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  1. Well, we seem to be out of touch with each other for the most part. I thought I'd start this thread where we can note recent sightings of fellow POCers.


    I'll start! tongue_animated.gif


    PointSalJim drove up to SLO to grab some of OP's great caches and visit with me at Thursday Night Farmers' Market (book promo). We had a nice visit, though I was distracted by my need to pay attention to my table, potential customers and my two girls.


    Naturesprite paused to say hi, but had to run to keep up with his crowd. (Headed to Mother's?) He promised to buy one of my books. I'm recording that promise here...you know...just to make it public! laughing.gif


    Who have you spotted on (or off) the hunt? cute_animated.gif

  2. Probably leave the pier at 4ish?


    OH NO! :laughing: As many of you know I coach swimming in the late winter/early spring. Well, we have new water polo coaches (a sport that begins Monday) and they've asked for help from me with the swimming aspect in the early season. I made a HUUUUUGE mistakein not checking my calendar before saying I'd help them. :blink: (And of course they asked in front of the 31 girls signed up for the team!)


    We start at 2:45. I may wrap up in time to make it to the pier by 4, but I'm not certain.


    Don't wait for us, but please do watch for us. You'll know our threesome when you see us.


    Thanks, PointSalJim, for the invite and for organizing this. I'm sorry I'm such a doughhead!



  3. Are the poison oak cachers partial to poison oak or something? :laughing:


    When we were coming up with a name, it occured to us that no cacher on the Central Coast goes unscarred by PointSalJim's "pretty plant." The name was actually suggested by my husband (who's TERRIBLY allergic to poison oak) under his breath, but I thought it was funny, so I suggested it aloud. To our surprise, the group liked it! (I guess we could all relate!)


    The intention kind of reflects the jocular spirit of our group.

  4. Oh yeah, and one more kid friendly cache....BooBooBee's Fairpark Find in Santa Maria. Someone might make a case for BooBooBee's Rock-n-Roll cache, SINCE SHE DID PLACE IT WITH HER VERY YOUNG KIDS, but that's only because BooBooBee's quite an experienced Jeeper.......I hiked to Rock-n-Roll cache and almost didn't make it back alive!!!

    I DID forget to include my own caches in the kid friendly list. Duh! (Blame it on the hair.)


    All BooBooBee caches are kid friendly, though the hat trick (KL&N) requires good set of legs and was NOT set with my small children in tow. Rock n' Roll is doable with an older teen with spirit (or a 4x4 with high clearance and kids with ability to walk a short distance on dirt).


    Thanks, PointSalJim!

  5. Anyone interested in going to the Whaler's Island cache on Monday, Nov 6?

    Oooh! Oooh! We want to go! We want to go!

    However, what is the pace going to be. The girls can be pretty fast now, but I don't know if this is a jog n' grab to beat the tide or if this is one that we can meander. :laughing:


    I'd love to grab this cache, and doing it with the group would be awesome! Come on Cats n' Pony! :unsure:

  6. Ah, yes, PointSalJim! Thanks for listing some of mine. I forgot to put any of them on my own list! :)


    Looking forward to experiencing Pine Ridge View this winter, among others on your list here. Thanks for adding some more. :rolleyes:



    1.) Way up Huasna Canyon Rd there is "Pine Ridge View" cache with lots of cool rock formations...just check the weather 1st: go when it's cool - involves a 2 3/8 mile hike that only has a short section of semi-steepness

    2.) Karaline's 1st Pt. Sal Cache - a 1 1/4 mile walk up a fire road that is a steady climb but not too steep

    3.) Gollum's Grotto at the Base of Bishop's Peak in SLO - short hike, fantastic for kids, bring flashlight

    4.) All of the Irish Hills in SLO caches, especially "Olli's cache by Geo_cats.

    5.) Squirrel's Nest cache in Atascadero by Geo_cats.

    6.) ELO Pavillion in Atascadero by Oreo Pony.

