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  1. I am glad you asked this. I have a similar problem when I take my grandchildren out caching with me. They see; they want; they take....and my personal "swag bag" gets depleted pretty quickly as I replace items one-for-one.

    My girls also had this problem. When my first swag bag was depleted by the kids' trades, I had them refill it with their OWN items. Since all they're ever interested in taking is the kiddie goodies, I figured their own kiddie goodies would be good trades (particularly since my kids are so little they always trade up...why they'd rather have a ratty old plastic zebra than the glossy new frog, horse, car, zebra, doll I'll never understand...I guess it's just DIFFERENT).


    Now that they're trading their OWN stuff, they actually THINK about their trades before grabbing! Works great!


    As for me, I seldom trade at this point. I'm in it for finding a cool place to visit, a great view, a hideaway, maybe a travel bug.

  2. almost stepped on a coiled rattlesnake when I was intently bent over looking in the bushes!

    Alright! That does it! PointSalJim is a rattler magnet, so I vote he lead the pack. He can find the rattlers and shoo them away so the rest of us can enjoy the hike! :)

  3. And to further comment on the same article:

    "Nipomo resident Sehon Powers confronted two teen-aged trespassers on his 20-acre property one year ago. "


    That's my uncle...he's a tall, imposing guy with a soft heart really. He doesn't have patience for disrespectful people of any age. He only flamed at the kids AFTER they were incredibly disrespectful to him while trespassing on his property. Then they returned and LAY IN WAIT for his return...then they literally bashed in his skull. He CRAWLED to the house to call for help. It's amazing he made it ANYWHERE with his injuries...

  4. From the article PointSalJim shared:

    "Alex Madonna, who owns Cerro San Luis Obispo, said the attitude of entitlement to access is a hallmark of the younger generation, which he said has had it easy compared to previous generations.


    "'They've never had to earn a dollar and don't appreciate the importance of property rights,' Madonna said."


    FYI - I spoke on a number of times with Mr. Madonna. While he spoke publicly of privacy rights, one-on-one he was interested in keeping things simple. It was the lawyers and the lawsuit-happy among our society he was fending off. (After having spoken to him on several occasions for various reason, I asked one day for permission to cross his land to get to Bishop Peak. This was before the city "acquired" the same access path. Mr. Madonna said, "You're not ASKING me, are you? 'Cause if you ASK me, I have to say no. If anyone gets hurt and I've given them permission, that's a lawsuit waiting to happen. But if you're not ASKING me, I really don't care.")


    Sure, he could be an ornery cuss when he wanted to be (surely his family would agree...and hopefully wouldn't be offended by such a comment...my grandpa, and great grandpa and...hell, even I fall under same description...and damned proud of it), but Mr. Madonna really was a nice guy who did well for himself and his family through guts, sweat, blood and determination.

  5. Why IS everything named HOLLISTER off-limits?

    Just for the record...there's also Holllister State Vehicular Recreation area (aka Hollister SVRA - for those acronymn-enabled among us). :) It's open to every form of motor vehicle you can imagine. Home of the "tank trap" a DEEP mud hole in which only the truly foolish (and deep-pocketed) play. Imagine losing your street car in a hole three times its depth...all full of SOFT mud (more like VERY dirty water than MUUUUUD)

  6. Those times look great. I think I live furthest south, so how 'bout we meet at the Park n' Ride just east of Hwy 101 at the Clark Ave. exit?


    7:30 a.m. sounds great to me. That's a 7:30 a.m. DEPARTURE time, right?! :)


    FYI- It takes an hour to get to Santa Barbara from my house. I've never driven to Camino Cielo (east OR west).

