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  1. BTW there is a cache in this area that is designated a "night cache", which can only be done at night, and requires that the cacher bring a flashlight. The coordinates point to the starting point, at the edge of a maze of trails; you shine your flashlight around in the dark until you see light from a reflector, nailed to a tree maybe 50 yards away--far enough away that in the daytime it would be very hard to spot. You proceed to the reflector, then shine your flashlight about looking for the next reflector, and so on. The fellow who created this cache apparently got permission to place the reflectors as well. Anyways, it was very well done.
  2. A language dictionary--say, a French dictionary, for use in translating a word or phrase, needed to go to the next stage Similarly, any reasonably small reference work. Asking them to bring an entire Encyclopedia Britannica would be a bit excessive.... A photo of the area, posted on the cache page. You've used Photoshop to alter part of the photo, as a clue. (This idea was mentioned here some time ago) Binoculars/monoculars, to stand in a particular spot and, looking in a particular direction, spot a clue/object A ruler/tape measure, to measure the dimensions of an object, giving them part of the coordinates to the next stage A cell phone, which they'd use to dial a number provided at one stage; a prerecorded message would give them instructions for proceeding to the next stage. Obviously you'd need an idle phone line for this There must be many other possibilities....
  3. You didn't mention the firmware version you're using. According to Garmin's website, the most recent firmware for the 60C, v. 3.50, "Add the ability to independently show or hide entire map families on the Map Setup page". Not sure if this will solve your problem, but if you're using older firmware, you might try installing the 3.50 version. I myself don't use any maps other than Mapsource City Select, and so don't have your problem (yet). You can get the latest version here: http://www.garmin.com/support/agree.jsp?id=547
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