    7.) Spooner Ranch by Oreo Pony

    8.) Salmo Rivulus at the beginning of Big Sur by Naturesprite - make sure you hike on up to the falls afterwords.

    9.) "Up the Jordan" off Suey Canyon by BooBooBee

    10.) "Temetate Trees" off Suey Canyon by BooBooBee

    11.) "Miners Lettuce" by BooBooBee - Stay on the trail and watch out for the poison oak

    12.) BooBooBee's Colson Canyon Cache - "Colson's Kitchen Sink".

    13.) BooBooBees' Parks Survey Part 2 in Santa Maria

  7. A new cacher emailed me asking for a list of recommended kid-friendly caches that involve a hike of some sort. I thought I'd share my response here. Perhaps others could add some, too. (I'm not so strong in the north county and i know there are some fantastic hike caches there.)


    Here's my response to him:

    Well, it looks like my premium membership has expired, so I can't bookmark. So here's a list instead. Look for these waypoints for some kid-friendly walks to caches. Some are difficult, some are easy (too easy). My favorite is probably Reservoir Canyon (long hike up creek in beautiful canyon), though just about anything by Maasmen is fantastic kid fodder!


    GCKYC0 (A fantastic adventure for avid hikers. Bring a rope. Keep close eye on kids. MY 5 year old couldn't do this one because of a BIG drop, but with some help this year, I think she could do it.)









    GCN983 (Kid-friendly? Oh...I don't know. It's a LONG hike. Perhaps an overnight would work here, though I'd set camp in the saddleback meadow rather than at the peak.)


















    GC6ACD (the park here is nice, the walk is nice, but the cache location seemed dangerous to me. Then again, we didn't FIND the cache, so we may have been a bit off...still a nice walk)




    WOW...too bad the bookmarks didn't work! I'll have to save this list after having taken the time to create it! Will post to Poison Oak Cachers forum, too.


    Best of luck,



  8. WHEW! Got back to the computer...well, have been camped here for MONTHS, but the gc thing seems to have been in park. IN FACT, only received notice of THIS June 21 post today (July 17). SIGH (again).


    Working on family schedule in hopes of making the picnic. We're supposed to be headed out of town that day...will work on it. THanks, OP, for arranging this! BTW: is the picnic bench you reserved Arroyo? We had that area yesterday for a group gathering (class reunion - slohigh '86). Not enough shade (come prepared) and blistering hot (even by north county standards). We ended up in the creek. :)





    So glad you've found your way back to the computer. It's sure been quiet without you! :D


    Got a booksigning this weekend? Got to see it the other day when hiking with PtSalJim. Can't wait to get my signed copy. Maybe we'll see you Saturday.



  9. Howdy All! Long time no chat. It's been a bit hectic down here, but PointSalJim has been keeping things in order for area cachers. (Thanks HEAPS, PSJ!) When it finally came time to log back on to the group, I couldn't get in! It seems groundspeaks' changes included software that couldn't cope with my old password (sigh).


    So...what's new? Where has everyone been? (I heard something about caching events going on and wondered why the heck I hadn't heard...goes back to that password failure...ah well). It's MIGHTY quiet out here!

  10. BooBooBee and family are quite interested, but unavailable either of those weekends due to previous commitments (baby showerS one weekend, 12-hour event another). wah! We'll have to catch y'all on ANOTHER campout in the spring...

  11. I would like to make a suggestion that we plan a campout in the north county coastal area, say San Simeon or Montana de Oro.




    What do you think?

    We're always up for camping and the north coast sounds great.


    The elephant seals are great fun to watch, but they peak in February and it's typically way too wet and cold for most campers. But, hey, how 'core do you want to get?


    It'd be nice if "we" coudl pick a campground that had enough room for all of us. I know it's sometimes difficult to book a site on that popular stretch of coast. For the sake of ease, Montana de Oro may work better.


