, and 2.7 is this and that, so it is not relearning, it is learning more. Now, if you want to go ahead and load the results of two PQs on two separate files on the SD card, I can help with that. However, I do not use GSAK for that, so I can't help with that and my step-by-step would be otherwise. Your call, I'll check back later. Any help I will read. Please post your method here. THX I tried the other method mentioned here. I was able put my American caches in a separate file. My Canadian caches are not in a file. That will help so when I look for the next closest cache, I don't have to cross the border to get it.
  14. I am new to the PN-30. I upgraded my firmware to 2.7. I figure why learn 2.6 and then re-learn 2.7. I have also read that you can put on multiple PQ's and keep them in seperate files. How do you do this? I use GSAK. I uploaded 2 PQ's to the unit, they are both there but the file is combined. If I have two or more PQ's to cover a certain area and they overlap, will there only be one occurrance of a GC# on the unit? Many more ??? to come but this is a start.
  15. L&O episode: I like how they were still claiming the FTF 'body' and then started fighting over the actual cache in the cop station.
  16. It was right next to where you looked. I had the same dream.
  17. I place one in a walkway. The walkway went between to houses from a subdivision through to a 4-lane road. I placed it about 40 yards past the back yards between to parking lots. I spent an hour to look for a good spot to hide the cache. I never encountered anyone. The cache was published and the first two searchers were confronted by people from the subdivision. I disabled it immediatly. The cache was GC20R7F.
  18. I am expecting mine on Thrusday or Friday? I hope I will be as excited as you are. This weekend is supposed to be nice weather, so I think I will be searching in the snow.
  19. There was one cache I did. If you followed your car GPS to the closest parking you have to climb four or five fences, cross a creek and mainline railroad tracks. Many people did this and came to realize it they came from the other direction, the cache was 30m from a public parking lot.
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