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  1. The viewer cannot be downloaded from the new profile page. You have to select the old profile page view to see the link - Groundspeak need to fix this
  2. Strangely we received one of these along with a coin that we purchased so are now proud owners of #346 (yellow and green). Long may the mystery continue []
  3. When paying via credit card in the UK there are no transaction fees for paying in dollars - simply a conversion rate from dollars to pounds. I understand the additional VAT cost but as others have said the VAT rate varies across Europe.
  4. The plan is to have camping available from the Monday night prior to the event right up to the event weekend itself. More information soon as we are in the process of finalising details. This way people can come straight to us from Piratemania
  5. I fully agree regarding the grouping of TBs, particularly as I am managing a race at the moment. The ability to group these (via perhaps a bookmark) and then display all bookmarked TBs on the same web page, along with current location and total visits/miles would be brilliant, also allowing order by options e.g. name, mileage ;-)
  6. Sometimes the GPS does not see the file as "changed" and therefore does not reload the waypoints. If the .gpx file shows up in the /Garmin/GPX folder already, delete it, eject and restart the unit them re-connect it, recopy the .gpx file, eject again and restart again. As it restarts it should indicate that it is updating its waypoints.
  7. I updated my Oregon 550t to version 4.8 (released 19th August 2011) this morning before heading out Geocaching. Unfortunately this resulted in the loss of my geocache icons from the map display on my OS 1:25K map, although I could still select and navigate to them. Once I set the map detail to "LEAST" they reappeared but only when zoomed out a little. I tried all options but could not get them to display correctly on anything other than the Topo map. Now back at home I have reverted the software to version 4.5 and all is back to normal. A word of warning therefore...
  8. Many thanks - sorted. I did change the email address and messages were then coming through. Changed back to my hotmail address and messages once again stopped. I then found that somehow the geocache email address had been added to by "blocked" list so I deleted it and added it to the "allow" list and then re-validated my email address. Hey presto, everything works. Thanks for your suggestion.......
  9. Has anybody else had this problem? I have received no owner notifications for the last week or so although my caches continue to be found daily? I have recently renewed my membership and under the "email" options there is nothing related to member notifications so I don't know if this is a general problem or how to re-enable them Can somebody advise...... Saza36
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