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  1. OK thanks It seems like it will be do-able. It also sounds like I will need to find a place to upload my photos.
  2. It has been a couple of years since I have started a new cache. I placed a new one last night and when I went on the web I wanted to add a photo to the new site near the description. I have seen plenty of cache sites that have photos in or near the descriptions put in by the person placing the cache. However I did not see any options to do this when I placed my cache. I have looked in the Groundspeak instructions and resources and searched the forum and have not run across any instrucitons on how to do this. Any clues if this is still possible and how I can do it?
  3. I find that a walking stick has come in handy many times. Poking in the bushes listening for a "clunk" of an ammo can (works), hiking up and down hills, and moving rocks and leaves. One of the most benificial uses was taught to me by my two young sons. In the Alaska woods there are usually a lot of spider webs. Being 6'3" tall I seem to run into them all the time. My two youngest sons 10 and 12 y/o hate them and started walking around holding a stick about 2 feet in front of their face which breakes the (mostly unseen) webs around the stick instead of their head. Now I do that all the time. Went to hide a new cache last nignt and did not have the stick - cam home with quite a few strings of webs on my head and in my hair. I thought it was pretty funny that two young guys could come up with the simple solution.
  4. Here is one that a geocacher took and posted weh they found of my caches in Alaska... It is the Ashdown Forest cache on the Eagle River north of Anchorage. GCKAYV
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