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  1. Sorry to say this but I´m really annoyed by recaptcha. Every time I have to "play" that game 7, 8, 9 or more times before recaptcha accepts the input though all pictures with bus or sign or car are ticked correctly. That doesn't make sense. The other systems like certitudes.org or geocheck.org or geochecker.com are working perfectly. Please get rid of recaptcha. Edit 09/06/18: It's a problem with Firefox, it doesn't work with Opera either. The only browser not producing this fault is Internet Explorer, but I'm not gonna use this spying browser from MS.
  2. We DO care about our (old) logs too and want to have back the old way of formatting with HTML. MarkDown is insufficient and the implementation of that junk was the biggest foolishness GS ever did. At least GS could have started a survey and asking their members what they want - GS is living by its members, don't forget that issue. Thanks GS - great job
  3. Generally spoken: good work, but we still miss a few things that have been there before: the section on the my account page showing the inventory (trackables) doesn't remind us any longer if we have a TB or coin in possession for more than 14 days. This was a pretty good feature to overview which trackables have to be dropped first. reloading the whole page when decrypting hints is rather disturbing, please return to the "old" way (issue has been posted by others, I know ) right-clicking on picture links (for example spoiler pics below description) results in loading the picture as overlay instead of opening the menu for saving, copying, printing etc. So at this time right-click and left-click on this link has the same effect: opening the picture in the picture gallery a left-click on a picture which has been uploaded by cache owner (and only by owner; pictures from those who logged the cache are not affected) results in reloading the cache description instead of opening this picture regards from Germany Blinky Bill (Marco) BTW, using Mozilla Firefox 3.0 (if some of the issues should be related to this browser only)
  4. I suggest to remove Wherigo-caches from the geocaching platform. These caches request either the use of a pocket pc or the use of a new GPS. First let me remember that you have added following statement to the guidelines (http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx) yourself: Well, imho a pocket PC is not a GPS. Secondly lots of users are not glad to be forced to buy new equipment, i.e. buying a new GPS (named Colorado) - I am not willing to buy another GPS unit as I'm still satisfied with the one I have already - just for taking part in a new variant of geocaching. Perhaps a few want to, but I believe this does not qualify Wherigo-Caches to be listed within the common platform on geocaching.com. A much better place for these caches is the aparted Wherigo.com database - you already aparted locationless and virtual caches to Waymarking.com so why not applying the same strategy to Wherigo caches. If these caches remain on geocaching.com it should be the best to implement additional features referring the ignore lists for premium members. If Wherigo caches increase in number I will set them on my ignore list. Great additional options would be following: -- select cache type you want to ignore (Wherigo-caches, mysteries or whatever) -- select cache size you want wo ignore (micro, small etc.) -- enter name of user you want to ignore completely regards Marco
  5. Thanks a lot, Bob. These links are very helpful. Already transfered the map to my Garmin and it works perfectly. Happy caching Marco
  6. Hello folks, does anyone know if there are customized maps of Cyprus available that can be uploaded into Garmin units? Some information or links would be appreciated - thanks in advance Greetings from Germany Marco
  7. Yes you're right. The gnomes are doing a good job. Used those maps for a long time. For Garmin users there's an alternative: Belgie Topo Garmin Just ask the donkeys. Marco
  8. Having the same problems here in Europe. Searching for caches by country (doesn't matter if logged in or not) does not reveal any results. Tried several country searches. Hope it'll be fixed soon. Marco Blinky Bill
  9. Got the same problem with a Tb which is in the US now. stlthy1 took it out of cache in November 2002 and our bug is still in his hands. No reply to our mail attempt at all. Generally I'd suggest to keep a bug for a month approx. unless the owner is asked if the bug may stay for longer. It's really disappointing to see bugs rotten in the hands of people who are obvious no longer interestes in caching. Hope we'll see our Blinky Bill back on the track soon!! Kind regards Marco & Kerstin (Germany)
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