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  1. I was over 3,000 miles away from home on vacation when I installed this update. The last two days were an exercise in patience. The compass was completely useless. It would hardly ever change direction. I could stand (away from metal) supposedly pointing at the cache, then turn around and the compass would never move. I had to use my cell phone's compass several times to find compass headings since the GPS was useless for this. :tired:

  2. Used the auto mount for the first time today for a 50 mile trip to hunt down two caches (FW 2.6). I have it set to be in automotive mode when mounted and Geocache mode when it's not.


    The Montana performed exactly as I expected it should. The voice prompts are very loud and clear. The mode switching worked as expected. No issues except one questionable route choice that was simply bypassed but may have been better in the long run.


    I drive a late model Taurus SHO and it has an accessory port in the console which is where I plugged in the auto mount. This port does not turn off with the car nor does it turn off while starting the car. So I was unable to test if a quick off/on like many vehicles would have caused me any issues. But, I'm sure I'll find out this weekend when we go caching in the Camry which does turn off power to the accessories when the ignition is off.

  3. I just received my appointment to get the GC HQ cache in Seattle near the end of this upcoming trip. Maybe they'll throw us a party :laughing: .


    Many people play this game many different ways and for many different reasons. For my wife and I, it's the adventure of seeing all the places this great country has to offer that we can. And so far, we've seen a little bit of a lot of it and we already have a list of places we want to go back to and spend much more quality time at later on in life.


    We decided to do this just a few years ago. We should finish out our quest in April of next year when visiting Hawaii, which also happens to be our 10th wedding anniversary. :)

  4. Most of what I've done is strictly geocaching, so that may be why I've not experienced some of the reported issues. And my car cradle is on back-order so I've not used it with that yet. But I do have the motorcycle cradle and have used it twice for a couple of trips (no geocaching, just routing) and it worked well with the exception of one time it showed I was 5k+ miles away when it was actually less than 18 (using OSM maps and firmware 2.5 at the time).


    I've had a Colorado 300, Oregon 400, Oregon 450 and now the Montana. The first few months with each of them was a challenge, but the other series are pretty rock solid now. Heck, the Oregon 400 deleted my finds so many times that I still write down them all when on a long trip or a big caching day, just to be on the safe side (fool me once...).


    Here's hoping the Montana gets all of the bugs worked out soon! Got a big trip in six weeks... Need the Montana to be reliable (so far so good for me).


    We'll be covering three new states which brings our total caching coverage to include D.C., Canada and 49 states. Just one to go after that. B)

  5. Firmware 2.6 Caching Report


    Just returned from a all-day geocaching trip where we found 19 caches. Auto navigation (don't have the mount yet) and cache compass dashboard worked as expected. No errors, lockups, shut-downs, bad routing, etc. Everything just worked. Did one multi-cache and used that feature and it worked very well too.

  6. Difference in easy > less then easy, so even if it truncates the halves, I don't thing thats an issue. :rolleyes:


    See Post 563: Mine truncates whole stars in addition to half.

  7. This may affect other versions of firmware, but I discovered this last night after a short trip.


    When routing using City Navigator (latest release), the dashboard does not properly account for time zone changes when computing the arrival time (like my Nuvis do). Once I crossed the time zone the arrival time was shown properly.

  8. Adding to my earlier report, there is one bug I encountered that I've not seen reported elsewhere. It happened more than once but I only thought to document one cache.


    Example cache: GC395D


    Cache is a 2/2 difficulty.


    When on the Geocaching compass screen, the difficulty shows as 1/1. All other screens show 2/2 as expected. Compared with the Oregon 450 it displayed correctly on the compass screen.

  9. Caching report... Took the 600 out along with an Oregon 450 yesterday. Looked for 20 caches and found 19 (the other was gone). It was very cloudy and actually rained during a few hunts. The Montana did very well. Only one time did it just turn off and the wife had it at the time and on the first cache of the day. The rest of the time I used it and it had no issues. Once or twice it seemed to drift about 10 to 20 feet, but I blame that on the weather. Worked well in heavy tree cover that was soaked with rain. Even used it with OSM routable maps to navigate to one cache when the Nuvi locked up. (OSM in automotive profile and TOPO in Geocaching profile).


    Running 2.50.


    Still don't know if the downloadable City Navigator maps from Garmin have lane assist (my previous post in this thread). Have emailed Garmin for an answer too.

  10. Got a 600 yesterday. Upgraded to 2.5. Just went to check on a chirp cache of mine. Had chirp searching turned on an made my way all the way to the beacon and never got a notification. After waiting a minute, I pulled up the Geocaching icon under the Geocaching profile and saw a Show chirp Details button. I press it and it turns green and just stays that way. I can X out of the screen and try that as many times as I want and it does nothing. Finally I went back into settings, turned chirp off and then back on and it popped up that it found and downloaded the chirp information.


    Even if you're not in the presence of a chirp, as long as search for a chirp is enabled, you still see the extra button on the Geocaching page, but it will only turn green (just like above).

  11. Never been stopped or questioned after almost 2k finds in 43 states, but the wife and I did have an APB put out on us once for a few hours. We were caching in our old home town and in the rain. The wife (who was closest to GZ) left truck and ran to place the cache back under a tree. Apparently a mailman saw her and called it in as suspicious.


    We were still caching in the same area for a several hours and even saw several patrol cars and officers (they never saw us). A little while later my wife's cell phone rings and it's her brother (a deputy sheriff). He asks her if we found a cache under the oak tree near the old hospital. He then described to her how she replaced it under the tree, what she was wearing and the vehicle we were on.


    Since he doesn't cache (but knows we do), we're wondering how he knew all of this...


    He had heard at the station about a contraband drop earlier that day. The sheriffs office confiscated the container, but never opened it. When he heard the description of the vehicle and the girl, a light bulb went off. He had them open the container, found the log and saw our names... and called off the APB. B)

  12. I'm using a 450 and had really bad experience with the Beta this weekend with slow map redraws and the accuracy didn't seem to be a good as normal with some jumping around (not using WAAS).


    Can anyone point me in the right direction to downgrade to the previous firmware version? (Where to DL and how to install).

  13. While on the compass page, press the icon in the bottom-right and select Small Data Fields or Large Data Fields. This should navigate you to a waypoint.


    Then, press the same icon and choose Geocaching - Active to set the compass to navigate to caches.

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