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  1. We have been long time Garmin users - our current solution is to have two units - a Garmin 510 for the car and a Vista Cx for caching. Garmin sell "De Luxe" versions of their car units, these are supplied with a DVD of City Navigator NT software that can be installed and used on your PC. Garmin indicate this by appending a "D" to the title (Garmin C510D). This software can be "unlocked" to work with two separate Garmin units. Naturally, we use the software with the C510 and in the Vista. The end result of this is that we use the 510 when driving (just completed a trip to Germany and Holland) and the Vista Cx for caching, including the driving direction part. The Vista, with CN software installed, will do the car routing thing to get you to the location, then can be set to direct-line, off-road direction when doing the walking bit.
  2. Bernie is another Norfolk Flatlander (as Jango is) who has visited Cairngorm in in the past. I joined a military adventurous expedition at the last moment when some-one dropped out. I dragged along (as the oldest member) with the young and sprightly mountain leaders doing all the organisation and planning - made a nice change from the normal state of affairs! We went in August 05, I was armed with my trusty Vista Cx and an Ipaq (well-wrapped up) loaded with Memory-Map. Bagged a couple of caches and introduced the whole team to the game. As a novice hill-walker in the company of experienced leaders, I was well taken aback by the foul weather we experienced: Cairngorm - in full Summer! ...they used good maps and compasses and their training - but the Vista was dead handy as a backup when the mist flooded in and you couldn't see any distance.
  3. Digital. We do take an MM printout and carry a compass but that's not been used in anger in donkeys years. ...and a couple of amusing true tales just to counter the "map-and-compass-or-die-horribly" brigade: On a military leadership training exped up the Cairngorms one year where I just went along to make up the numbers at the last moment, it was my Ipaq that showed the resident experts we were not on the hilltop they thought! ...And when they scornfully asked "what happens when it goes wrong" I just whipped out my Vista and said "I use this"!... and for good measure, I pulled out the pack of 8 spare, freshly charged Ni Mh batteries. Another day we were on the rim of Stob Coire an t-Sneachda after climbing up the Fiacaill Buttress, the weather turned foul - winter in August, from warm and sunny to being lashed by sleet and then a thick mist too. Character forming! When we started off after a short rest, the team wandered off south rather than WNW to head back to the Centre. The Vista highlighted the error before the compass and map brigade spotted it because they could not take sightings on anything! Me! I've always been a techie geek. The trick is to ensure you have redundancy, always carry a spare!...and another one for good luck if you can.
  4. Do watch out for the "Survey" and "Discount" club that you get offered after making a "free" buy from Vistaprint. You will be unwittingly signing up to a monthly fee... The club is free for a couple of months but will then smartly bang in a £9.95 monthly fee to the credit/debit account used to pay for the postage cost for your "free" goods. You have to notify them if you wish to leave the club and cancel the direct debit. If you don't notice for a couple of months, your "free" stamp or stickers can turn out to be an expensive buy.
  5. Did a hard reset and restore twice with the same results - the software all came back fine but bluetooth didn't! Did a third hard reset and as soon as the Ipaq booted up, I easily paired and used all the BT gubbings I use. Of course, if I do a restore at this point, the BT goes west again (did try that option too). I spent a couple of hours re-installing everything, I've actually listed everything now so that I can do things quickly without missing anything out... As Blackadder said succinctly "B----r"!
  6. I knew I shouldn't have talked about my Ipaq on the forum! Out caching today, got the "Welcome" screen displayed on switching on. Yep! My Ipaq has reset itself. Back home, I connected and had the usual faff with trying to resync with the existing folders - first time, deleted the partnership and made the connection - all synced normally. After all was done - all my Bluetooth bits steadfastly refused to be discovered by the newly restored Ipaq. All the software runs, everything is fine - except my BT earpieces (3 off) and GPS units are ignored by the Ipaq. I have mess about for hours (again) trying to get everything working but it looks like a hard reset and re-build is going to be the order of the day tomorrow.... ...Life was so much easier on the old Palm IIIxe, even if the batteries fell out you just had to plug it into the PC and it was immediately re-generated like new again. I even cloned a new replacement Palm into my current one by simply deleting the Mirror note... Bill Gates and Hp have still got a long way to go...
  7. I smiled at your discovery of the region thing messing up the restore - a wonderful bit of forward planning that is.... I have only had to hard reset my Ipaq when the Bluetooth has gone pear-shaped. The restore function has never been effective in bringing BT back to life so I've always simply "rebuilt" the thing from scratch. I can do it in a couple of hours now... Had a few random hard resets - on turning the thing on, found the screen setup confronting me - great start to the day that is!
