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  1. I ran the Jun 28th app update on my iPhone. Now the app doesn't open. I tried rebooting the phone and still the same result. Any one ells having the same problem?
  2. Having the same problem here. Takes a long time to post a find. Sometimes it times out and I have to Back out of the site and back in, Just to log another cache. Other parts of the GC site seems to be responding well. 3:25 est
  3. You will see those placeholder images anytime you have HTML code that is trying to retrieve images that cannot be found. (I have already told our dev team that the text on the image needs to change, as it misleadingly implies that the issue is always on Groundspeak's side of things.) In this case, you had bad HTML in your cache description that included a couple instances if "<img />", which is telling the server to retrieve an image without providing a source. I removed those tags and the placeholder images no longer display. Again thank you Moun10bike for your prompt assistance.
  4. This message has popped up on one of my cached pages, GC4MRRV Magnetic Illumination. It appeases after each image on the page. all the images seem to be there and visible. The image files are still listed on the cache page and visible in the gallery. Can anyone help me solve this problem? Thanks Paul
  5. Moun10Bike, Thanks for clearing that up for me. I new the counted as find but didn't realize they went included in stats. Again thanks for the quick reply.
  6. On my profile page I have 2446 finds and on my stats page I have 2445 found caches. I have tried to update it several times and it doesn't work. It is not the distinct cache issue. I cleaned that up along time ago, Has anyone else had or is having this problem? if so. How did you fix it? Thanks
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