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  1. Add me to the wishful thinking queue. I thought I'd read that the new hosting laws would not be backdated? But they have, in a seemingly random manner. Like others on here, I've been hosting images and other files on my own website since 2010. I had fears about the Jan2020 release, but on checking quite a few of my puzzles, whatever I'd done to the images had stayed intact. The recent removal of the image proxies, without notice. (I get global emails telling me what souvenirs I can collect, so why not tell everyone the image hosting rules are changing, again.) I now have 200+ puzzles to redo. On my caches, the line seems to stop on 22May2014. I had 2 caches published that day, one of them still has the image proxy, and on the other it has been removed. No sense to it at all.
  2. I'm the Volunteer Geocaching Advisor for Somerset Wildlife Trust(SWT), and the Avalon Marshes, and the caches were placed under the guidance of the Reserve Manager, as he walked round with me. SWT like the idea of getting extra people on the reserve, and as you've seen by looking at the logs, it gets very good reviews. Maybe a birder doesn't want cachers there, but you'd think they'd have the decency to let the Reserve Manager know first, even if they're ignoring me. I still think it could be personal, as I've had 3 others go missing recently, all less than a week after being placed or replaced, and still have some to check closer to home which have been reported missing. I'm currently in permanent maintenance mode
  3. One was placed in a bird hide, and I'd screwed a piece of board between two joists to hide the cache. They have also unscrewed the piece of wood and taken it away, so don't think it's one of the free app brigade.
  4. Would the person who has an issue with me and my caches, and who has now stolen at least 15 of them, please grow a pair and get in touch with me directly so we can work out the issue? Kind regards SBs
  5. Have raised a ticket. Let's see what happens
  6. And me. Using Chrome. Has anyone reported to HQ?
  7. We have issues in Dorset with a good many caches going missing, all PMOs, and the same 2 names appear in the audit trail, just before they go missing. One of these names has been a premium member for 6 years, but has not found a single cache. The other name has been appearing more recently, and again, a premium member with no finds until there were some backdated finds last week. Logs on those finds were checked for a signature against that name, and there were none. I saw earlier in this topic that a cache stealer was caught, can anyone let me know how?
  8. Hints? Don't use them and only rarely give them. Removing them totally would stop this argument!
  9. I see the multi logs from the unvalidated account intro app users quite often, it that a glitch or something? Sure is! It's known as the "user-error glitch." I'm aware of a few other free apps, but the unvalidated account thing and multi logs seem to me to be limited to the intro app. It may just be a newbie kind of thing, seems the ones I have encountered only have a few finds and disappear. Ah, now I see why I'm getting multiple logs. I couldn't understand what was happening.
  10. One half of the Stoke Bunnies moving to Doha for at least the next 2 years, looking forward to finding a few more. How do the Qataris see geocaching?
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