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  1. Thanks all got the answer I was looking for.
  2. Well, I tried that, but the results were still 50 miles. Thanks for the try.
  3. Recently, I noticed that the radius of caches displayed from your home co-ordinates was reduced from 100 miles to 50 miles. This change has made it more difficult to plan a day of caching. If I lived near a big city with lots of active geocachers, then a 50 mile circle would be sufficient, but I live out in a rural area with no major cities within 50 miles.. Currently, my 50 mile circle has 20 caches spread out in a 360 degree arc. Nearly every weekend we start by driving 50-90 miles to get started on the day's activities. Do I have any options in adjusting that range back to 100 miles on my account page? Those of us who are living in rural/isolated areas would benefit from a 100 mile range option.
  4. Started Scouting in 1957 as a bobcat, then wolf, bear, lion (yep they had lions back then), and webelos. Join the Boys Scouts in 1960. Eagle Scout class of 1966. Scoutmaster for three different troops - Charlotte NC, Tamunig Guam, and Albuquerque NM. Produced 26 Eagles including both of my sons. Currently active as VP Admin in a Texas Council. For those headed to Jambo '05 SEE YOU ON THE HILL!!!
  5. If you haven't found a match yet e-mail me. It seems my home is N33:11.424. I sholdn't have too much trouble getting to your co-ordiantes. ALOFT23
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