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  1. Update to my reply on August 14: I repeated the test again and did the following: 1. remove all live contents from the Oregon 700 2. remove all manually copied content from Geocache pocket queries from GPX folders 3. enable WLAN and review geocache lists in Active contents on Garmin and sync contentn with device (based on defined pocket queries) 4. Opened description for mystery cache with corrected coordinates Result: he coordinates displayed were the orginial ones, i.e. my previous statement was false. Unforutnately Mystery caches with updated coordinates do not get synced correctly to the Oregon 700 device. Sorry for any confusion my comment might have caused.
  2. I purchased a Garmin Oregon 700 last week. It runs with FW version 4.0. It looks as if the issue with Geocaching live with corrected coordinates for mysteries is still open. I tried to directly download a mystery cache with updated coordinates while connected to my WLAN at home. The downloaded cache information still holds the orginal, unmodified virtual cache coordinates. :-( However, with a defined pocket query I can download caches once the pocket query is executed. The downloaded Mystery caches seem to have the correct updated coordinates. That worked today at least for two caches.
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