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  1. I just returned to geocaching after a few year hiatus. I see some users have a map on their profile page showing states they have found caches in. How do I get one up on my profile page?
  2. I placed a "water" cache a month ago and no one has gone after it. I can't believe that there are no geocachers with boats out here in my area. It can be accessed on foot, but it's a long walk around part of the lake. By boat it is 10 minutes away from the marina. I hope someone finds it before winter
  3. I was in Italy and France last month and twice I ran into fellow cahers. I have been caching here at home since May and never met anyone, but I travel 6k miles and run into cachers twice. I was on my own a day in Venice and went caching. I met Semicirculatus from Budapest. We had a small language barrier but had fun finding the cache together. Then in Paris I ran into Jessex from London. They were wonderful folks and, unfortunately, I gave them a bum steer about the cache we were after. Seems there is a non-geocache in the same locale and we thought we had found the real thing I hope they forgive me. I hope to meet some of the locals here at a N.U.T.S event someday. I love caching and I love to talk about it. 2GeoGrannies
  4. Someone said if you hide it...they will come. I have two new caches in the Trinity Alps...one is two weeks old and the other is brand new...I hope some one finds them soon Anyway, I am off to Europe, so if any questions arise I will try to check my e-mail once in a while. Happy caching!
  5. Only two days to go until we leave for Europe. I have downloaded a dozen caches in the Paris area to look for. I have accumulated about 5 TBs to drop off. They are all good sized bugs, so I hope I can find a cache big enough for some of them.
  6. After the placer has been e-mailed and no response is given, then one could assume that the cache has been abandoned and that is why it is full of trash. Then I would say clean it up. Also, place a log entry so that the locals know it has been taken care of. Personally, I think we have a responsibility to promote the sport in our community and communication is the best tool.
  7. Hey! I got it! I changed the setting for my comport. I know you were going to say that
  8. Ya, it's me again. I am trying to hook up my MeridiPlat to my computer and download some waypoints from GSAK. I get an error message that says Magproto cannot openCOM3 for write. Error was 'permission denied." What am I doing wrong? I can't find anything in the Magellan manual about this. Thanks
  9. Okay, I edited my search to be .gpx format. I ran the search again...will I get another e-mail or will I have to do another whole query?
  10. That worked...thanks. I moved my questions to the software section. And I have a lot of em
  11. I have GSAK and EasyGPS downloaded on my computer. I just received my first pocket query by e-mail. I opened the file with EasyGPS. How do I get the information into GSAK? I see that I can export, but how can I import? I plan to get cachemate on my new Clie handheld and store my caching info there. I found the GSAK export function that creates the .PDB file and sends it to the handheld, but I need to know how to get the data into GSAK first.
  12. 2GeoGrannies


    I was going to purchase this program and I just bougth the PDA. What is the Hot Sync user name refered to on the chachemate order form?
  13. I just ran my first query and OE deleted the attachment...I requested a zip file, but it still removed it. Is there a setting in OE I can change so I can receive my pocket queries?
  14. I think I will add my two bits here...I have only been doing this for a couple of weeks, so keep that in mind. I love the big caches when they have more in them than just a bunch of stickers and a rubber snake, three army guys and a bus pass. At first I thought the micros would be a bore...what? nothing but a tiny roll of paper? Bring my own pencil?? Sheesh!! But then I did a few of them. I discovered that there are some really devious people out there trying to make my life miserable. The best micros I have seen have been in crowded urban areas, nestled in an out of the way park that I didn't know existed, and so well hidden that I was standing right on top of them scratching my head and reading the clue over and over again. I stood under an old bridge and removed every loose stone, trying to find a micro that is part of a multi-and I have to go back and look some more because I can't sleep at night!! To sum it up...this sport is only limited by what our imaginations can come up with...if you don't like micros...don't go looking for them. If you don't like snowshoeing in to a wilderness area to find an ammo can...don't do it. Okay...I'm out. One of the GeoGrannies left at home alone with nothing to do on a Friday night.
  15. I have a Magellan Platinum....for about two weeks. Is the info transferable to the GPS unit?
  16. I just got my premium membership and was studing my options. Can someone tell me what they use the pocket queiries for and what is the best software program to download? I am running windowsXP.
  17. I sent the email to Bob...I'm in for 20 coins
  18. How much do they cost? I would be interested...number depends on the price.
  19. Thanks for looking, Jeremy. The mail is slow between California and Washington....next time I will drive it up myself I was just hoping it would be active before I leave the country for a month mid June. I want to check out all the cool perks.
  20. a couple more weeks? Wow...that's seems like a long time. The requests must be pouring in.
  21. I sent a check over a week ago. How long does it take to set up the premium membership?
  22. Welcome! We are new as well. Had our first hunt last weekend and found 5 in San Francisco and up here where we live. Then I found two more when I had to take a trip to the coast for a dentist appointment. It is nice to have a hobby that you can do anywhere!
  23. I just submitted my first cache. I am placing a TB in it when it is approved. How do I log the bug onto the profile page??
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