  8. Ex-RAF myself, got bored with it all when we started wearing green stuff and followed the Army into using tents instead of 4-Star hotels. I say chaps, it's no way to fight a war! There are many geo-cachers in the Mob, I used to get out and about all over the place geo-geeking. Two I particularly remember were: Went to the Oman once and was well disappointed when I turned on my Vista and found the nearest cache was a mere 480 miles away. Real north of Norway, 25 feet from one cache but it was under 6 foot of snow on the banks of a very frozen river with the needle pointing out into the water. The river was frozen - except where the water was so fast that the ice couldn't form, and that wasn't far enough from the cache for comfort. I wasn't walking out there!
  9. ...my only Travel Bug loss (an enamaled bottle-opener) died in the USA: 54 (F) Sqn Church Key... ...so you've got some geo-caching numpties or tea-leaves over there too! So there!
  10. Just a quick word of warning for any new "Vistaprint" customers, they have a nasty, expensive trick up their sleeve for the unwary - watch out for the "Special Offer" club thing that comes up at the end of your purchase and tries to gets you to unwitting sign up for a £9.95 monthly fee. This fee is not charged for the first month so you don't find out until a few of these charges bang into your account. By the time you correct things, your Vistaprint special offer turns out to be a very expensive purchase. That said, the stamps and other offers are good value providing you have the patience to wait for the "special, 24hr only" offers to come come around again as they do with monotonous regularity. I got to upload our avatar for free (normally £3.49) and use it on cards, stickers, magnets, all obtained as each "one-off, limited offer, this week-end only" sale came around.
  11. I bought GPS Gate so that I could use TomTom 5 and MemoryMap 2004 at the same time. I couldn't get on with it on my Ipaq 6340 PPC Phone - it kept "taking over" my Ipaq by running TomTom all the time. This "feature" was detailed in the instructions. I now have 2 different BT GPS units paired to my Ipaq - both are painless in operation (one at a time of course). I don't even both to connect them when I want to use them, TomTom (with POI Warner) finds the unit if it is turned on and connects to it.
  12. The Nutters found one in "The Dereham Ramble"....
  13. I own a Garmin C510 and a Garmin Vista Cx that share City Navigator Europe NT V9. I also have an Ipaq PPC/Phone running TomTom 5 with a BT GPS. I cannot agree with some parts of the statement above - I find that Garmin map/software updates incorporate new roads and dual carriageways ages before TomTom pick up on them. For example, the TomTom 5 still does not have the "new" dual carriageway between Attleborough and Thetford on the A11 - it's been there ages and feature in CN V7 several years ago. Goodness knows when the new bit of dualling of the A11 north of Attleborough will appear (it only just been opened, not included in CN9). You can also have a good laugh with TomTom if you care to drive up the A1. There's a whole lot that route TomTom are not aware of. My Garmin kit, compared to my TomTom 5, is far superior in re-routing, it calculates the new route afresh when you divert off of the planned route. TomTom stubbornly insists on trying to take you back to the original route as soon as possible until you go through the menus to force it to calculate a fresh route. It then sulks and insists on completely ignoring any parts of the "old" route. Usually, I have to pull over for a second time after a deviation and get TomTom to recalculate the original route again.... I agree the comment about PDAs though, my Ipaq is flakey and falls over often needing soft resets. However, as an all-in-one solution, it is excellent. TT5 with POI Warner for Safety Cameras, MM 2004 for OS Maps, a phone, total synch with Outlook for contacts, birthdays, to-dos and other important stuff, Scrabble, Listpro, a Bluetooth keyboard (text as fast as the kids), earpiece and GPS, Expenses Manager, Word, Excel, e-books... it is a total boon.... oh! and GPSonar for Geocache files of course. This piece of kit is in constant daily use for work, probably the most heavily worked item I own. If it was bust tonight, I'd go out and buy a replacement tomorrow morning.
  14. We've been unlucky with coins and travel bugs too - 3 out of 5 have disappearred! We will release the others we've bought, drilled and tagged this time but we certainly will not bother buying coins or travel bugs again, sorry to say, too many people who do not play the game properly.
