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  1. Consecutive days with FTF : two I think. Or three. As for consecutive months with FTF : I now have a current streak of 13 months...but February is getting near its end, I still haven't got an FTF and the new caches are coming a bit slow this month...
  2. 40 now, first cache was logged in summer of 2008.
  3. Half the regular sized caches over here (Flanders, Belgium) are buried underground in a pvc tube or wooden "cellar", covered with a piece of wood. Of course there is no digging involved for the seekers, but the hiders did dig a hole. Should these caches all be archived then ?
  4. From a few places where I've founds caches: French (France): Mercie pour le Cache It's Merci pour la cache
  5. I've just adopted a cache which I've found three months ago. That means I now have a find on one of my own caches. Of course, I'm not going to delete my find.
  6. Depends on what type of cache it is. A (sub)urban traditional is usually logged within the hour if it is published during the day. If it is published after 21pm it may last until early the next morning. Multi's can take one to two days (depending on the length, difficulty, etc...) and mystery's are variable (depends on the difficulty) from one hour or so up to a week.
  7. Indeed. Let's have something like HistoryCaches, with the same strict requirements for EarthCaches, but focusing on history.
  8. For this kind of situations there should be a "DidNotSearch" or "CouldNotSearch" log type. Why? "Did Not Find" seems to adequately describe Not Finding the cache. You can write several hundred words on why you didn't find it, if you want. Because to me Didn't Find means "Searched and yet Couldn't Find". If I didn't search, I don't post a DNF. In that case I post a note.
  9. For this kind of situations there should be a "DidNotSearch" or "CouldNotSearch" log type.
  10. Yes, I usually do it, but only on the trackable's page (so the owner gets notified), not on the cache listing. And if a trackable has gone missing from one of my caches, I mark it as missing.
  11. I have a few PET preform caches and I've labeled them all as micros, since there is no room for swag or trackables.
  12. It is a Multi if at least one of the virtual waypoints is published on the listing. If not, it's an Unknown.
  13. I've logged several caches in Baden-Württemberg and I didn't get the souvenir.
  14. We set our maximum search time to 30 minutes for a traditional, and 15 minutes for each stage of a multi.
  15. And yes, the system did finally decide to generate my PQ.
  16. It still doesn't work for me.
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