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  1. I recently purchased a Palm Tx and A holux GPS236. That was in March 06. At first it was really great but now for the last couple of weeks it seems that the Holux has a mind of its own. It only makes the bluetooth connection when it wants to and then frequently it stops in the middle of a search. I've taken pains to ensure that it is fully charged and have not seen the low battery indicator on for some time. Has anyone had any similiar experiences? I am using GeoNiche software on the TX. I don't think the software is a problem as the Holux frequently won't even turn the bluetooth indicator on when the unit is powered up. jack99
  2. Thank you BlueDeuce. I never would of thought to look there. jack99
  3. I have recently lost a geocoin to who knows who. How do I show it as being in an unknown location? Thanks jack99
  4. I have always had a loptop in the cachemobile. Lately due to a required update I have wi-fi abilities also. jack99
  5. Hello I am new to geocaching only have 17 so far. I introduced some of my boy scouts to geocaching on our last campout and they enjoyed the search greatly. The idea came up. Lets start our own travel bug as a result of finding one. My troop will have a group at the International Jamboree in Essex later this summer. I would like to send a bug with them for a hand off(?). They will not have the ability to locate a cache while there. If a hand off doesn't work I could mail or post the bug to a helper who is close to Essex so it can start its journey during the Jamboree and as close as possible to the Jamboree. Our Scout troop is located in Evanston, Illinois which is immediately north of Chicago. Anyone?
  6. I am new to geocache and would like to send a travel bug to UK and have it start out close to the International Scout Jamboree at Essex. Does someone in UK have the time to help out?This is a boy scout project for a boy scout troop in the US
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