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  1. Do you have the "iGo My way" software package? Can you use that to render your points to the *.trk file format? If so, you can convert that to *.gpx with gpsbabel. I do not have the software package, and can only find it available for iphone. Do you have it? Could you convert it for me?
  2. Backup of my MIO C320 creates an "Igo .DB" file. I have tried every program I can find to convert this file to a .gpx, or anything compatible with google earth. Please Help!
  3. I heard of one geocaching incident that ended in death, I think it was heat related. Also, the owner of This cache busted his ankle while placing it.
  4. I'm not old enough to drive yet so I've been know to do some dumb things to get to a cache. Once I walked six miles from a bus stop along a busy road on a late winter night while it was snowing heavily. I had packed everything I would need, or so I thought. Got to the giant hollow, thick with trees and bushes, time to get the flashlight, but wait, oh no...forgot to pack that!!! Oh well I'll just call my mom to come pick me up, cell phone battery dead, but I'm a ham operator so I pulled out the radio to make an autopatch call, what are the chances, I wasn't able to get the first two letters of my callsign off before the radio flickered and died. I sat down on a curb in frustration, downed a pepsi, and began the six mile walk back to the bus stop, past 10:00. Finally made it home just before one, after a long wait at the bus stop, and a slow drive home, on a bus with an insane driver.
  5. Anyone ever been seriously injured, or found themselves in a very bad situation while caching? Let's hear about it!
  6. Excellent Idea, like you said, it sure would be very useful for incomplete series caches. I hope this feature will become available soon! -ETREX 700
  7. There are a few features I would like to see on Geocaching.com. On your "my cache page", it shows how many logs you have in the system, but I would like to see how many notes I have posted, how many finds I have posted, how many couldn't finds I've posted E.T.C. I would also like to see a similar hit meter on cache pages.
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