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  1. WiFi hotspot caches have become pretty popular around here... logging on location is fun. As far as actual wardriving I never have... I have walked around looking for open networks, but haven't mapped them. I've found Real Estate offices are some of the best places to try. As far as legality goes it would sure be hard to police every wireless router that was left open by un-informed owners... the real crime is those who would hack locked networks


    here in portland there is a non-profit that provides businesses with wireless internet as long as they let the public use it for free. it seems like everywhere i go there is free wi-fi. i dont know if this is happening in other cities, but free wi-fi is becoming really popular here.

  2. i just got a premmy though paypal and the verification code was on my paypal account. if i'd figured this out it would taken a couple seconds. they didnt even send an email.

  3. in the mountains: kona%20coiler%2005.jpg


    in the city (until i get a road bike)1039149368_Mvc-003f.jpg


    otherwise its a white jeep grand cherokee, and i see like a million of those a day, so i doubt you'd recognize me.


    if you are ever in porltand, and see someone flying down the street while looking at a gps and cache sheet, its prolly me.

  4. the only day i would be able to go would be the 15th, because its my sweet grandmother's birthday the 16th. is there anything going on during the day on the 15th? i probably won't make it this year. next year fo sho!

  5. Those elf lands and their beautiful overgrown woods. What a gorgeous place to hide a cache. Is it bad that I am thinking- I could put a character out in the middle of the computer forest and trade like health potions or deviate delight and you could only log the find if you tell what color my hat is!

    that would be the coolest cache EVER. there are some good ideas in this thread, someone should try one. if there was an in-game cache, what type would you post it as? locationless? or would geocaching.com have to make a new cache type?



  6. i reccommend emailing the owner of the cache that is near your house and asking them if they wouldn't mind you virtually logging a few tb's in their cache. i dont see why they would care too much.

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