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  1. comes with box,cable,manual 75.00 i live in Stafford,Texas (twhitten2008@comcast.net) have photos
  2. looking to buy a garmin 60c or 60cs gps unit for my granddaughter,she is just starting out,please if you have one,be in great shape with usb cable and manual.thanks. tommy
  3. The unit as been sold, thanks Turner 774 (ralph),and to all that had ??'s texas1
  4. Like new got it for Christmas,comes with box,usb cable,manual 64 card,clip ,city nav.north america 7 burned on cd with lnlock code.trip & waypoint manager.just don't need all the bells & whistles.$410.00 shipped in the u.s. i do have photo's if interested in it. thanks texas1
  5. Got Mine,took awhile but i got it,had to call Garmin and rebate company. texas1
  6. looking to buy a used in great condition 60c gps for another one of my granddaughter's.i can buy a new 60cs for 269.00, don't want to pay that much.thanks for any help or info.on where to get one. texas1
  7. I very interested,can you send photo's? does it come with usb cable,is it in great shape? texas1 I do, for $175.00, I want to upgrade to the CSX. Let me know if you'd like it, thanks, Gary
  8. want to sell,my granddaughter wants one.thanks texas1
  9. less then a year old in great shape,comes with case,box,manual,trip & waypoint manager,car dash mount & 64mb card, have photo's if interested. $140.00 shipped in the u.s. texas1
  10. Ok ,it's not for trade or sell,i got this bad boy going,Not bad,thanks for all the inquring about this gps. texas1
  11. Don't like it going to have to stick with Garmins,It is just like new no marks or dents anywhere on it.It comes with all cables and charger, manual, and software,box. Would like to trade for Garmin 60c has to be color with all cables and in the same shape as my 500.I have photo's if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking. texas1
  12. I need some ?'s answered,First ? can i just start downing waypoints to the 500 from GSAK or do i have to run the Installation Wizard.Second ? What is the Installation Wizard and what does it do? Third ? i got a Mapsend Software with it too, I tell you my Garmin 60CSX is not like this.Thanks for the help. texas1
  13. to get the updates (firmware) for the Explorist 500? I have been to the site but can't find where to go. thanks for any. info. texas1
  14. Am getting a explorist 500,and i have a garmin 60csx,legend cx,and a 60, Can i use the the explorist 500 with the same GSAK when sending waypoints to the GPS? Thanks texas1
  15. I got my Garmin 60cxs for christmas as a gift from a family member,got a tracking # and notice from garmin that the rebate was denined because of no receipt,all other documantion was send in.The family member that bought it has since moved over sea's, know way to get in touch with him. Is there anything i can do or will i have to just eat it? you would think that since i register it with garmin and fill out all paper work ,and send in the bar code of of box that they would most likely know that it was bought from them .Thanks for any info. on this matter. texas1
  16. easy share dx 7590 5.0 mega pixels 10x zoom, works great. trade for a Garmin color gps,a magellan explorist 500 le,or make me an offer on the kodak. texas1
  17. i want to remove some and add other's.thanks for all the help. texas1
  18. 60csx for christmas.i got a 64mb card with the 60,i also have city nav.v7.my ? is ,can i put the card in the legend cx and put what i want on the card and then use it in the 60 cxs? I have used the 2 unlock codes or whatever they or called on the legend cx and something else i can remember what. thanks texas1
  19. do i have to caibrate the compass in order to use it effectively? thanks texas1
  20. I got a new 60csx & granddaughter got a new 60c,hope everyone has a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. texas1
  21. gps units for christmas.I got the garmin 60csx and my grandkid got a 60c. what i would like is for some of you guys that know how to set them up for mostly geocaching,please shoot me a email on step by step if possible on what to do,no hurry i want everyone to have happy christmas.thanks for any help, info.One ? if you could answer now,on the 60cxs do you use the electronic compass on or off when geocaching? texas1
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