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  1. wow, they must be REALLY bored as to closing the thread, i doubt that the person is reading any of the forums, but if they are it would be a good idea, of course we will probably never know RTB
  2. one time i found an old wet newspaper in a cache. wtf? i don't think there are many people out there that collect old wet newspapers. the reason i started geocaching was because i thought i would be able to find cool stuff, after a few caches i realized i liked "the hunt" better than the junk i could find.
  3. army surplus store (Andy and Bax is my local army surplus store)
  4. approaching the area from different directions helps a lot when accuracy and reception are poor. it sucks when you think you are looking in the right area, and all the sudden your gps says its 300 feet the other way. you should try this method if you haven't already.
  5. haha you got an FTF(first to find) on your first cache! lucky...
  6. ive seen rabbits before. now your probably saying "rabbits are harmless", not true my friend. HAVE YOU SEEN MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL?? i was fearful for my life
  7. Thats exactly what i thought of when i read your story! A funny cache would be to cover a hillside with flamingos and then people would have to figure out wich flamingo the container is. Make there be 100 flamingos. thatd be hilarious. I have an awesome idea for a cache, that the word hillbillly made me think of. i cant tell anyone though. one word:banjo reythebear
  8. i just started posting a few days ago! been geocaching for almost a year now, and have been a lurker for pretty much that whole time. finally decided i should start sharing my opinion.
  9. GCGZ9W Are You The One? #09 - The Gatekeepers was located at an old haunted tavern in Portland Oregon. My mom used to tell me that the tavern was haunted when i was little. it was cool to see a cache placed there, and it be listed on the web as a haunted site.
  10. i stumbled upon this topic while looking for any info that might help me solve some of the impossible puzzles near me. i am clueless as to what i am supposed to look for in cache descriptions. when a cache says :the cache is no at the above corrdinates and then tells a story or poem, i know i have to decipher the description to find the coords but i dont know how. any hints on what to look for in these types of caches would be greatly appreciated! reythebear
  11. I'm special too! that sounds like an awesome idea. I have spent days of my life gaming. GBA, PS2, XBOX, PC, you name it i've gamed it!
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