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  1. I lost my glasses once. I was in very thick brush just before sunset when a branch caught my glasses and flicked them off my face. In normal light I can't see 10 feet and in the fading light it was impossible. I didn't want to move in fear I'd step on them. I started searching with my hands close to me and then got on my hands and knees and increased the circle. After ten minutes I found them. This past weekend doing a multi I lost ONE YakTrax. I never notice until I got back to the van. This multi took me in 3 directions, there was no way I was retracing my steps.
  2. I do have a comment about the tree cache. There was a tree cache as part of a multi I was doing. The tree was 100 metres from the nearest trail. The cache was in the end of a branch you would have to shimmy your way out to. It was about 15 feet up. After about an hour of searching I spotted it. There was no way I was going to get my 250lbs body up and out onto that branch. I emailed the CO and described the cache and explained that if I was out on the branch and it broke, that would be the end of that hide and with the remoteness of the hide, no one would hear me yell if I was injured. He obliged without any problems and gave me the final coords of the multi. There is a group that does a "monkeying around" series. All of which you have to climb trees. I put them on my ignore list. It's not worth a smiley to hurt myself or the tree. There are enough other caches to keep me busy.
  3. If the log has been transformed into a solid block of ice, should I thaw it out, dry it and then sign it in order to log it? This happened a month ago. I broke the rules and attempted to sign but even my marker couldn't penetrate the ice. I logged it for the smiley and posted a maintenance note. I hope I don't get in trouble for this. As for the one in the tree, put it on your ignore list or hire some kid to climb the tree for you. As for blood, I won't even comment. I certainly hope I don't come across a log with blood on it. More diseases in blood than in spit.
  4. "What's it say?" "It says..." *SLAP!* You just have to be ready to duck.
  5. Article link. If you log your finds live. If you and everyone in your household is caching. I could only see this if you are on vacation. If you are targeted by a criminal who knows which house you live in, your user name and is actively watching your finds. If you fit the above guidelines and are paranoid, then be afraid...very afraid.
  6. Just wondering if you have brought it to a Chinese Restaurant yet? I think that would be my first step.
  7. In St. Catharines, the Canadian Tire road sign has Megellan 500le on for $129.00
  8. Being an anglophone living in Canada, I have to choose words properly when we use French words in the English language. I might get extradited to Quebec to face the language police. They exist, google it. I was wondering if this hobby should be renamed: Geocacher, Geochercher, and Geotrouver. hide seek find Because cacher without the chercher never becomes trouver. it might make for a long website name though www.geocachergeocherchergeotrouver.com Oh never mind, I'll take my chances with the language police, I don't feel like typing in that long of a URL.
  9. 42at42

    Niagara Area

    I just like the comparison to today. There is 250 caches within 5k of my home.
  10. 42at42

    Niagara Area

    There are many caches in the area now.
  11. Collect the smiley and know in your heart you were the first.
  12. Maybe not the coolest but definitely the coldest. I found a cache that all the swag was frozen in a big block of ice. I chipped all the swag out of the block and signed the log. In all seriousness. I collect patches and lapel pins. I have found some pretty cool ones.
  13. If you want to police your own caches, you can go to each of them and check the logbook yourself. If there name is in there then they rightfully are able to log it. If their name isn't in there, you choose your next step. For me, it wouldn't be worth my while to worry about it. If they are lying, who does it hurt? If they are truthfully logging their finds, why spoil their fun?
  14. UPDATE: My order arrived in only 2-days. They were excellent when I had questions. Highly recommended.
  15. Situation 1: They are geocaching rules, not the law. If they aren't playing by the rules hopefully their buddy won't give them any more coords and they are too lazy to look them up themselves. Situation 2: like sbell says, it maybe good if he's tired of maintaining his caches. On the bright side, it opens up new area to place new caches.
  16. After reading this post, I ordered from Cachers Toy Box. It was 2 days ago, so I havn't received my stuff yet, but the communication with them is great. I will further update on this l8r.
  17. I would send a VERY friendly, naive email, asking for advice on how to find this cache. "I've tried to find this cache a couple of times. It is really driving me crazy. I even put it on my watchlist so I could see when someone else finds it. Can you help me out with a clue?" You probably won't receive a response. I would do this just for fun.
  18. As rude as you are to me in the other forum, I'm not sure that I should help you, but I'll try anyway. The first thing that I would do is make sure that you are running your current PQs efficiently: I would not run my PQs by state. I would run them by distance from a certain point (or points). I make sure that this distance is realistic. It is the area that I could conceivably cache on a whim. PQs for cache trips outside this area can easily be grabbed on demand, as previously discussed. I would run them by 'placed date' so I could maximize each PQ without any overlap. I would refine the PQs to exclude caches that I typically have no interest in looking for. For some people, this means easy micros would be out. For others, difficult multis and puzzles would be shown the door. Some sort out certain sizes or types by terrain. You know what you like and what you don't. I schedule no more than four of these queries to run per day. That way I always have 'room' for an on demand query. I similarly refine my route queries. I minimize the distance to only the amount that I am realistically going to be willing to deviate from my course. I am not going to look for those caches that are more than half a mile or so from the interstate, so I don't need them in my query. Like most people, I cache differently while I am on a road trip than when I am caching in my area. Therefore, I refine my PQs to get rid of those caches that I am not interested in. 4/4 puzzles on a road trip? I think not. Also, you might want to consider where you will be bedding down each night. If you snag a room in a hotel that offers WiFi, you will be able to easily update your data based on your changing needs and desires. One addition I would make to this is. The day before you leave, run a PQ for caches placed within the last week for the largest area you can based on the centre point of your road trip. This way you can make sure you have the latest list of caches.
  19. I am trying to upload field notes. I tried uploading from my PN-30. I chose the file, clicked upload, it then said '0 files uploaded' I then copied the file to my computer and tried to upload from the computer and same results?
  20. All I am showing on then Data Layering screen are colordoqq cdn50k topo usa 8 They are all checked. The uploaded map is checked. I watched it as I tried to save and exchange the map. It still isn't working? I am probably missing something simple.
  21. I didn't get my cache published because it said I was too close to that cache. In the words of Ozzy "Flyin High Again"
  22. This is a photo borrowed from one of my caches, GC1RE84. and another pic.
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