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  1. Ignore the negativity. The 'cachers who have found your virt seem honored to have been invited to the spot you chose, as would I if ever I find myself in Arizona.
  2. I'm curious...and perhaps a mod or someone with more imagination than I can answer...what happens on Aug. 24, 2018 when a large number of the rewards go unclaimed? I can think of a dozen or so 'cachers local to me who are imminently qualified (according to the speculations for criteria used in the algorithm, which are admittedly only speculations), but those 'cachers have quit the game because, hey: life happens. I would expect that for at least one of them an unread message announcing the award of a virtual placement has been granted. I'm assuming this will happen with some frequency, as the closest new virt. to me is several hundred miles away. I am planning, though, to make a special trip for at least one new virt. If we get to the end of the 365 day limit and have only half of those new virtuals in place, do you suppose Groundspeak will "extend" the invitation?
  3. I'm just happy that we have 4,000 new pieces of gum. Thanks, Groundspeak.
  4. The pirate-themed icon is really cool, but for the idea I have to work, I would actually prefer the generic TB icon. Any way to keep it? Edit to clarify: I mean, keep it just for me...not change it back for everyone.
  5. https://coord.info/GC12PGA My found log from 11/27/2009 (following a couple of DNF's from earlier months): After getting the other three along this hike, I knew I would have to come back for this one. I came prepared this time, with a fifty-foot rope (seemed wise with the steep escarpment nearby) and a good friend. I should have thought twice before asking him to "belay me." We searched for a while, made a PAF (thanks, River), still couldn't find it, decided to give up (again), and when SweetPea's Mama declared she wouldn't be making this hike again any time soon, we re-doubled our efforts and my friend finally spotted it. We spent way too much time looking, and ended up picking along the trail slowly in the dark after nightfall, which wouldn't have been too bad except for the w-e-r-e-w-o-l-v-e-s (and gurbals).SL/TFTC! The 'cache page indicates that one should exercise caution, which I certainly did.
  6. I've got so many good memories from geocaching, including (as Viajero Perdido mentions above) some very memorable DNF's. I suppose my most memorable involved a swamp 'cache which my entire crew (consisting of SweetPea, her baby sister, her mom, and me) searched for at night. We forgot to mark our vehicle as a waypoint (BIG rookie mistake), lost our flashlight to dead batteries, and slogged our way through perilous (though appropriately-rated terrain) in the dark for a couple hours before we made our way back to the vehicle wet and muddy. It wasn't much fun at the time, but I recall it fondly now.
  7. I've climbed a couple of trees that I had no business climbing, and I enjoyed logging finds on both 'caches. I've also found two others that were WAAAAY up there but had "mechanisms" for lowering the 'caches safely down, and I enjoyed logging finds on those as well. One of my most memorable finds involved hanging from a tree which itself was hanging from a rocky outcropping several hundred feet above a river (it was rated appropriately for terrain). There have been many others that I walked away from without attempting. On some I logged DNF, and on others I posted a note reading essentially "did not attempt." Sometimes when you get to GZ you just need to exercise some common sense if you realize that the 'cache is beyond your individual limitations...and Dirty Harry always said "a man's got to know his limitations."
  8. 54, on a local power trail. Had to check my stats for that and was reminded that the most 'caches found in one day is labeled "best day," which, as referenced by the 'cachers above, is pretty subjective. Before that, I had a day with 30-ish finds which was far more memorable and enjoyable because the finds were more diverse. I always wanted to do the alien head PT, but doubt I'll ever make it that far west.
  9. If I had a quarter for every quarter I've said I lost when asked what I was looking for, I'd have a lot of quarters. That said, urban-style 'caches are not my favorite, just because of the "suspicious behavior" that often accompanies searching for them. I much prefer hiking for ammo cans in the woods. When I do search for LPC's or GRC's or park bench magnetic 'caches, etc. I just remind myself that it's uncertainty that attracts attention. If you project an air of confidence that you belong where you are and are supposed to be doing what you're doing, most folks will simply ignore you.