  7. I've had to delete a dozen or so at a time. If you have a browser that supports tabs such as Mozilla, Firefox, or Opera, it's really not too painful. Just run down the list middle clicking on the 'edit' for the ones you're going to nuke. Now you have a dozen tabs open. Close the current tab and you're in the first one you're going to delete. Press end and you're at the bottom of the screen. Click delete. While it's pausing, do a control page down to proceeed to the next tab. Repeat. Now you can flip back to the ones that have finished and either answer "yes, I'm sure" or confirm they're gone as the case needs. Control-W or click the little X in the tab bar and you're off to the next. With a little practice, you can do three or four a second - especially if you have http pipelining enabled.


    Yep. Thanks for the Browser Lesson. That is, indeed, how I deleted all my saved PQs before writing my original post to this forum. But since this forum is for suggestions, I thought I'd offer up mine...for ease of use of the site rather than multi-tabbing to death my firefox! :)


    I think these instructions are much simpler:

    click the "select" box

    click the "delete" button

    confirm "yes" if you want to delete them or "no" if you screwed up and really thought this page was for ordering in pizza while you create another 20 cache pages and log your most recent finds.

  8. Hey, POCers! We're falling off the radar in the forums. Is anyone out there?


    FYI - some of us are hoping to hit up C'ISHUMU soon. Anyone interested? This is a family friendly, early morning hike with return to Santa Maria area by 2 p.m. on Saturday, July 30.

  9. Hi!

    I really enjoy this ... sport. The site is great, too. But I have one suggestion (doesn't everyone?)


    I created a load of queries in preparation for a recent road trip. But now to delete them it's kinda a pain. Have to load each PQ page, then click delete. Not very efficient. How about a box to click (like the "run" date boxes), then a "delete" command box that wipes out all the PQs you've put your checks next to. Is this making sense?


    hope so.


    Thanks again!

  10. I don't know when this changed (or perhaps it was always there and, like so many other things on this site, I just found it), but I really like being able to sort the found TBs! Alphabetically is sure a lot easier than the old method of display (whcih I could never quite figure out) and it's fun to view them by other statistics as well.


    Thanks for the change! :(

  11. I let a cache intimidate me recently because of all the recent DNFs. Spent way more time than I should have...I can say that now that I got to go back and log it a "Found It."


    Sure is satisfying to see yellow in my GSAK grid (now if I could only find a way to yellow-out MY cache placements!)

    OreoPony-Glad to see my Flippin' Cache will forever be etched in your memory if not in the WHITE column of the GSAK! Congrats!


    (Now...go buy yourself some hiking boots and keep 'em in the car for all those lunchtime hunts. You never know when you might need them again!)

  12. I'm going to take some of this data and see if I can correlate it to market fluctuations in stocks and commodities. If I can get a positive correlation, I'll see about making money in the market, then write a book about my investing system and make even more money on that and retire at an early age, caching almost every day!

    Of course, your increase in caching will further change those statistics...perhaps drastically...thereby blowing your cache-to-stock-productivity ratio, won't it? Imagine the lawsuits!

  13. I commented to my husband, Reluctant Observer, how FAST the site was this weekend. He said it was the new RAM I bought for his computer. THEN he used that as proof that I need a new computer! So...YOUR faster site worked WONDERFULLY for me...I get credit and extra brownie points for buying him the RAM (which may or may not have helped what with the site just plain running FAST for some ODD and WONDERFUL reason) AND a new computer so mine'll run JUST as fast as his!


    Now...you have to keep it up. If I get a new computer and the site slows down he's going to think GC.com and I are in cahoots! :(

  14. Just wanted to let all Poison Oak Cachers who are listening (hint hint) that I've replaced the "I" cache (now called "I"t's Not a Bomb to commemorate the rangers' and sheriffs' disposal of the last cache at this location) and FINALLY placed "H"igh Mountain Hide. Both are accessible via 2 wheel drive car. (We saw at least 50 cars of all makes and models headed our way yesterday on their way from Pozo where people were evidently thrilled witht the Willie Nelson concert there).


