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  1. Wondering where my TB, or one I'm watching, is. Logs such as, "This cache is packed full of trackables, so I decided to take a couple and leave one behind." are maddening. My TB still appears in the inventory, but current logs indicate that there are no TBs in the cache. The simple fix is to mention every TB you put into or take out of a cache. It leaves a nice audit trail!
  2. I say, "Leave things as they are!" There are enough worthless caches out there already. And by worthless I mean that the only thing they're good for is adding to one's "Found it" counter. If the saturation rule is changed as suggested, I dare say that pretty soon the "number crunchers" would see to it that we had a "Forever" cache hidden at half the lamp posts in every Wal*Mart parking lot, despite the fact that one such cache is already one too many.
  3. I suggest that a "Remember Me" option be made available on the Geocaching.com home page. This would facilitate the Sign In process.
  4. So, the number of watchers is not all that meaningful, because if a cache is on a bookmark list, it's not counted as watched. Still, as a cache and trackable items owner, I'd be interested in knowing who is so interested in my caches and trackable items that they "flag" them. Here's my suggestion: Just as the owner is notified when a log is posted for his/her cache or trackable item, the owner could be notified when his/her cache or trackable item is placed on a watch list or bookmark list. No link to a list of watchers/bookmarkers would be necessary. The onus would be on the owner of the cache/trackable item to keep/update his own list based on the notifications received. Simple!
  5. I recently inquired at Groundspeak about the possibility of notifying the cache owner when someone puts a watch on their cache. I was told that this was not done due to privacy issues. I don't understand how doing so would affect privacy any more than the notifications we now receive. Currently, cache owners are notified by e-mail if someone adds a log (Found it, Didn't find it, Write note) to their cache page, and owners of trackable items are notified when someone grabs or stashes the item. Sending an e-mail to the owner when someone adds/removes a "watch" on a cache or trackable item is a logical extension of the current notices and would be a great addition to the geocaching web site. Having to post a note on the cache page to solicit an e-mail from "anyone who might be watching" is a hokey way to find out who's watching, and would just result in a lot of superfluous e-mail traffic. Suppose there are four (known) people watching, and a fifth (unknown) starts watching. You then post another "who's watching" note on your cache page, and that note would be sent to six people (you, plus the five watchers). The four known watches would get an extraneous e-mail! Now, add a sixth unknown watcher. You then post another "who's watching" note on the cache page, and seven e-mails sent, with the five known watchers getting an extraneous "who's watching" e-mail. If someone adds or removes a "watch" for a cache or trackable item, it would be so much simpler and better to send the owner one e-mail; for example, "Team XYZ is watching your such-and-such cache (TB whatever)." or, "Team XYZ is no longer watching your such-and-such cache (TB whatever)." There's no harm done privacy-wise. and it would preclude having to post "who's watching" notes on a cache page. From personal experience, I discovered that a cacher who lives close to one of our caches was watching it, and grabbed all the geocoins that were stashed there, but didn't leave a log entry that he'd taken them. I became concerned that the cache had been muggled! Perhaps if cachers knew that the cache owner knew about their "watch" on a cache, they'd be less apt to get "piggy" about grabbing trackables. Please consider the above for a future enhancement to the geocaching web site. But whatever you do, please don't remove the "watching" count from the cache page.
  6. Recent (on/about 9/28/06) changes at MapQuest have resulted in my inability to view the interactive MapQuest maps. Clicking on the map displayed on 9 out of 10 cache pages (in my case) resulted in the usual display of the separate MapQuest page, but the map itself was nothing but white space. The same problem occurs when using either Internet Explorer or Netscape.
  7. What's the best size for a photo when posting it on Geocaching.com? We use a 5 Megapixel camera. We can cut them down to 620 x 480, but that's too small, and a lot of detail is lost, but 2048 x 1536 is way too big. What's the happy medium?
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