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  1. You might be a geocaher if: The Easter Egg Hunt at your house involves your kids putting on coats over thier PJs, hiking boots and a GPS unit. LOL Come on think one up and list here.
  2. Yes it is in Oakwood Cemetery how did you know that ? The High point part I am not sure about.
  3. DUH Yea the coords are N40 47.953 W82 59 111 It is located in Bucyrus Ohio the county seat of Crawford County. I am going to check out those other PIDs you posted.
  4. I found a Meridian marker in central Ohio only it does not line up with any major Meridian lines on any maps I am thinking that it was placed as "BENCHMARK" to help lay out the nearby town. This marker doesn't appear on any maps, nor is it listed in local history books and it is not in the Benchmark data base in Geocaching. Does anyone have information these things if so please reply. It is a White Marble post six feet high one foot by one foot square. It has an inscription that says "TRUE MERIDIAN" it has a brass plate covering what appears to be a device that folds out of the post. I am unable to post a photo of this object.
  5. This may sound silly, but does anyone know what a Metal Rod Bench Mark looks like. I think I found one but I am not sure. There are many listed in my area, zip code 44146. Check out MB1804. If you can help me please reply.
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