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  1. Hello


    NEOGEO land is Northeast Ohio Geocachers an infomal group of cachers who live or cache in where else but North East Ohio. We have a fellow cacher named Timeage who's dogs name is Magellan, he has attended several cacheing events and been on many cache hunts (The dog not the cacher).


    Timeage and Magellan need your help, could you please help him in being elected Top Dog in an on line contest. The Lake Erie Monsters is a AHL hockey team here in Cleveland and Magellan is in their Top Dog contest. If Magellan wins he will get to be the poster dog for next years contest and he will get to drop the puck at the March 22 Lake Erie Monsters Hockey Game a game that is having a bring your dog to the game night.


    Go to this link and vote for Magellan please!




    You can only vote once per computer so we are calling out for help to our the world wide caching family.





    Team RAGAR

    Bedford Ohio

    Here is the link to a local thread about it, please help us in this effort.

  2. As a cadastral mark, it is significant in terms of delineating land ownership. It is, however, not a geodetic mark in that it has apparently not been occupied for an accurate height determination (vertical control mark/benchmark) nor an accurate horizontal geodetic position (horizontal control mark). Cadastral versus geodetic...two different things, two different purposes.



  3. http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WM4ZRR


    Here is a link to the Waymark for an Historic Boundary Marker.


    This stone marker was placed circa 1785 and marks the northwest corner of the Seven Ranges.


    It also marks the three corners of Ohio's Carol, Stark and Tuscarawas Counties.


    I am pretty sure that it is not listed as a benchmark anywhere and I was wondering if anyone could explain to me why it is not benchmark. It seems to be a pretty significant survey marker marker for this area.

  4. I opened up my April 2008 Backpacker Magazine and found an article on page 44 talking about a poll they took on this question. The article refers to us as a "passionate hiking subculture" and has a photo of a cache near Pittsburgh, a big ammo can, calling it a typical stash. When I saw this I thought from what I understand, for pittsburgh that is very very true. I couldn't find the article on line using their web site http://www.backpacker.com so I couldn't post a link to it.


    42% YES - Saying among other things that CITO is nothing more than a Public Relations Ploy used so land managers overlook our clear cut violations of Leave No Trace principals.


    58% NO - Saying among other things that CITO is a strongly promoted and that a well maintained geocache does nothing more than encourage visits to certain place.



    Learn more about Leave No Trace at http://lnt.org/

  5. I've been asked by our local council to set up geocaches within our scout camp. I don't believe these will be published on GC, but the concepts will be used. Most importantly its a step in the right direction.


    I agree this is the way to go. I know of one public cache on BSA property but it is difficult to get to it because of access restrictions. Better that it be a private cache for the camp's educational program.


    For a one day program I have set up a couple caches on the web site, but not released them for approval, printed out the page, then archived the listing. The scouts have an official looking page to use, but it is not a live cache with maintenance or access issues.


    Cleveland Ohio


    I am the Chairman so to speak of the Greater Cleveland Council BSA Beaucaching Committee. We maintain four caches at our council camp Beaumont Scout Reservation. These are of course not published on GC.com. We relocate three traditional caches every year and maintain one seven stage multi cache called the swamp romp. The cache information is provided to scouts in a pamlet I made up in a publisher program. We were able to get Magellan to donate 23 GPSr units to the council, they are availble to our scout units in a loan program. There is also a patch and tshirt they can earn by finding the camps caches.


    We do have a few caches listed on GC.com, a cache called "Latimer" it is located on the very edge of our camp property and is a full sized container. It is a cache and dash, but Scouts who are GC cachers can claim more than one find on Latimer a find for every Beaucache they find. We also have a cache at our downtown GCC HQ called "Character Counts".


    We have a great program and have introduce the sport to many young scouts.


    What else should I keep in my purse..I mean Cache Bag?


    Okay it's called a Man Purse :laughing: for starters mine is a Fanny Pack and this is what I carry in it.


    Mechanics extention mirror. (Thats a mirror on stick)

    Tick Spoon



    Neopreen Gloves

    Extra Pens (Because I always leave them in the car)

    Several Micro Log Books sealed in tiny Ziplocks (For Cache First Aid)

    Forceps (Is that how you spell it.)

    My Sig Coins


    Water Bottle

    Mace (To ward off a dog or person attack.)( :anibad: Spray down wind only! :anibad: )

    Head Lamp

    Mini Mag light

    Extra AA Bateries

    Muggle Cards (Business Cards with info about Geocaching.)

    Swag / Travel Bugs


    I thinks that about covers it.


    Hope this info helps you out.

  7. Thanks for the information on their value, however I plan to activate them and allow others to discover them at events and such. I will try USA geocoins and then in a last ditch effort I will see if ground speak can help me.

