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  1. You could use google image search and look for large-sized geocaching graphics. Keep in mind usage rights (linked above). If you can't find something high enough resolution you could try to recreate them accurately, vector helps immensely.
  2. Also important to remember there's a difference between declining, and slowing down. Granted it's a tough definition to ..define in this hobby though.
  3. Still, it's a mere obfuscation that's not immune to brute forcing. But anyway...
  4. Gotcha. I thought they didn't do that so as to avoid couch caching / hacking for answers. (if the app has the answers then one could in theory 'attain' the answers illegitimately) The data check then is an arbitrary block on the ..sequentiality(?) of the AL. Anyway, point being, you can't move on to the next Location in sequence (and have the app 'remember' that you were there) without having verified the correct answer of the previous location, which requires data. But an open AL you can visit each location and gather the information, then verify correct answers when you have data.
  5. Maybe you could reword that? Not quite sure what happened. You entered the correct answer, but it said you can only submit an answer with data connection? But you got your answer validated with a data connection? By validated do you mean "that's the correct answer"? Or just that you were able to enter an answer? (then told it can't be validated as correct without data?)
  6. The spirit of the travelbug lives on by its namesake! <3 As long as someone's there to keep giving it some love
  7. Switch one time - bookmark the resulting URL - call that bookmark in the future. Actually that doesn't apply to the browse map (if that's the map being referenced above). The Found/Owned flags don't stick in the url. Nor the cache types. Nonetheless, it's two quick button clicks.
  8. Not that I like it, but ALs have a leg up here - at least with a sequential AL you still get a smiley for every 'stage', unlike a Multi. So yeah, one would think there'd be more complaining about a massively lengthy multi than a sequential AL that's stretched over a great distance...
  9. Right, but the app does to show the question. I thought it was to answer the question, as the AL is downloaded to the phone. When it's not sequential, without data the app can still register having visited each location, then when you have data you can answer the questions. When it's sequential the 'next' locations haven't been 'unlocked' yet because answers, in order, can't be verified without data. My understanding was that the question is essentially offline, so yes, if you are able to visit a location, you will be able to see the question when in the zone. But without data, you can't answer it (and for sequential, in order to 'unlock' the next location in the sequence). Is that not how it works? * open Adventure: Each location is already 'unlocked' (able to be visited and triggered as visited) * sequential Adventure: Only the first comes 'unlocked' and able to be visited Once a location is triggered as visited, the answer can be entered and sent - this of course requires data for verification as correct and complete * sequential Adventure: Each completed location 'unlocks' the next location in series Thus the barrier here is only for sequential Adventures - it requires data in order to move on to the next location. Open ALs (to my knowledge) can be done entirely offline (assuming the AL has been viewed and loaded into the app locally) because each location can be visited (and the answers made note of) and then ALL supplied once data is available to the device. Not so with sequential because the locked locations in series haven't yet been triggered as visited.
  10. That doesn't seem to make sense... If you're viewing the app, and the specific location you're targeting, just waiting for the "Answer" button to pop up, I thought regardless of sequential or open the AL would register being near gz - the gps doesn't require mobile data. The sequential not working is more about not being able to submit an answer to even GET the next location to become available. But if it is available and you're in its zone, mobile data shouldn't be an issue... that's odd. Unless they've changed something with the app, which seems counter intuitive to require data at that point. Let alone not remember that you were in the zone, which was the whole point of that feature
  11. Um, I thought if you at least open the AL with data signal, you have the whole Adventure locally, so as long as you visit the locations, you can see the questions and get the answers - while you can't submit and complete them if there is no data signal, once you return to wifi or data you'd be able to submit the answers despite not being at the Locations, since the app knows you were there previously. Have you tried submitting the answers now? Assuming you triggered any of the location questions by gps while you were there.
  12. It really is a fascinating project, and it's exciting to see it moving forward. Looking forward to what it returns to us, and hopefully the tracking code will remain reliably secret until the intended reveal with its returned photos
  13. Even that I find hard to believe is the intended appearance... I don't think I've ever seen a multi-select field look and work like that one would! I think though the first platforms to test new UI development would be mobile device browsers, as hq seems to tend to cater first to mobile devices, then desktop browsers... but clearly more testing needs to be done across all those browsers before release. =/
  14. Until/if/when it's fixed, you can use a DIV html tag and style it with a border and padding. The title caption would have to be done differently. Loss of convenience from the fieldset tag, but visually it can still be mimicked.
