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  1. Let's see what, if anything, comes back in the coming week(s). Well in response to the above message to GS, I have just received the following short reply. What a pathetic response! "make it easier to understand"; clearly not, otherwise it would not be discussed here and over in the main forum, nor would I have written to them!!! I have now sent a second message! :mad: I can understand the sentiment, but it seems a touch aggressive to me. I think you might need to read a copy of "How to make friends and influence people"
  2. I posted this on another map thread here If you go back to Google maps mode the icons will still respond; Open the menu on the left hand side of the map page Select Set Map Preferences Select Google maps Close menu Unfortunately you can't use JRIs wonderful extension but you can always change back to leaflet mode when you want to.
  3. Thar's very magnanimous Magna .. Sorry just had to say it, I'll pick up my hat and coat on the way out
  4. If you go back to Google maps mode the icons will still respond; Open the menu on the left hand side of the map page Select Set Map Preferences Select Google maps Close menu Unfortunately you use the JRIs wonderful extension but you can always change back to leaflet mode when you want to.
  5. That looks really useful, thanks MW, it has been duly bookmarked
  6. This is a good resource for pocket query queries http://markwell.us/pq.htm
  7. One cache I saw here in the US involved what looked like a gas pipe stuck in the ground, unscrewing and removing the plug revealed the cache container which was glued inside the plug. Similarly I've found one in the (defunct) housing of a typical garden solar light. In both cases the cache container was well above ground level and the pipe and solar housing merely camouflage, albeit stuck in the ground. How is this any different to cache hidden under the cap of a fence post or a fake electrical box screwed to a wall?
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies, they have confirmed what I thought and given me food for thought. I do like Markwells site, especially the idea of using dates to keep below the 1000 cache limit. I shall be doing that for new locations. The reason I asked the question is that I'm working in Kentucky just now and given the density of caches here it is easy to go over the 1000 limit in a very small radius from "home".
  9. Pocket queries for say, 1000 caches within 50 miles of X, often return exactly 1000 caches. It's likely that there are actually more than 1000 caches within a 50 mile radius of X so so does anyone know how are the results selected. Is it on the basis of an ever increasing radius until 1000 results are found?
  10. Reading post 6 it all appears to be ascents, can we start at the other end and do it downhill? Yes, Yes I know, I'll get m'coat on the way out
  11. I have no dogs but could I enter my Dragon, she's fairly well trained and doesn't bite ... often
  12. At the risk of showing my ignorance what is YSM500?
  13. I don't think you need to unzip the PQ files, I just drag them onto the GSAK and it does all the work.
  14. To be fair, they are both data recording devices
  15. I would rather roll naked in a bed of nettles than have another brush with poison ivy. I was working in Kentucky last year and must have been in contact with some poison ivy when bushwacking to a cache. It didn't help that I didn't recognise the symptoms and only worked out what it was after a few days and a bit of internet research. The rash is caused by an oily extract from the plant and spreads if not washed off with an alcohol rub or something similar. I didn't know this and soon my delicate skin was covered in an unsightly rash and blisters. And the itching was nothing like I have ever experienced before. Once I worked out what it was I tried a few off the shelf creams but it wasn't until I got a steroid cream that I found some relief. Do any of our US cousins have reccomendations for treating a poison ivy attack? I'll be back out in KY in a few weeks time but this time I will not be bushwacking in shorts and a short sleeve shirt.
  16. Try contacting local cachers or caching group to see if you could borrow a GPSr, many people have more than one. Do as much preparation as you can before leaving the UK. Make sure you look up all the caches that you could possibly visit and print off the details. Don't forget that most French cache pages will only be written in French so if you don't understand the lingo get it translated before you go. It'll be no good looking at the screen of a GPSr (or idevice) if you don't understand a word of the description, hint etc . Have a great holiday. Jaloux? moi? Jamais!
  17. It might be that the pylon is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, apart from the pylons that is . The pylon in question would then be just the support/hiding place for the cache. SJ
  18. I know where it is, you can't fool me! the TB page says it is in the hands of the owner, so just 'fess up and face the music
  19. This script will install all the Google maps (hybrid, satellite and terrain) to a GC maps page. Caches show up with clickable links just as before. Unfortunately it seems to clash with Jiris OS map enhancment. The option to change maps is lost when the two are loaded together.
  20. Your link takes me to a RapidShare login page, do I need to set up an account to download the script?
  21. Cache saturation in the UK? it's not even close. Pull up a click here and take a look at Louisville, Kentucky and think yourself lucky Having said that, there are some lovely caches on the trails outside the city, but generally it seems to be all about the numbers.
  22. dadgum whingers, whinging about people whinging. I bet someone will be along soon whinging about how the game has changed since they were nobbut a lad, getting up in the morning before they went to bed, wearing nothing but a pair of grandfathers old shorts and a string vest and shod in hob nailed boots 3 sizes too large with no laces and half the nails missing, hiking 50 miles over hill and dale before breakfast to find an exquisitely placed ammo box containing a log the size of the Doomsday book and a sharp pencil. Aye them were the days, when caching was fresh and a cacher had time to fill out the log in copperplate script before striding out to the next cache 25 miles away at the top of a glacier. My how we had fun, not like the kids these days with their silly little nanos and magnetic key safes placed 250 yards apart with a well worn geoachers trail in between to lead them from cache to cache hunched over the latest and greatest paperless GPS, compiling when they are not led right to the gz and have to spend more than 5 minutes searching for yet another inconsequential find stuck to the bottom of a dogpoo bin. I tell you Arbuthnot nostalgia just ain't what it used to be.
  23. Eek. Is that your new Halloween blood orange or something? I did a challenge today ... but it was my own one Needed something to keep the kids occupied, and an hour and a half chasing coloured signposts did the trick very nicely. Not going to log it as accepted/completed, though, so apart from that it's just the one challenge completed (when they first came out) in my case. Going back 2 or 3 years, it was fairly common for people to change their forum avatars for Hallowe'en and/or Christmas. Hence MrB created our Bloody Blorenge. I'm sure you could make your cat spooky for a few days. Challenges? I've resisted so far, taking a photo of me standing beside "insert object here" is hardly a challenge. Except for the camera
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