  10. Cordially requesting thread closure by moderator as my question has been graciously and adequately answered.
  11. We started geocaching in '09 and have deployed several in the past few years. More experienced 'cachers have sometimes noted that our hides are in close proximity to geocaches which came and went before we began the game. In one instance, I've found an archived listing for a 'cache that was very near one of ours. I'm just curious: is there an easy way to find older, now archived geocaches in our area? This is just me being nosy/curious...no drama intended (nor solicited). I have no intention of logging anything to the archived pages.
  12. You can plug the coordinates into Google and let their maps do the work, or you can download Google Earth.
  13. A non-cacher approached me a couple weekends ago and asked me what I'd lost (in the parking lot of a popular coffee shop), so I told him "a quarter." That's about as stealthy as I get. I could've given him a pamphlet or explained the game to him, but I just wanted to find the cache & move along, and I'm sure he just wanted to know what I was poking around for and then move along, so I expedited things.
  14. SweetPea&Crew


    I'd say your experience is quite common. We could not find the first six caches we looked for, until we went back later with a better understanding of how they are commonly hidden. We've since been able to locate several that we were able to retrieve without leaving the car! With experience, you'll get a sense of what to do when you make it to "ground zero" (GZ).
  15. I think it can be done. Check herefor more details.
  16. Communism, because people are exercising their free right not to speak? Uh, sure. Whatever. And yes, yes, I know. Personal attacks are not aloud. That was a rhetorical question. Retreating back into Communism here, by getting back out of the thread. Have it your way comrdade. GCB9B8 GCB9BA Don't worry. I have plenty more. If 1 go, they all should go. According to guidelines anyway.......... Those virts both have SBA notices from "SwineFIew." I'm confused; are you admitting to being that sock?
  17. Well, I lurk here more often than I post (and learn quite a bit by doing so), but having just found this one yesterday after working to solve it for the past five months, I'd like to recommend The Key to the Cryptonomicon, by TOM Creative Group in Nashville. This is an awesome puzzle cache!
  18. Hi, I just started working on the cache recently when a local cacher told me about it. Unfortunately, I am now obsessed with solving it. I will be at the computer all day since I'm stuck at work and it is slow. I would love to compare notes with you and find out where you are on the cache. Look forward to hearing from you. I've been stuck on this one for about three months now. If either of you guys would be interested in forming a long-distance "team" to combine efforts, I'd be glad to lend my input.
  19. Double-check the Difficulty/Terrain levels on the caches in the park you're going to visit. When we started caching with our then six-year-old, we made the mistake of going after some caches that required very long hikes. She was up to some of them; others, we had to turn back (or carry her). We also found out the hard way about marking a waypoint at the vehicle...
  20. I got busted by a security guard while retrieving a cache container. I nervously explained geocaching to him (he'd never heard of it), then went home and put the cache on my watch list so that I could make sure it had outlived my encounter. I think it says something about your character that you ARE distressed about the situation. Others in your situation might have criticized the CO for not tethering that stage of the multi. I suppose others in my situation might have complained that security had not been made aware of a cache placement. I guess there are those who complain, and there are those who cache conscientiously.
  21. Could someone tell me, please, who manufactured "Families who cache together stay together!"? I have a new, unactivated copy of this one which I would like to activate. Thanks! ******* never mind...I got it.
  22. The first time we logged FTF was on a cache that had a virgin logsheet when we signed. We got home to discover that another cacher had claimed the FTF on it by virtue of having found the container, but they had been unable to open it to sign the log (it was a bison tube). We let the CO make the call on it, and he decided in our favor. We were hot for a FTF back then, but our interest lately has waned. The whole FTF race thing just gets so contentious sometimes, and we cache for fun. We did, though, log FTF on one just yesterday, but that one had sat in the woods (in 90+ degree heat, at the end of a short hike) for two days unfound. We were actually surprised to find a blank logsheet.
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