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  1. You're kidding, right? Both of those are copyrighted images, I believe. Not that it isn't being done ALL the time, but it would be nice if we could patiently await the arrival of the group's new logo rather than rip off someone else's art. (I'm kinda blunt...but never mean any disrespect.)
  2. That's a surefire way to alienate future members. Let's try to be a little more flexible here. While I'm QUITE proud to be a true SLO native, I also understand that naming a regional group after an individual city can deter some from joining. Take the T.O.O.S.L.O. group (Tortoise Owners Of San Luis Obispo). I've talked to their members in past years and they've told me there's PLENTY of question from prospective members as to whether or not they're welcome to join if they live out of town. The SLO County 4 Wheelers have had similar experiences. While both organizations are meant to include residents of the greater region (we all call it the Central Coast...but then, we weren't thinking Monterey County, either) , their use of very specific geographic locations in their names also sends a message that this group is exclusive. I'm sure we could find countless other examples... I HAVE heard Santa Cruz/Monterey Peninsula residents refer to themselves as The Central Coast, but completely forgot about that. (Once they told me I actually lived in Southern California I completely blocked them...can't imagine being grouped with L.A.) If we use a number in the name (C3G or some variation) I don't think it would be nearly as confusing as trying to differentiate between the existing CCGC and our proposed CCCG (in that format, I'm even confused as I type it!). Then again...another name entirely might be appropriate...what about: Gold Coast Geocachers Gold Coast Cachers Group Geocachers 101 (Mr. Bee's gettin' into it now) Live Oak Cachers ...Poison Oak Cachers...nah...though true, hardly enticing. Coastal Corridor Cachers Group (But that gets us back to three Cs and a G)
  3. Sorry to hear your Jeeper friend wasn't prepped with the basics. I'm actually set on those things. My Jeep always has these basics: duct tape, bailing wire, 10 gallons of extra gas, 10 gallons extra drinking water, 1 1/2 gallons extra Jeep water, and a heat exchanger/pump/shower head setup...nothing like a warm shower after a long day on the trail. Looks like I'll have to work on the high tech end...hmmmm...laptop...WiFi...
  4. VERY new to this fun twist on our outdoor adventures. I note some mention "tools of the trade." Besides the GPS unit and cool swag, what do you experienced cachers suggest?
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