  8. :rolleyes:



    :blink: Help I can't figure out how to activate my very old USA Geocoins. :D


    I looked through the FAQ and did not see this topic addressed.


    I have a 2004 and a 2005 USA geocoins, when I bought these they came with activation codes.


    I have since lost the codes and I am unable to activate them. What should I do???


    I tried the activation link provided by USA Geocoins but it doesn't reconize the numbers. Both coins have five digit numbers and came out before the coin craze.

  9. I have noticed that same thing, sometimes even days after my log entries. I am just guessing but I would say that due to the size of Web page and its systems it just takes awhile for the web page to do its thing and reconize our finds on the maps.

  10. Our team has two serious cachers, that would be me and my dog Gus. My wife is good for about one or two caches and then she is done. My daughter Catie who is 1 1/2 has been with me the more than any other human team member. other team members have been my Dad, both my Brothers, my Mom, my friend Eric. There is a lot of "I" in Team RAGAR.


    It didn't start out that way but it has sort of ended up that way. This trend I hope will end when Catie is old enough to enjoy finding caches in the woods and trading swag. Until then she is my padawin learner so to speak.

  11. :) This has most likley been asked before but.... Here it goes.


    I understand that the PID is a two letter and four number identifier.


    How come these PID aren't stamped on the survey disk. The ones I have found are stamped with a letter number combo that is referenced on the page as a "designation".


    Can anyone explain this maddness to me?

  12. :) I was wondering if there are any in print publications that would explain the history of the National Geodetic Survey? Something that would cover the topic of the markers that we so eagerly seek out would be great. I have searched on line and anything I can come up with are out of print and unable to obtain.
  13. How many caches should one guy place? In my area one guy seems to be all over the place, which is is cool. But what can I do when HIS caches get plunderd and it takes him forever to maintain it or take it offline? I have hunted several of these caches and logged DNF's and noted several others teams have as well. The cahes them selves never seem to be maintained after the initial hide. I'm beginning to get agrivated and I know this is not what this sport is about. Any advise?????



    Here at TEAM RAGAR HQ we feel that it is better to maintain a small number of high quality caches rather than a high number of cache & dashes. We enjoy being very creative in out hides and watching hunters seek out those caches. We have just as any area does those cachers who are forever hiding but never maintaining. We have hiders who hide caches more thirty or fourty miles away from there home in all four directions. We have a cacher who really doesn't even average his hide coords. The best thing is to know your cache hiders and use that to judge whether or not you want to seek his or her cache. We like the game very much and like that it is played with very few rules.


    All of these problems are just the nature of the game and you have to remember it is just a game! This is a concept that many cachers have a hard time understanding.

  14. Have any of you been introduced to the sport by accidentally finding a cache?

    Fall of 2002 my wife and I are hiking on the Buckeye Trail located inside the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. I notice a two foot high sign with NPS letter head about 60 feet off the trail. HMMMM what the heck is that way out there??? Well it is a notice from the NPS to any cache hunters saying the Geocache in this area has been removed and that it is a violation of park rules. GEOCACHING what the heck is GEOCACHING. Asked a ranger who was patrolling the trail and he did not know or did he and he was just playing dumb. Looked it up on the internet and wife bought me a GPS in May 2004 as a Birthday gift. Been hooked on the caching ever since. So I would like to thank the National Park Service for promoting the Geocaching hobby I cache because of them. Thanks NPS!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Was searching for a cache and walked up on bright white deer bones all intact just sittin there. Another time while searching for a micro I came up on a rubermaid box just sittin out in the open. HMMMM this can't be the cache can it? It was full of PORN MAGS so being a good cacher I CITO the entire box into a nearby dumpster. Anybody ever hear of any cachers finding a dead body? I think it just a matter of time before some cacher somewhere stumbles onto one.

  16. Nobody will ever question you when you wear a reflective orange vest!


    A Funny Example

    This is my plan for retrieving two BM on a railroad bridge that goes over a road. The bridge is at the mouth of a railroad yard and it is full of railroad workers.


    White hard hat

    orange vest

    clip board


    In and out with out doubt.


    If you look like you know what your doing, no one will think twice about you.


    At least thats the plan.

  17. Never by the "PO PO" .


    But I did get confronted by a Walmart manager for searching a light pole. I did not see the picnic table full of Walmart workers watching while retrieved and signed a micro log. Told him I was tying my shoe and then wife pulled up in the get a way car.


    HA HA HA we laughed all the way out of the lot.

  18. :rolleyes: While searching for the Music Mound Cache (A MICRO) in Berea, Ohio. I found a Cache of Adult Books and Magazines. :blink: This is why at age 36 I don't consider myself an adult.


    You know I don't go to Adult stores, read Adult Books or watch Adult movies.


    Oh the Adult cache was dumped in a near by dumpster.

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