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  1. Ouch! Yes sir, Mr. Jeremy....sir.
  2. I demand an apology for Brainsnat. And I will continue to demand it over and over and over.....
  3. Lets ban discussion about banning micros. Apology accepted.
  4. I hope Jeremy will identify the sock puppet. I need a good ending.
  5. It's like extra innings in a baseball game. What a treat!
  6. Wow! Hours of quality entertainment. Gets my vote for pointless thread of the year.
  7. We have the choice of not participating in those threads of which we are weary or of which we have no interest. So, as you have proven in this thread by the way you successfully managed to derail the thread into off-topic nonsense, (an action a few individuals seem to habitually do in threads every single day), it's obviously the former. Hey, you're off topic!
  8. I would not do Geo Boys cache because (1) He just started and is unproven (2) He has not yet hidden a cache and (3) Until he proves he can produce quality hides, I do not want to spend my time. Check back in six months.
  9. This is the thread that never ends It just goes on and on, my friend. Some people started doing it not knowing what it was Now they'll just keep on doing it forever just because This is the thread that never ends..... (repeat) (repeat) (repeat)
  10. Greater Lafayette Geocache had 19 stages.
  11. Cache find to forum post ratio? I propose 1 to 1. Woops! Looks like I can't post.
  12. Dear Property Owner or Public Land Owner: I am a geocacher and I would like to place a geocache on your land. It is a fun game and good geocachers will visit the cache but will be careful not to disturb the surrounding area or leave trash. Of couse, I will eventually lose interest in this sport and, when I do, the cache will be left where it is. You see, no one is responsible for its removal after I quit. But I'm sure you won't mind. Oh, there is the possibility the McToys will be strewn around a small area as the cache degrades due to lack of maintenance and some muggle finds it and trashes it. But, hey, it's no one's responsibility now. You, Mr. Owner, won't mind, will you? And, it could continue to exist indefinitely, long after it is forgotten---just another piece of rubbish on your wonderful property. That would be OK, wouldn't it? So give me permission to abuse your trust when my interests turn elsewhere...and thanks. Geocacher
  13. Seems like a pretty open and shut case. And taking care of these caches can mean adopting them. If a cachers moves 2000 miles and makes no arrangement for the disposal of caches you're dadgum right they should be addressed by the local powers that be. This ex-cachers situation is known. Step up to the plate.
  14. Sucking on ice cream is good.
  15. Well, in this case, it seems to be "known". Let's get 'em cleaned up.
  16. I like ice cream too. My favorite is chocolate.
  17. How the heck do I know? I do not monitor it 24/7. For all I know it was taken by aliens as evidence of intelligent life on this planet.
  18. I'm stabbing this thread with my steely knives....but I just can't kill the beast.
  19. A fact not to be missed he is that the ex-cacher was irresponsible in leaving his geo-litter in the woods. As suggested, an organized effort would clean this up in short order. Seems like that ought to be automatic once the situation is known.
  20. It's not a big deal. I've done it many times. Most caches are at the coords given and , when I travel some distance, I can't take the time to collect all of the data. If there's a problem, I just move on.
  21. This talk about rules is pointless. This stuff is unenforceable. How do you force someone to hide a cache? Why would you want to? Forget the rule-making and just play the game.
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