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  1. I see many people here supporting the seller of these TB's. But there is one big issue: Both the owners of the TB's and the people that placed them in the cache have done NOTHING wrong. It's only the cacher that hid the box on private property without permission who made a mistake. And I believe he is the one to be blamed (and perhaps punished) there are many problems with the sellers description, as he also states all the people looking for the cache are the problem. I repeat myself: it's only the hiders fault!
  2. You know you're a cacher when you have ALL your countries caches + ALL caches within 50 miles around your house in your car GPS That's about 7000 of them you know you're a cacher when your girlfriend gets angry because she can't have a normal conversation in the car without you interrupting her "there's a cache", "and there", "and there", "and th... oh wait, I've already found that one", "and there",...
  3. Hang a camera around your neck and you're settled. The minute muggles pass by, you just take the camera and aim it at something random (even a blank wall will do ) even on your knees in the middle of town/the forest it works great... people don't tend to bother "artists"
  4. I'm 21 and have been caching for a good month now, but I'm completely addicted
  5. this is actually illigal in many places. If your car gets stolen/robbed and the doors weren't unlocked: - you can get a fine for "inviting" thieves in - you can't prove someone broke in, there's no damage done... it's better to LET them slice the top, and make sure you're insured against vandalism/robbery...
  6. I live in Belgium, we don't have seaons over here, it's always cold and wet :-p we do have seasons of course, but it rarely gets below -5°C and rarely over 30°C , and it rains as much in summer as it does during the winter, so we can basicly go geocaching all year round
  7. I found a tool that can do point projection on PPC! http://www.pgct.nl/screenshots.html it's in dutch (great for me, not really for you) worst thing about it: I already had it on my ppc I just didn't know it could do projections (i kinda skipped the "navigation" menu because I don't have a gps-enabled pda)
  8. the best I've found yet (but I've only found 14 so far ) was in a parking lot. There was a small shack to keep bikes dry. After staring at it for a while, I realised there were 2 drainage pipes in this shack... 2! for a 12ft wide shack... that's a bit much isn't it? So I checked again and found out that the left one wasn't attached to the roof. There was an entire drainage pipe, connections and curve at the end included, but it was fake! I juggled the middle piece and it came out, had a plug in it saying "geocache - this side up". Truely a smart hide, even more so because it's in a parking lot next to the highway and next to an extremely busy crossroad...
  9. I'm sorry if this isn't allowed. If anyone cares to buy the glass, attach a TB to it and send it on a mission to me, that would be fine aswell It would be even cooler!
  10. thank you already for your efforts! I've made a picture of the glass: as for the shop, this is all my gf remembers: - its in the middle of Franschhoek, on the main road - they also sell alot of wall-decoration carpets - they might sell the glass in other shops aswell - you come accross the shop in franschhoek when you move AWAY from the church. I know it ain't much, but every bit helps I guess?
  11. This is a very long shot, but the only option I have since I live in Belgium. My girlfriend recently went on holiday to SA, and also visited Franschhoek on her journey. Somewhere along the main road in Franschhoek is a ("the" ?) tourist shop which sells all kinds of souvenirs. One of the things they sell are champagne glasses of which the base is a glass-blown elephant. My girlfriend brought 2 of these home (as she is slightly obsessed by elephants). Being the handy guy that I am, I broke one of the glasses during their first use, so now I would REALLY REALLY like to provide her with a replacement. The glass I'm looking for is NOT this one (these are VERY expensive): it is basicly this but the underside of the "reservoir" is a small glass blown elephant. if anyone here lives around the area and is able to send me one of these glasses (maybe provide me a picture before actually buying it?), I would be eternally gratefull and I will provide a decent compensation for your efforts! Ps: I will try to upload a photo of the other glass ASAP.
  12. well there's a GREAT idea! (if your ammobox is waterproof) I'd love to find one of those!
  13. being the addict that I am (already!) I stumpled upon a geko 301 on Ebay for only €90 (shipping included). For you americans, that's about $125 So no more need for german excel files! (ps: will still try and develop a FREE point projection program for those of you who don't have a gps that can do this)
  14. I'm belgian ;-) (Flemish to be exact), we understand/speak most languages besides, my local dialect is half german... THANK YOU! PS: since this is an excel file, I - being a programmer - might be able to extract the used formula and pour it into a neat windows mobile application in English. Expect more news on this soon! edit: hmz, it's not even locked. I'll upload a version in English tonight/in the next couple of days (after I test whether it's accurate)
  15. Since the only GPS I have for now (and probably will for some time) is a TOMTOM go 720, I can't do map projections. I've recently discovered fizzycalc, which works great on my desktop. I used it and it was as exact as exact gets. But obviously, I can't do this in the field. So I'm looking for a mobile alternative that wil run on a Windows Mobile PDA (QTEK 9100) and will do so for free. I know Cachemate can do it, but I use GSAK's html exports and spoilersync for all my info, so I really don't need all the other functionalities. So basicly: does anyone know a free windows mobile tool which calculates new coordinates from a given coordinate, bearing and distance?
  16. intelligent me never thought of that, thanks
  17. I've become a premium member earlier this week and started requesting PQ's and importing them into GSAK. all is well, the system works great and I've got about 1100 caches in my GSAK DB already. But I've got one question left: since my PQ has the same set of criteria, it will send me roughly the same caches every time. Every now and then one gets updated, archived or added (and kicks another one off the list). Is there a way to make the generator remember which ones I've already gotten and NOT send me those again? It would make creating a complete DB of Belgium ALOT easier... (I don't care if it's 100% up to date, as long as all caches are in there with descriptions) I'm guessing (knowing a bit or 2 about databases since I'm an Oracle developer) that there isn't, but I'd still like to know
  18. C! you can always ask "how many feet ya' got?" and if they say TWO you know they are not a geocacher. also you can flash them you GPS with a big smile. asking them directly if they are geocaching is the right way to go. most folks in our neck of the woods share FTF honors. the rest of the time everyone appreciates the help finding it. Doesn't really work in metric system locations... "How many meters ya' got?" will ALLWAYS give you a weird look as a result though in general I'd pick option C if it's OBVIOUS they're cachers... last week I found one in a carpool parking lot, and I had to wait for ages for this one guy to move out of the way so I could put it back where it belonged. I was beginning to doubt whether he was waiting for me to leave (I was standing by my car pretending to be busy organising stuff in the trunk) to start his search... Turned out I was the stubborn one, he left about 10-15 minutes later and I quickly popped the cache back into place!
  19. one thing to remember if you use a tomtom: walk at a FAST pace. Your tomtom will update alot better if you are moving >2mph! so when you almost reach the point, turn back , move about 30ft away, and then walk straight to the point in a decent pace...
  20. I'm using a tomtom go 720. It works, but it's not the best thing possible...
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