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  1. FWIW, basic members can log PMO caches. See: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=331321 just saw this will give it a try soon
  2. [*]We’ve removed the Premium Member Cache key - the circle icon that indicated on the map which caches were PMO. It was only available to Premium Members, and was not well understood or used by many users.------- Who are all the people who don't use these icons ??? if you have a newer cacher or 2 or 3 kids and you don't want to pay for 2 or 3 premium membership because you don't know if they really want to do this hobby!!! i always look on the map before i go to see where the caches are, that we all can do, then when i'am by myself i'll only go for premium caches. i'am sure there is some way to keep the rouund and square icon's. i'am also sure you understand that there are times when i need a cache for the day, you are going to search for premium caches not trad. because the premium's are usually better taking care of. so please reconsider this move.
  3. i'am heading east in a week and was getting a look at the caches close by, also wanted to see the oldest and found out its impossible to do what i used to do, i saw only a fraction of caches as opposed to going on the map and going there ,there was triple amounts. why was this done?? and if i don't know the names of the oldest caches how can i find them when they don't list all the caches?? in case you don't know i'am very frustrated .
  4. Hi Roger, I paid $104.05, when I bought it in November '09. I would take $80.00 for it. Here is my email wesserman@gmail.com, if you want to contact me that way. Thanks Wes
  5. I just saw your post. I took a two month vacation to Australia in Dec. and Jan. I bought a Garmin City Navigator Aus & NZ NT, microDS/SD Card - full coverage for the Garmin Oregon 400t. Would you know anyone that would like to buy it? Thanks, Wesser26
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