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  1. I think it's typically interpreted as "slogging through rough terrain," sometimes with but typically without the aid of a blade. You could substitute the phrase "going off-trail" just as easily. I do not destroy vegetation in my search for a cache. I have had to pick my way through dense patches of thorns, circumnavigate marshes, and make difficult ascents and descents, but I tried to leave no sign of my passing there, so as to leave the challenge and thrill of the search intact for the next cacher.

  2. I've used it to stick things together (which have yet to come apart), to repair broken items of virtually all materials (ditto on the not-coming-apart), and, of especial interest to the OP, I hope, I've used it to patch holes, and I can attest that after years of exposure to the elements, said holes are still waterproof and the lexel is still unclouded.


    Ok, NOW I'm sounding like a paid endorser...(maybe I should contact the company).

  3. I ran into a geocacher family tree website and I can not find it now. You could list who got you into caching and maybe see how it went from Dave to you. I know that a large # of cachers would have to post there for it to work well but hey I did my part! Well any way I wanted to add a link on our website but I can not find it.

    Big Daddy D was the first to explain "geocaching" to me. I've logged behind you on several of his caches. I don't know how close he gets to Dave, but he's been in the game for quite a while...

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