  15. Sorry I cannot be of assistance supporting your trip but it did bring back a few fond memories. I got across to Eilison AFB a few times during my time the military, unfortunately, pre-geocaching. Did a lot travelling back and forth between the base and Fairbanks, swerving round the moose that regularly wandered across the road. I do also recall "SantaLand", the Refinery bar and a large Chinese restaurant with a huge carpark along the route too that we did frequent during the course of our travels... ...and I never got use to stumbling out of the bars at stupid o'clock in the mornings only to be blinded by the light! If you cannot get out of London, you will find a lot of very interesting caches and locations around Greenwich and along the River. Have fun!
  16. Hear! Hear! Award yourselves a virtual beer...
  17. For us it was through cycling. We enjoy long rides through the country lanes of Norfolk and Suffolk. It is dead easy to end up on the wrong route when travelling along windy roads with high hedges. I got fed up with constantly consulting a map. At work, then the RAF, some-one light-heartedly waved a clunky Garmin GPS at me as the solution (always carried by the aircrew in case they have to leave the "office" abruptly). That started the seed, and the rest of the cliche - is history. As a self-confess gadget geek, Bernie has now accumulated a Garmin SP 510D, Garmin Vista Cx (for the bikes and geo-geeking), TomTom 5 in a Ipaq PPC phone with two BT GPS units (one spare). Why all that lot? The Ipaq and Vista are Bernie's companions when travelling on business, the easy-peasey SP510 stays with Sue. The "D" in the SP 510D means De Luxe, the unit is supplied with City Nav software on DVD and can be unlocked to work with the Vista.
  18. Pleased to say the kit has arrived fine and at the quoted price. Taken it for a test run - very handy with the advance notification of the Safety Cameras, would like to drive into one of them! If anyone is interested in buying a Streetpilot 2610 with City Navigator Europe V8, my old rig is up on eBay. It's all in fine fettle, take a look here: StreetPilot 2610 ...and it's going cheap at present. The registration of both the hardware and software will be transferred formally with Garmin after completion.
  19. Must be a bit of a problem with that on your dashboard!
  20. Hi, We have been long-time users of Garmin stuff and have got to know the little wrinkles with the way Garmin manages it' hardware/software combos. For several years now we have owned a car unit and a handheld and have used the auto-routing software from the car unit in the handheld. A recent software upgrade to City Navigator Europe V9 NT has left our Streetpilot 2610 car unit behind in terms of its capabilities. This box of tricks cost £500 some time back and the CNE software came included with this unit. The software is only ever supplied with hardware and cannot be bought as a standalone product in Europe. It is also very expensive should you buy it abroad. My father-in-law recently bought a new car and was presented with a Garmin C510D (D = De Luxe) unit. It came with CNE V9 NT software in the box to provide full coverage of Europe. The software can be unlocked to work with a second Garmin GPS unit. I liked the kit and had to think about the way ahead. We have decided to sell off the 2610 and "upgrade" to a newer car unit. So we had a look around for a C510 and found that Halfords were selling this kit for £199.99 (+£4.95 p&p) on the web. I popped into a local Halfords and was gobsmacked to find they were selling the plain C501 pack for £270!! - no software included, unit pre-loaded with UK and Eireland only! ...so, if you already own a Garmin hand-held (Vista Cx in my case) that can auto-route and you fancy a big talking unit for the car, then this package might be good for you. You can then install CNE V9 NT in your hand held as well. ...and if you buy through using the Quidco website, you get another 4% cashback from Halfords.
  21. VISTAPRINT - BEWARE!!! If you do use Vistaprint, watch out for the trick survey/offers thing at the end of your purchase. If you're not careful, it finishes with you unwittingly signing up to a £9.95 monthly service, free for the first month, subsequently billed direct to the card used to make your purchase. Before you realise what has happened, you can be billed several month's fees. Then the free stuff turns out to be very expensive indeed! Afterwards, you will be endlessly bombarded with free offers - which then get endlessly repeated. If you use them wisely, you can get all your choices for just their postage and packing charges. The actual stuff is quite good. Just be careful out there!
  22. My most valued non-geogeeking programme on the old Palm I used to use was "Re-Do". It posted "To-Do" re-occurring tasks into the To-Do list. It had a super flexible options menu that enabled you to select any weird combination. Great for all those MOT reminders, Insurance prompts, whatever...
  23. If you do buy a free stamp from Vistaprint, be careful *NOT* to accept the prize survey malarkey offered to you after processing the postage fees. This can make the offer of a free stamp into a very expensive exercise. You will unwittingly be signing up to a £9.95/month service that is "free" for the first month. A lot of people have been caught out in this manner, not noticing this sneaky practise until a couple debits have been taken. If you are aware, then you can obtain some nice offers from this company....
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