    Either way, we're up for it! (This time, OP, you get the kids!) :)


    He is our local celeb now that his picture is in this week's New Times. The article is good too, no mention of bombs or knives! Glad they found Alan instead of Boo Boo Bee :) If you look close enough I think you can still see a lump on Alan's head.


    Well, I don't know what's going on with the forums, but somehow I failed to get a note letting me know anyone posted :ph34r: ...so...I didn't hear about Geo_Cats' 15-minutes of fame (depending upon your reading speed) until the issue was OFF the racks. I'd love to read it...any chance someone has one they can loan me? The NewTimes website only carries their cover stories.


    And, come now Natursprite...you don't think it would've bene a good idea for ME to take the reporter our in my Jeep, over some trails, through some creeks, and banging up the inclines to show him my "N"ot a Bomb cache? :laughing:

  13. Well, how freakin' cool is THAT!? I just learned about Google Earth this week. (I know..I'm behind the times.) DIdn't know I could import the GPX files. Tried it. GREAT! I wouldn't want to use it for regular caching, but for those back country ones that could potentially involve a LOT of bush whacking through our local dense poison oak, I'd certainly be up to using this tool.


    Otherwise, in regular instances, what would be the point? OK...making life a lot easier. But I'm not in this game for the ease...I'm in it for finding COOL places. This tool couuld help me narrow down some of my choices on days when I have to make such "crucial" decisions.

  14. This one is really for the rural cachers out there.


    What percentage of caches within 25 miles of home are yours?


    For me: There are 20 caches and 16 of them are mine for - 84%


    Two of the other 4 are all from cachers that I intoduced to caching.


    Take mine away the area looks pretty grim. I have about 8 more planned sometime in the near future.

    There are 154 caches within 25 mile radius of my home. Of those, I've placed 38...hmmm...interesting.


    Though we're midway (more or less) between two large metro areas, the caching community here is quite small. It's been a nice way to meet new friends, though. Some of those I've introduced to caching are now avidly placing caches. (thank heavens! I'm almost out of ammo cans!)

  15. As someone who may APPEAR to be a hoarder of last year's Jeep TB...unfortunately of the Jeep TBs I found, one was lost to the lawnmower. I'm usually quite careful with the TBs, but last year the 2-year-old got hold of it and was, apparently, playing with it in the grass where she left it for who knows how long. Daddy found it in pieces after hearing a terrible gnashing of mower "teeth." I was EXTRA bummed to hear he'd thrown it away (and didn't tell me about it 'til after the garbage man had come). I actually thought the Jeep remains would be an even COOLER Jeep TB!

  16. I'm bringing:


    kid pack


    husband to carry one kid (I get the other)



    map to parking area (I THINK)

    extra batteries for GPSr

    more water

    lunch/snacks for kids


    Sounds like GeoCats are bringing the orienteering pictures from the cache page? If not, let me know and I'll grab those too. :blink:

    Oh yeah...and first aid kit. We always have one of those with us on any hike that's long enough to require kid carrier.

  17. Maybe after our event we could set up the course as a "trim O course" (permanent) - similar to this one - GPS - O

    That's a GREAT idea OP! (You're full of 'em)


    Looking forward to Saturday...bring sunscreen and snacks/lunch. :blink:


    I'm bringing:


    kid pack


    husband to carry one kid (I get the other)



    map to parking area (I THINK)

    extra batteries for GPSr

    more water

    lunch/snacks for kids


    Sounds like GeoCats are bringing the orienteering pictures from the cache page? If not, let me know and I'll grab those too. ;)

  18. Sept. 17 is a GREAT idea. Perhaps we could invite members of the Bay Area Orienteering Club to join us. We share our food, they share their knowledge...or some such. Also, I'd be willing to write and deliver news releases to invite the general public to participate. If we thought that might create too much of a crowd, perhaps we could charge a small fee of non-members (to help us bring MORE food), or we could include in the news release that it's a potluck...bring food in trade for lessons and fun.


    I'm putting this on my calendar! :(

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