  15. Canada as well. Possibly more now as the prov/state list is enormous (no idea when that was last updated as I'm sure it only had US/Canada items before)... So yeah, one PQ selecting all countries, then one PQ selecting all provinces and states, which are presumably not covered in the Countries list.
  16. So maybe the Help Centre needs a bit of editing See followup post just above.
  17. True. And Adventure Lab is a registered trademark. Even more reason it's confusing. You search for adventures. You run adventure lab app. You earn smileys as adventure lab caches. "Adventures HQTV" in the lab app shows their video with tips for creating an engaging geocaching adventure lab. So... I'm inclined to consider the trademark in reference to the app, the ALC in reference to locations/smileys, and the Adventure in reference to each grouped collection of locations; with other uses of "AL" or Adventure Lab used casually to refer to... whatever the person saying it is referring to in context. It's messy.
  18. Oh I don't know or really care where the terms were first used, just that right now the terms are mixed up all over the place in the community. Better to understand their official use, and like you said it helps explain the decision. "Adventure Lab" isn't really an official name for anything [now], it's just in between the two and shorter and easier to say, so it gets confused a lot.
  19. Just a point of clarification, I think they refer to "Adventure Lab Cache" (or just Lab Cache per the GC stats) and "Adventure" as the grouping of locations (as in the app searching for Adventures). I think the terms just get conflated all over the community, like referring an AL as the complete adventure.
  20. I haven't yet come across a cache with multiple upvoted logs, but my assumption is that sorting by Helpful or Great Story would order them by the number of upvotes, so the most upvoted log would be at the top regardless of any chronological order. Chronological as secondary. The most recent helpful or great story would be first. The oldest non-voted log would be last. Point being: Older 'helpful' logs may no longer b e relevant, so selecting to sort by helpful should keep chronological sorting [after sorting by helpful].
  21. I foresee sorting by Helpful to be more used and useful than sorting by Great Story. As long as it's still chronological, then using that sort would give you logs that someone potentially noticed provide tips or guidance the CO didn't in their listing. And yes, it relies on someone else giving that vote, but everyone knows that nature of those votes, so it can have some amount of value. And of course to others, zero. I think seeing the option to sort by these categories as harmful to the game is crying the sky is falling. meh.
  22. As per the comment right above yours, you can use the browse map - that has not gone away. And there's a big button at the top of the map to take you there. No filters, just basic toggles. And if you want to go there first (as often I do) just bookmark the map. Keep a folder of bookmarks in your browser for all the pages you use most on geocaching.com. Much easier than navigating the menu system.
  23. Just like every cache, the ratings and attributes can and will never indicate the 100% single and only manner of signing the log as the CO intended. They are simply guides as to what to expect per the owner's opinion. As long as everyone remembers that regions and opinions differ, and that the only 'requirement' is your name in the logsheet, then you can be as creative as you like getting to the cache, whether your method is accurate to the listing or not. Which is why it's always a judgment call as to whether you think there's a "problem" with the listing vs how you found the cache - and at what point you do something about it immediately, or let the CO know and wait for a response to proxy maintain, or let the CO know and just move along, or just say nothing at all. The one option that should never be on that list is taking it upon yourself to assume what the listing should be - or what the cache should be - and "fix" it yourself without even letting anyone know; cuz you know, it ain't your cache
  24. If I'm unsure, I return it to where I found it. Only in extremely obvious situations do I place it differently than found (ie, the CO is very clear where it should be, by description or hint, and that's not where it was). But if I place it where I found it and it seems off, then I'll be clear about that in my log. So many people don't care and just log what they find so the CO never really knows if the cache is still in place as intended. At least then my opinion about whether it should be a 1.5T+Tool or a 4T is clear in my log, and if the CO interprets it as though the container has migrated, they can choose whether to come back and fix it. But if the hint, for example, says 10' up the pole, and I found it at 1' up the pole, I'm going to do my best to place it back at 10' -- regardless of the T rating.
  25. As a side note, the web map doesn't do this either. If I want to see specific coordinates, what I tend to do is enter it in the search, so the map centers on that location, then zoom in all the way to get a sense of the actual location. With the GME browser extension I can add a pin at the coordinates (sometimes trial and error to get the exact lat/lon).
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