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  1. Thanks all for the feedback. Trying to get out of the house in these Corona days, and I guess I'm a bit rusty
  2. Wow, how did you find that!?! Even with the lead you gave me it took me five minutes to find it! Figured out how to edit the picture and add the relevant info. Much appreciated! Thanks!
  3. I found an image I'd uploaded that is no longer associated with a log entry. Updated the others to include the GC####, but just curious. Searched for what I assume was the cache title (photo caption), but there are a couple of them and all from later than my upload.
  4. My two cents is don't disable caches. Geocaching is pretty solitary, so those who can get out are practicing social distancing. With everything closed up, I've started caching again after a fairly long hiatus. I just bring some sanitizer with me to clean up after handling a cache.
  5. Will need to use Adoption process. All that aren't Unknown in the list here: http://www.geocaching.com/track/search.aspx?o=1&uid=79b39a7d-ab10-4cb3-a34c-16faf80b58ae $10 per, or a deal for the whole bunch...
  6. Have a few coins I'd like to sell. Most all have been activated, so would need to go the adoption route... American Cacher Geocoin Caching Time Geocoin EarthCache Geocoin Landsharkz ‘09 – The Pearly Depths Geocoin Lizard Gold Decypher Geocoin Mayan Astronaut Geocoin (Copper) Mayan Astronaut Geocoin (Silver) Micro GPS Geocoin Pirate Booty - Skull and Map Dubloon Pirate Booty - Skull and Swords Dubloon Pirate Treasure Geocoin Republic of Texas Geocoin Seals of Solomon Geocoin Sextant Geocoin
  7. All I can say is Wow. Talk about the replies making the point. I typically sign the logs, but have to say the deal is about the trip and not about the numbers, at least for me. Guess it really boils down to what each cacher expects to get out of the sport...
  8. You are forgetting Sony/BMG and their rootkits... Course if you put the CD into a CD player and not a PC you'd probably be OK.
  9. I hear you, and feel your pain, man. Of the 7 coins I set out, 6 appear to have gone missing, and most didn't move at all. Not tossing any more money out the window. I'd sell the coins I've collected, if I hadn't been dumb, and activated them already
  10. I know they can be adopted or something, but is it possible to unactivate coins so they can be offered for sale like on IOffer or something?
  11. Quite often the mission is printed and with the TB/GC, but that doesn't necessarilly help.
  12. Won't do any good. The very first one I put out got grabbed. 0 miles. I emailed the cacher, who had logged that they took it and kept it, and what I got for my efforts was "ok hey, we put it in such and such a cache", and it was then never seen again. Out of the 6 I put out, 5 went missing, sooner or later, and 1 I was actually able to retreive later on in another state after I moved. I started collecting a few of them, but I kind of regret ever buying any now... Was kinda fun though, for those that did get some miles, watching their progress on the map!
  13. I enjoy doing crafts sometimes, and have left braided leather lanyards and keychains, and carved antler pendants like open spirals, fish hooks, tree-in-a-frame etc. I never thought to look for them in the logs. Maybe next time...
  14. Didn't take a photo, but a great one I still can't get over was at a McDonalds drive up window. There was a sign that read "Picture Menu Available" Is it just me, or if you can't read and NEED a picture menu, what good is the sign? Another was in Dripping Springs TX, where we found a liquor store with a sign out front "Drive up window". Doesn't that just send the wrong message?
  15. Thanks. Where do I find a link for that forum (aside from this post, of course)?
  16. Well, must just be a glitch, because after closing the browser and going back, they appear to be working properly
  17. Updated my profile today and found that the links (those I'd created as well as those in the output from the FindStatGen macro) are displaying as plain text. Anyone else experiencing this, or know of a fix?
  18. My understanding is most are travellers, while some are bought and collected (not collected from caches) and others are placed unactivated in caches with the intent to be traded. I put a note with mine to let the finder know to move them along. Unfortunately they get stolen anyway. Luck with yours
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