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  1. Sadly the official Install Link (https://www.urwigo.cz/?page_id=6 and then Install) gave me a 404 today (Btw the HTTPS Certificate expired on 11th June). I was able to obtain the Installer from Archive.org, but that is not a very good solution in my opinion. I Hope That the official Link will work again some day. @yourself will you fix the Download (and Certificate) or is Urwigo already discontinued?
  2. Yes, the east to west thing happens to me almost in every Waymark i create, because i often write a bit, save it and see something wrong on the Review page and have to re-edit it. The Coordinates resetting to 00.0000 has started to happen recently (though i only started Waymarking not long ago and don't have that much experience yet).
  3. Yes, i also recieved the same Acceptance confirmation mail 6(!) times the 30th May. The E-Mail Timestamps say the mails were sent from 09:09:75 to 09:10:20 (UTC -7).
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