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  1. Thanks for the link....that is perfect. Also a cool sight for other great swag ideas.
  2. I will be going to France in a couple of weeks and I want to place TB over there with the theme of Liberty...I will be there during our 4th of July celebration and Bastille day so I thought it would be an appropriate theme. I need a key chain with the statue of liberty on it....or a reasonable facsimile. California doesn't carry such items. Can some one help?
  3. I will be going to France in a couple of weeks and I want to place TB over there with the theme of Liberty...I will be there during our 4th of July celebration and Bastille day so I thought it would be an appropriate theme. I need a key chain with the statue of liberty on it....or a reasonable facsimile. California doesn't carry such items. Can some one help?
  4. In researching caches I have come across pages where many people post DNFs for a few weeks. At some point does someone e-mail the placer and tell him that the cache is MIA? And should the placer make a note on the cache page that he has checked it out? Would be nice to know if these people are just not finding it and it is still there before I go looking, or scratch it off my list.
  5. We did our first 5 hunts and found them all this weekend. We did everything from a 35mm cannister to an ammo can. The best stuff was way up in the mountains that required an hour drive off of a rural highway. Everything in it was nice. I took a key chain that had a tape measure on it and left a compass key ring and a slinky. The ammo can was full of junk, but I took the only cool thing in it.... a geocaching pencil. I think something that refelcts the sport like the pencil or a compass key ring, a pin or a signature item are the coolest things. Some of the hand made items I have seen on the forum are nice. The most exciting thing to find is a TB, but I realize there can't be a bug in every cache. I think after a long trip, or a really intensive search it is nice to find something to take with you as a momento, besides poison oak or sore feet.
  6. I hope there wasn't a ballgame on at the time
  7. I just got my MagPlat and I set the init process. I seem to be only pulling in 3-4 satellites and after 15 minutes I still get no 3D in the upper right corner that indicates I can set a way point. How long does this process take? I live in the mountains, but I stood in the street clear of trees and it didn't make a difference. Okay....it took about 25 minutes....now I have my home marked...wheee!!
  8. Like the name says...we are women...and seniors to boot! Women rock! We don't need to mark our territory as we are one with the earth.
  9. I hear ya! I am doing an audio Italian course. It cracks me up that the first thing they teach you to say is I "I unserstand/speak Italian(a little)" Then the person I speak to will think I know more than that and start telling me all kinds of stuff....but that is all I know! Good Day, how much, thank you and good bye....I hope I don't get lost and need to ask directions Anyway....I am trying to search this site and find some caches near the places we are staying. If you see any good ones....please post them here. Paris, Luberon Hills, Chaminox, Avignon...
  10. Like TubeMonkey says....there may not be a third chance. If this new unit doesn't perform I am switching brands. When you are new to the sport and you read these forums, you get pros and cons on all brands...I guess I just have to jump in and get my feet wet.
  11. Is not, everyone knows its 42! 42! The answer is 42! On a side note, nimh cells with high mah ratings (run longer). What make will work longest and/or deal with the abuse, I don't have a clue. No, Welch is right...as every hitchhiker knows....the answer is 42....but Welch...Don't Panic!
  12. The tech guy at Magellan said he had never heard of such a thing. Hans at OffRoute said the Meridian Plat was a great unit...sells 30-1 over the STColor, so I said I would give it a try. Quite a few Meridian Plats posted on the poll with favorable remarks so I am hoping for the best. A $300 unit should perform, in my opinion.
  13. It's been longer than 2 months since this thread started, but I thought I would add my name to the list....just heard about the sport a week ago...new GPS unit on its way I hope to have my first find this weekend. My partner and I are 53 and 60...we hope to incorprate caching with our travels...Europe this summer
  14. I just got my Magellan SporTrak color in the mail today. I put in the batteries and followed the directions for initializing the unit. I hit the Satellite status screen and watched it for a couple of minutes and the unit went 'beep' and shut off. I put in different batteries, but I was never able to power up the unit again. I called Magellan-the techno guy had never heard of such a thing happening. I called Offroute and they said 'send it back." I was sooo bummed. I was hoping to take the unit to SF Bay area this weekend for the holiday. So he sent me a different unit-Mag Platinum...he was all out of the Sportrak. It has the expandable memory, which is good. I hope the lack of color isn't a big draw back. I should have it by Friday and in time for the trip... Anyone every had a problem like this with a new unit? Hans at OffRoute is a super guy!! Marianne
  15. We are headed to San Francisco for a Giants game and hope to grab some caches while we are there. I expect urban hunting to be quite a challenge with all the traffic and people milling about. Any one else have some travelling/caching trips planned for the holiday weekend? 2Grans
  16. Thanks for the link, Robert. I am sure I will be referring to it when I get my unit.
  17. Nice to see another ParrotHead Thanks for the tips. We will look into those spots in Florence and Tuscany....and definately the gelatto!
  18. Hi Cyan- We just joined the site and I was browsing the forum. We are 60 and 53. I see your post is a few weeks old and no reponses. I hope you have found someone to hunt with. We are two women from way up north-Trinity Alps and we are hoping to do some hunting in the SF bay area memorial weekend. One of us has a mild handicape and hills are a challenge. Have you been able to find anything good in your area? Any recomendations? Marianne
  19. How do you like your SporTrak? I just ordered one. It is my first GPS and I hope I made a smart buy. I am taking mine to Europe next month. Thanks for the travel tips.
  20. I read about the Redding event today...sorry we missed it. Hope there is another soon.
  21. Thanks for the input...as I said, I am new, but I imagine mapping is only one function...any word about accuracy, battery life...etc. I tried to stay mid range on price since I am new, but I wanted to get as many functions as possible.
  22. I just ordered my first GPS....a color Sportrak from the website linked to this site. It semed to have all the features I could ever possible want. Does anyone have experience with these units?
  23. I will be in Florence and Tuscany late June(Venice and Milan as well) Any good caches??
  24. Coming to France in July-a week in Provance and a week in Paris--any good caches mentioned would be appreciated. I hope to drop off a TB from California
  25. I am brand new....my new GPS is in the mail. I hope to get to try it out in SF this weekend, but really looking forward to looking up here at Trinity Lake and even planting a couple of our own. Anyone in our area into this geocaching?
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