    THis ALSO means you can (probably...if ANOTHER gate's not closed) drive to the"N"ot Mine cache...or at least get within much easier walking distance than doing the entire "K", "M", "N" hike.


    See you all Tuesday at Klondike's! 5 p.m. Be there or be square!

  15. Okay, call me "chicken," but after reading BBB's post of her trip to High Lowe, I'm not heading out there this morning (Saturday). I doubt I'd get one mile from the gate with the 5 y/o's newly acquired riding skills, HA! Okay, so I was a little optomistic.


    Maybe on one of my "Kid-Free, Work-Free" days I'll head up there.


    BBB - Did you really need knobbies?



    Nah, knobbies aren't required, but I'm sure it was more comfortable than my other wheels - street slicks. And for the ride down I'm certain I had more traction with the knobbies and the trail wheels held up a LOT better on my high speed decent (note downhill travel time...it includes one pit stop) than my road wheels would have.


    As for the little one making it...well, I don't KNOW your little one, but I'd have to say this is a bit much for a tyke. The first mile or so is fairly steep and certainly not one I would have conquered before the age of 10 (ok, maybe 9). It's just so long and unrelenting. There isn't a "flat" spot 'til about 2 miles into it. Not only that, but you need to be QUITE well acquainted with the brake levers before planning to head DOWN this pup. As a mother, THAT woudl have been the scary part in taking my kids along. No way they would have been able to stop themselves (they're not really cyclists yet, though).


    HOWEVER, your child MAY be able to walk it...maybe...how old? My kids don't walk 8 miles in a day yet (not on a trail anyhow...running up and down the hall and in circles in the yard I think they do about 20 miles some days!).


    Sorry to hear, however, that my report put you off the otherwise great ride/walk. It's well worth a walk/ride even if you don't make it clear out to the cache site.


    So...where did you go INSTEAD? :D

  16. Just to let all who subscribe here know:

    I'm throwing together a little pizza night gathering at Klondike's (Santa Maria) next week (Tuesday). I've listed the event online but await its approval. My intent is to gather as many TBs as possible for our (partial) family trip north in a couple of weeks. The girls and I are driving to northern Washington. If you've got a bug that wants to make a huge leap north, bring it by! If not, just come for some good eats and good company.


    Get there by 5 p.m. for quick seating or chance relatively long waits.


    Watch for the new log post in the Santa Maria area caches as soon as the web admin approves it. :ph34r:


    BooBooBee & Girls

  17. Yeah, RaceTramp, that's a good idea for traveling the world. :rolleyes:


    BBB, I've got a TB we started in February, but it's first move was to the High Lowe on top of the Cuesta Grade. Maybe I'll retrieve it myself tween now and when you leave if it hasn't been brought down before then. :laughing: What's your ETD?

    HEY! That's a cache that's high on my list. (Sorry...couldn't let that one go.)


    Really, I do hope to get a bike ride in between now and May 21 when the girls and I will be leaving Reluctant Observer to his own devices. :laughing:

  18. Room with a View (GC74C3) in Long Beach is a must do. Best view in Long Beach

    OH! Yeah...I loved that one. That's the first Washington cache I took my mom on (and the first real rural one we've done with here...she never was much of a hiker, but she enjoyed this trek). It was the perfect example of why we cache...GREAT views off the beaten path doable for the entire family. (Even the 2-year-old walked that one.)


    Thanks for all of your input, Stump! :laughing:

  19. Hey All you POCs out there! It's MIGHTY quiet in here!


    Just thought I'd let you all know I'm headed north, WAY north in a few weeks. If you have any TBs that would like to make a serious jump, let me know and we'll arrange some sort of exchange. (Of course, I'll be looking for them locally, too, but I thought I'd offer the lift if anyone was interested.)


    Here's the event I've set up for one of our longer-term destinations during this trip: Pizza, Brews and Bugs Event Cache; Seaview, WA


    RoscoBookbinder...might we see you there?

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