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  1. Yanni is right, geocaching is not at all popular in Greece. Actually GPSr are not very popular in Greece yet, with Greek street level maps being introduced only for Garmin at the moment. Magellan has not announced any plans. It is interesting that Greece is considered Western Europe, but not included in Western Europe GPS maps.
  2. Three willing in Greece I agree with Yanni, we should arrange a brief meeting asap, and then arrange a bigger meeting/event in the summer where more people from abroad can join for a hunt!
  3. Γεια σας παιδιά, είμαι ο Δημήτρης και είμαι στη Βούλα όταν δεν ταξιδεύω. Έιχα ένα Magellan Sportrak Color το οποίο χάλασε, τώρα περιμένω καινούργιο για να αρχίσω πάλι το caching. Μπράβο Αντώνη για την πρωτοβουλία, χρειαζόταν ένα μέρος να τα λέμε.
  4. Actually, the virtual is right in the middle of the national gardens, which is open to the public and offers a good location for setting several micros which "guide" the cacher through the gardens. I was planning to place the caches at the edge of the garden furthest away from the parliament building in order to avoid any problems with security etc...
  5. cache saturation in Greece I would like to see it happen, but probably not very soon. The problem is that that park is ideal for some micros. I will follow the 161m rule, but will play with my luck and plant them 160m away and see what the approver says
  6. Well, I dont see a reason why a virtual and a normal cache cannot coexist in the same location. Anyway, I wouldnt like the owner to archive the virtual cache since it offers some historical insight to the geocachers, while mine would be scattered around the monument (not very near) and would offer a normal caching experience. I dont understand why virtuals "block" other normal caches. In my opinion they can naturally coexist...
  7. Hi, I am thinking of placing several micro caches in the centre of Athens (in the national gardens), but there is already a virtual there (Athina Kipos Virtual Cache). Is it ok to place the micro caches there? Or is it too close? Given that Greece has very few caches already, I think this is a good area to place some since it is very touristic and right in the middle of Athens. What do you guys think? Thanks Dimitris.
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